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32 Best eCommerce Software Platforms in 2021

What is eCommerce software?

E-commerce platforms help create stunning websites with customizable designs and themes layout. Secure payment gateways, advanced search filters, promo emails, shopping cart, save for later technicality, and more can be added to your website with the help of an eCommerce software.

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NGINX Plus is the only cloud-native solution, which combines the features for content caching, security controls, load... Read More About NGINX Plus
Single sign-on API Authentication DDoS Mitigation +21 More
Acquiro Warehouse Management System
Acquiro Warehouse Management Systemis a complete Warehouse Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs an... Read More About Acquiro Warehouse Management System
Survey Builder Drag & Drop Randomize +5 More
Aarvi E-Commerce Solution
Aarvi E-Commerce Solution is an eCommerce software platform for online product sellers and business owners. It has a fu... Read More About Aarvi E-Commerce Solution
Multi User login & Role based access Real Time Analytics Email and SMS Notifications +12 More
Business Bustle
Business Bustle offers a wide variety of promotional ideas helping you to promote your online business in an efficient... Read More About Business Bustle
Opportunities Mobile App Cloud Based +1 More

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Shiprocket 360

Shiprocket 360

By Shiprocket

(5 reviews)


Shiprocket 360 is online shopping, and tracking solution is one of the best e-commerce website building software in Ind... Read More About Shiprocket 360
Order Management Inventory Management Customer Relationship Management +3 More
Calibrate eCommerce

Calibrate eCommerce

By Blue Marble Professionals

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Calibrate eCommerce is a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This... Read More About Calibrate eCommerce
Multi-Category Listing Multi-Product listing Suggested/Related product listing +14 More
Sero eCommerce Management Software

Sero eCommerce Management Software

By Sero Technologies

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Sero eCommerce Management Software is a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and... Read More About Sero eCommerce Management Software
E-Commerce Website Inventory Management Automated Marketing +11 More
Store Hippo

Store Hippo

By StoreHippo

(5 reviews)


Store Hippo is a web-based, flexible e-commerce software that helps its users in building diverse B2C and B2B business... Read More About Store Hippo
Product Management Order Management logistic +7 More

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Retaxis Marketplace Store
Marketplace Store is a multi- vendor ecommerce software platform allowing the enterprises to create an online marketplac... Read More About Retaxis Marketplace Store
All-In-one solution Powerful SEO features Pre-configured payment gateways +3 More


By Twikster

(2 reviews)


Twikster is an e-commerce solution that gives you an edge over your competition by providing all the tools you need to h... Read More About Twikster
Admin Panel Secure Statistics And Graphs +4 More


By Ncrypted Websites

(2 reviews)


Taskgator is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform that lets companies start their own online marketplace website/app. Ta... Read More About Taskgater
Category Customization Marketing & SEO Online/Offline Mode +3 More
Webgility Unify

Webgility Unify

By Webgility


Webgility Unifyis a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This eCom... Read More About Webgility Unify
Sync Inventory Forecast Inventory Sync Data In Any Direction +9 More

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By Ncrypted Websites

(3 reviews)


Busewe, developed by NCrypted Websites, is a marketplace ecommerce software platform that enables users to get started w... Read More About Busewe
Customization Simple Deployment SEO Friendly +6 More
Ccavenue Storefront
Ccavenue Storefront is a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This... Read More About Ccavenue Storefront




Magento is a complete Order Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Order Manageme... Read More About Magento
Centralized Management Real Time Visibility Loyalty Program Support +4 More


By X-Cart


X-Cart is a modern feature-rich PHP/MySQL open source eCommerce software platform designed for high-performing online st... Read More About X-Cart
Customizable SAAS Solution Shopping Cart eCommerce +1 More

Top Products





Algolia is a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This eCommerce S... Read More About Algolia
Analytics Search API A/B Testing +6 More
Rodeo Digital

Rodeo Digital

By Rodeo Digital

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Rodeo Digital is a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This eComm... Read More About Rodeo Digital
Security Maintenance Payment Gateway +9 More


By Brandlock


Brandlock is a complete eCommerce Software Platforms designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This eCommerce... Read More About Brandlock
Ecommerce Shipping Increase Conversions Offers & Coupons +1 More


By Shopaccino

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Shopaccino is a SaaS-based eCommerce platform to create an online store for selling products online. start with 30 days... Read More About Shopaccino
Design & Setup Product Management Ready to Use Web Pages +7 More

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Last Updated on : 25 Oct, 2021

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eCommerce Software Platforms Reviews


Adil Ahmad

review for Store Hippo


"Commendable job done by Techjockey team to find me one of the best software for my retail shop.Store Hippo is very helpful till date in my day to day work."

