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Vayak Staff Care
About Vayak Staff Care Vayak Staff Care is a web-based employee management software that facilitates field staff online reporting and location tracking. Managers can see the live locations of their employees with the help of the advanced GPS tracking feature embedded within the software. The software enables admins to share the future route plans with their staff from the website. They can also reschedule the route in case of an emergency. Employees can enter their daily expenses along with a proper photo proof. The software can provide details about online employee expense entry as well as the online collection of cash/cheque entry. How can users reduce administration costs by using Vayak Staff Care? The software provides the following functions that help the user to cut off administrative costs. Track Attendance: Your admin staff can track the live GPS location of their staff for better attendance and salary calculation. Track Customer Visit: The software allows users to view updates of the customer entry. Thus, users can quickly get details of the customers. Maintain Expense: It enables users to get updates about expenses made by the employees during fieldwork. Track Collection of cash/cheque: Vayak Staff Care allows its users to make detailed entry of the payments made by their clients either in cash or by cheque. Leave Sanction system: Your staff can submit leave applications directly from their mobile. The managers can approve or decline a leave request easily. It also helps keep a track of leaves taken by your staff. Pricing of Vayak Staff Care Vayak Staff Care is available as per the needs and requirements of the user. If you are interested in using the services provided by the software, you can send us a callback request. Our experts will get back to you. Compatible Platforms of Vayak Staff Care The software is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems. What are the benefits of using Vayak Staff Care? Live GPS tracking: Users can track live locations of their employees using the GPS tracking feature of the software. Maintain expenses to increase profit: The software allows managers and admins to view the expense entries made by their staff. Thus, the user can reduce costs to increase profit. Employee performance improvement: The vigilant monitoring of assigned tasks through this software improves the performance of your staff. Cuts off administrative cost: Admins can track down the full-day schedule of their staff within a single platform. It helps from scheduling routes, planning client visits to checking the expense related entries made by the staff and managing their leave applications. Follow up prospective customer: The software records customer details and makes it easier for the users to follow up. It enables the admin staff to view the updates about follow-ups. Live reporting: The software enables the remote teams to provide live reports from the field. It allows the admin to understand the fieldwork situation and make decisions instantly. The software provides the following functions that help the user to cut off administrative costs. Track Attendance: You... Read More About Vayak Staff Care
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021