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A Gantt chart is basically used for simplifying complex projects. This project management tool helps in planning and scheduling projects of various sizes, and involves processes like converting project management timelines and tas... Read Buyer’s Guideimg

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Brand: Asana


4.5 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Asana is a cloud-based project management solution for enterprises. This SAAS program is capable of streamlining team collaboration and workflow managemen... Read More About Asana img




Brand: Atlassian


4.4 out of 5

(9 user reviews)

Jira is a project management software for hyperactive teams. It is developed to deliver the iterative and incremental quality of work. It breaks down all... Read More About Jira img

₹698 /Month

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Brand: ClickUp


4.6 out of 5

(7 user reviews)

ClickUp is one of the best productivity management software for organizations. It enables organizations to manage their daily task efficiently. The task... Read More About Clickup img

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4.9 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Smartsheet is a web-based collaboration and strategic planning solution for enterprises. It can be used to unify three relevant elements of a business i.e... Read More About Smartsheet img

Price On Request

Brand: monday


4.7 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Monday Software is one of the best Project Management Software in India. Monday Task Management Software best helps managers with a single platform where t... Read More About img


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Brand: Wrike


4.8 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Wrike is an all in one project management Sofware and collaboration software used primarily for facilitating easy communication between multiple teams so... Read More About Wrike img


ProofHub Project Management

ProofHub Project Management

Brand: ProofHub

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ProofHub’s work management system brings your projects, remote teams and clients under one roof, empowering you to keep things always under your ulti... Read More About ProofHub Project Management img

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Brand: Teamgantt

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TeamGantt project management software is ideal for project planning, scheduling and managing of projects. This online project planning software provides t... Read More About TeamGantt img

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Chart AI

Chart AI

Brand: ChartAI

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... Read More About Chart AI read review arrow

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Brand: Proactive Software

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Proworkflowis a complete Project Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Project Management Software for Web-Based ha... Read More About Proworkflow img

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Gantt Chart Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Start with viewing things like what the major deliverables of your project would be. Once decided, you need to assign a deadline to every deliverable. Now the second factor that you need to take into consideration for creating Gantt charts is the deadline decided for each task. Third would be milestones so set and task dependencies if there are any. Finally, make sure that you are well aware of who would be doing what task for every deliverable created.   

You need to work step by step for creating Gantt charts with Gantt chart apps. The earliest step is clicking on the button New Project and proceeding with the option, Create Project. Assign a name to the project and the specific days on which you would be working on it. Next, click on Save the Project. You can now go ahead with preparing a project timeline. This project timeline is comprised of all the tasks required along with names of those working on the tasks. Now is the most important step, attaching a schedule to every task. Most of the popular Gantt chart software have this click to drag functionality for setting task dates or schedules. You can now hover over every task to create dependencies. Change colour of every task as per your preference and your Gantt chart is ready.  

Popular Gantt chart apps come with prebuilt communication tools for easy team collaboration and cohesion. Tasks like tracking project's progress, checking task dependencies, and overviewing time delays are easily accessible as well as viewable by everyone who has access to the chart. This means that every stakeholder has an opportunity to go through where exactly is the progress going very well and where it is not so well. All these together bring in better transparency along with efficiency in project and resource management.  

The best Gantt chart apps would let you use advanced features like: Task name for adding a short description to every task. Planned starting dates for the exact date on which you would be starting the project. Planned duration that reflects on the amount of time required for completing a project. Per cent complete that depicts how much percentage of the task has been completed so far. Setting assignees to every project schedule and adding task dependencies, in case there are.  

Some of the best Gantt chart applications available to help end users with efficient resource management and project scheduling are: StudioBinder Office Timeline TeamGantt Toggl Plan GanttProject RedBooth ClickUp

Gantt Chart Software Reviews




“This is quite an easy-to-use tool compared to other tools. They provide app as well and the app is very user friendly and fast.”

- Aditya Ghosh

See all Asana reviews img



“Easy drag and drop feature as once the task is completed you can move it to the next stage which helps you to keep track on your task accomplished and pending work you need to do.”

- Arpit Gupta

See all Clickup reviews img



“It's simple to configure, has a lot of possibilities, and it's simple to share with others without having to provide masterdata.”

- Surendra Charde

See all Smartsheet reviews img


“Best feature of is it allows you to integrate your task into your work calendar, which further helps in not to miss any tasks and meet your timelines.”

- Khemesh Thakur

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“The great advantage of all your information in one place is huge. The team can use one place for all their organizational needs.”

- Rinku Chelani

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Buyer's Guide for Top Gantt Chart Software

Found our list of Gantt Chart Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is a Gantt Chart Software?
  • Resource Workload & Gantt Chart Creators
  • Features of Gantt Chart Software
  • Project Planning & Visualization- Gantt Chart Tools
  • Benefits Offered By Online Gantt Chart Makers
  • Gantt Chart Creator- An effective Tool for Professionals

What is a Gantt Chart Software?