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Tarun Sharma

review for Retaxis Marketplace Store


"Comes with a user friendly friendly interface along with loads of features. Thanks to techjockey for introducing this software."

See All Retaxis Marketplace Store Reviews


Victoria Medel

review for Taskgater


"Dispatched our convenient undertaking commercial center business where neighborhood individuals can redistribute their errands to the expert specialist co-ops."

See All Taskgater Reviews


Deepak Choudhary

review for Busewe


"I called the Techjockey team as I was looking for advice on software options that were out there."

See All Busewe Reviews

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Buyer's Guide for Top eCommerce Software Platforms

Found our list of eCommerce Software Platforms helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is eCommerce software?

Manage your own online product store using eCommerce software and widen the reach of your online business to a more global audience. Online shopping platforms today have a vast audience and it thus becomes necessary for businesses to deploy shopping cart software solutions to make their online presence more in sync with customer's preferences.

E-commerce platforms help create stunning websites with customizable designs and themes layout. Secure payment gateways, advanced search filters, promo emails, shopping cart, save for later technicality, and more can be added to your website with the help of an eCommerce software.

Along with online store creation, eCommerce software also helps with order management, inventory management, multiple payment gateways, configurable themes/graphics, designing software, customisable layout options and customer service management capabilities.

Essential eCommerce Software Features

Creating online stores is now easy with best eCommerce platforms open source or paid. Creating layout of your eCommerce store or managing its functionality, all becomes easy when configured with eCommerce software solutions. In-depth analytics and SEO optimisation are other core features built-in within these platforms.

Content management

eCommerce software is used for creating, editing and publishing content on a website. Such content includes article pages, product descriptions, about us, offers page, etc. Content management gives boost to online businesses with search engine optimization capabilities.

Integration for email marketing

Marketing your product website would let more and more people know about your business. eCommerce software does the exact same job by helping you market an e-commerce website so that customers can choose you next time for shopping purposes. This is the reason why eCommerce software solutions help create an email workflow where you can send emails to your prospects and customers to engage them with your brand.

Product management

Paid and open source eCommerce platforms make product list management easy with efficient product information export methods and price adjustments. Determining the margin of profit from different products, identifying key performing indicators and applying metrics for product testing are core aspects of the best eCommerce software.

SEO based layout

Best eCommerce management software solutions provide inbuilt SEO tools to help your online store rank higher in search engines. Higher rankings help companies simplify marketing strategies for lowering the costs of customer acquisition as well as increasing visibility of the online business across diverse search platforms.

Sales order management

Best eCommerce platforms help manage complex sales processes involved from order placement by a customer till its final delivery. The sales order management feature of eCommerce management software helps manage returns/refunds, customer support service, order picking & printing and product details. The software offers multidimensional support to manage sales channels, inventory location/levels and suppliers for order receiving/processing.

Store design

eCommerce software solutions provide multiple design options and templates to create a customized online store with your own business logo, banners and other marketing inventories. You can also choose from multiple options to list of your products in an attractive manner.

Warehouse & stock management

Best eCommerce software solutions help with managing stock inventory levels in real-time. These are then used by sales teams for checking updates on back orders. Such real-time information also helps with processing of sales orders so that packaging as well as product delivery is smooth and hassle free. Any issue and the eCommerce management system would send automatic alerts.

Promotion and discount management

Promotions and discounts are a part of key business strategies used for improving customer acquisition and loyalty for your eCommerce platform. Shopping cart eCommerce software does this by helping product websites send discount emails to regular customers. You can also keep track of abandoned carts at your online store and send discount emails to prompt the customers to complete the checkout process.

Easy checkout

Advanced search filter makes it easy for buyers to find out a product, which is as per their exact choice and liking. Then the dynamic calculation procedure for putting together totals and sub-totals such as taxes, delivery charges, handling charges and cost of the product make checking out process too easy and fast.

Multiple payment options

With everything designed keeping customer's comfort in view, payment methods too have been diversified eCommerce platforms to let buyers choose any payment mode based on their preferences. Cash on delivery, credit card/debit card payments, electronic checks, wallet balances, etc. are some good example of these.

eCommerce Software Pricing: Best eCommerce Software Solutions

Enlisted here is a list of best online shopping software solutions. Buy any of these as per your budget and business requirements. Let new customers know more about your online shopping store and start improving the profitability margins immediately.

eCommerce Software Solution

Pricing Information

TBS Web and App Development At a starting price of Rs 40,000
GoClixy Lifetime plan at a starting cost of 4830
Cosmicvent Redirect App At a starting price of Rs 1,32,160
Shopify eCommerce Solutions
  • Basic Rs - 2812
  • Shopify Rs - 5944
  • Advance shopify - Rs 22,497
Builtwith For a starting price of Rs 20,650 per month
  • Standard for Rs 2253
  • Advanced at Es 6011
Volusion eCommerce Website Builder
  • Personal - Rs 2132
  • Pro - Rs 2132
  • Biz - Rs 22,497
  • Prime - Customisable
WooCommerce Online Store Builder

Support license available for up to 25 sites

  • 1 site- Rs 11,025 
  • 2 sites- Rs 13,459
  • 3 sites- Rs 14,963 
  • 5 sites- Rs 17,219
  • 25 sites- Rs 18,72

Best eCommerce Software List for Online Business Growth

Shopping cart eCommerce software is the best answer to all your SEO optimisation requirements along with other functions, such as order management, website designing as well as securing multiple payment methods. eCommerce businesses further rely on eCommerce software companies for managing stocks, payments and inventory. Here’s the eCommerce software list for your reference.

Wix Editor

Best for: Rapid visual front-end design and unified database management

Wix eCommerce management software is a website builder used for developing e-commerce stores with varied video effects and animation support. Designing and building an online products store is easy with Wix online shopping software. It provides multiple pre-built templates to customise the look and feel of your website.

Features of Wix Website Builder eCommerce Software:

  • Scroll effects
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Professional mailbox
  • Custom domain name
  • Production-grade runtime

Zencommerce eCommere Software Solution

Best for: Catalogue of graphic templates that can be edited through the admin panel.

Create stunning online stores using Zencommerce shopping cart software. The software provides support for multiple payment gateways aside from graphic tools to give your website a rich and interactive look. You can develop a responsive online store by focusing on layout and style support offered by this eCommerce software solution.

Key features of Zencommerce:

  • Mobile commerce
  • Security and hosting
  • Dynamics ads
  • Sales and coupons
  • SEO module
  • Social media integration

3dcart eCommerce Software

Best for: Helps create eCommerce platforms with a responsive design for a desktop, mobile and a tablet.

Stay ahead of the competition using 3d cart's powerful marketing and SEO tools. Mobile friendly themes are available along with the support tools required for optimising websites as per your business requirements. You can easily sync your online store with social media channels for increasing customer retention and acquisition.

Features of 3dcart:

  • SERP support
  • Automatic integration
  • Theme editor
  • Store language settings
  • Landing pages & product guide

Weebly Website Builder

Best for: Get detailed online visitors’ details and website statistics using Weebly shopping cart software.

Customisable web pages and multiple design tools are the highlights of Weebly website builder. You can create a visitor-friendly shopping website using Weebly eCommerce. Its order management system helps simplify all procedures relating to payments, shipping and order placements. The software can be easily used by even those who have no coding knowledge.

Features of Weebly:

  • Audio/video players
  • Online photo gallery creation
  • Form builder
  • CSV file exporting
  • Site analytics reporting
  • Filtered product search

Benefits of Shopping Cart Software

eCommerce services offered by eCommerce software can be used by businesses of all sizes and types. These solutions are simplistic in nature as even those with no coding knowledge can use these. Customers too get the benefit of navigating through a detailed yet easy to understand web interface. Other key benefits would be:

Integrated marketing tools

Integrated marketing tools built-in within e-commerce applications provide multiple channels for advertising and sales for online businesses. It helps online store owners reach out to their potential customers with their appealing product listings, payment options, etc.

Easy and secure online payment

Customers surf through different products, save those in their digital shopping cart and make a final choice from the selected products before going ahead with the final payment. Secure payment methods ensure quick checkout options aside from a satisfactory shopping experience. Multiple payment gateways, faster order processing and automatic rates for shipping are other benefits of using online payment methods.

Effective customer retention strategies

Research for marketing and customer development are required for launching new products, testing the efficiency of existing items. Online shopping software helps e-commerce website owners to access the buying history and preferences to solve customer queries/issues and increase revenue with cross selling and up selling. All these together help improve customer retention.

eCoupon code tracking

For your business you have deployed all kinds of marketing tools and techniques to advertise the channel and widen its reach. One of the best methods for checking if your marketing efforts are aligned in the right direction is by using eCoupon code tracking. These are helpful in identifying the effectiveness of this marketing strategy for your online store.

Dynamic imaging suite

Buyers go through every detail of a product before making the final decision. Images are often preferred by website visitors to decide what to buy. Dynamic imaging suite in eCommerce management systems help e-commerce businesses provide detailed product images on websites that can be zoomed, checked in thumbnail format, tilted and turned by customers for accurate viewing.

Secure online payments

eCommerce order management systems help customers with diverse and secure online payment options. Credit/debit card encoding and SSL encryption are used to secure all online payments. Advanced encryption in the form of triple DES is also utilised for making online payment secure.

Open Source eCommerce Platform Vs Paid eCommerce Software

Open-source applications and their source codes for developing eCommerce stores can be downloaded directly from the website. Licenses for paid shopping cart eCommerce software needs to be purchase before you can finally use them. Let’s find out other features that distinguish open-source eCommerce platforms from paid online shopping software.

Open Source eCommerce Platform

Paid eCommerce Software

Free of cost
Chargeable under different paid plans
Community edition:
Community edition available in open-source eCommerce software solutions where all the features can be used for free.
Community edition:
Paid and advanced paid plans available that can be customised as per the size of the business
Technical support:
Technical support is most of the times missing from such community edition plans.
Technical support:
Technical support in the form of customer service facility is available.
Additional extensions missing from open-source platforms.
Additional extensions in the form of add-ons and customisable features are attached to paid eCommerce software.

eCommerce Software Platform Cost

eCommerce Software Platform Price in India

Standard Starting Price ₹1,000.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹55,000.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconeCommerce Software Platforms FAQs

The best available free eCommerce software in the market today to help businesses of all types develop their own online stores are:

  • WP eCommerce
  • Ubercart
  • AFCommerce
  • VirtueMart
  • Spree Commerce
  • paGO Commerce
  • osCommerce
  • Shoop
  • CubeCart

Business strategy, email marketing or reporting analytics, these best SaaS eCommerce platforms provide many advanced features to help your eCommerce business thrive.

  • Rejoiner

            USP: Email campaigns management.

  • SharpSpring

            USP: Robust analytical tools and content management.

  • MailChimp

            USP: All in one marketing solution for eCommerce businesses.

  • Oracle Bronto

            USP: Intuitive interface and automated eCommerce marketing solutions.

  • Dotdigital

            USP: Drag and drop templates for attractive online store designs.

Let’s have a look at some of the leading eCommerce development companies in India 2020:

  • Brainvire Infotech Inc
  • Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • KrishaWeb
  • Zibtek
  • Commerce Pundit
  • TatvaSoft
  • Dev Technosys
  • ManekTech

Open source eCommerce platforms offer essential features such as inventory management, shopping carts and basic templates to help online stores thrive. Some of the best available open source eCommerce software solutions are:

  • Bagisto
  • Drupal
  • PrestaShop
  • Zen Cart
  • nopCommerce
  • OpenCart
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