Gantt not only shows start and end dates but also displays dependencies, scheduling, and deadlines, such as how much of the task is completed at a particular stage or who is the task owner. Hence, you can keep tasks on track when you have a large team and multiple stakeholders are involved with varying scopes.

Gantt chart tools are best suitable for over viewing the on-going or completed tasks in visual form. In other words, charts created using Gantt chart apps are amazing project management tools for two reasons. One, illustrating any project's schedule becomes easier. Second, a clear picture of dependency between on-going activities and the status of the progress is achieved.

As a project or task moves forward, such charts help in highlight updated project schedules along with a quick status update to every stakeholder having access to these charts. All these activities are done within the timeframes set by end users to let you picture the project's progress against this timeframe.

Resource Workload & Gantt Chart Creators

Gantt chart apps are great tools for checking resource workloads. They help with not just cutting down expenses for more efficient resource management but also improve the team's efficiency and performance. The software use following modules for managing the resource workload:

  • Identifying those that may be underperforming or have too many tasks at hand. As these get identified by Gantt chart apps, you can reallocate the tasks accordingly. 
  • Adjusting together the working days, off-days and leaves as per the business calendar.
  • Board view for every new task. These are available as small cards in the project schedule section.
  • Comment, notes and files can be attached to every task for better team collaboration.
  • Immediate notifications in real-time for changes made in Gantt charts.
  • Critical path and auto scheduling for automatically adjusting changes in timeline or tasks. 
  • URLs for exporting and sharing files in format of your choice.
  • Time logs for assessing the amount of time spent on a project.

Features of Gantt Chart Software

  • Timeline charts

Timeline bar charts represent information for different tasks in the form of symbols and Gantt bars. Timeline bar charts are mostly used for highlighting progress made, schedules and relationships. 

  • Gantt bars

Gantt bars are used to represent tasks graphically to highlight different aspects such as the total duration. These bars are suitable for showcasing scenarios like percentage of task completed, actual and planned start days of projects, slack time, etc.

  • Milestone

Milestone features within Gantt chart tools are usually in the form of special symbols that are generated at times when a stipulated task gets completed. You have a choice to select from a range of symbols to set as your milestone icon.

  • Task dependencies & logistics

Online Gantt chart makers are used for keeping track of the logistics of big and small projects. You can even create task dependencies using Gantt chart apps that ensure all tasks are happening in a certain order. Also, there are coloured lines available to differentiate between tasks in progress and those awaited.

  • Assigning resources

Gantt chart creator is deployed for organizing tasks and their schedules in a better way. As you group these tasks with Gantt chart tools, you find an option for attaching assignee, single or group, to every task being scheduled.

  • Tracking progress

Gantt chart software indicates a project's progress using either bar shading or the percentage symbol. The feature comes handy for teams managing multiple projects across multiple departments.

  • Portfolio reports & views

The best Gantt chart software solutions offer portfolio reports and views for identifying tasks that may be lagging behind. A single click option is there for a quick view for these reports.

  • List & calendar format

A user friendly list and calendar format is there for task viewing and scheduling in a better way. Hence, you can view project schedules in a format of your choice, calendar or a list quickly with this feature. 

  • Baseline reports

Baseline reports generated by Gantt chart makers are used for comparing planned timelines with the actual ones. The feature also works well for viewing the status of a project in real-time.

Online Gantt Chart Software vs Desktop Gantt Chart Tools

Online Gantt Chart Software Desktop Gantt Chart Tools
Gantt charts created using online Gantt chart software can be shared easily with multiple users Gantt charts prepared using the desktop version can only be shared with those who have access to that particular Gantt chart maker’s license
Available for multiple users Single user license only
Cost-efficient and reasonably priced Expensive and high pricing as other software installations may be required
Can be used by single as well as a group of users Most suited for single managers or individual use
Leads towards greater productivity due to less cost and more features for better team collaboration        Productivity with desktop Gantt chart apps may not be high

Project Planning & Visualization- Gantt Chart Tools

Today, Gantt chart apps are deployed across multiple departments for managing both, the resources and the workload. Online Gantt chart makers are thus used extensively for planning multiple projects with multiple teams. Let us have a look at how Gantt chart tools have been helping teams with project planning and management.

  • Construction projects

Here, Gantt chart software is used for breaking down the construction schedule into a group of different tasks. To each task is attached a specific milestone for monitoring the project's progress and identifying any delays.

  • Software developers

Gantt chart software offers software developers an agile approach for all their projects. The platform is also used for deployment and sprint planning.

  • Event planning

Event planning generally involves many tasks, all at once. Gantt chart creator helps in grouping various tasks together so that you can set dependencies for each of them.

  • Web designing

With Gantt chart tools, you can prepare chart timelines for all kinds of web designing projects. The software is most used here for organizing and structuring the workflows.

  • Marketing department

Marketing teams use online Gantt chart makers for assessing the opportunities available for marketing communications. These tools are also used for determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns as well as defining the budgetary requirements.

Benefits Offered By Online Gantt Chart Makers

  • Getting an overview of projects

Gantt chart software solutions serve as a great prioritization tool for getting a complete overview of ongoing projects.  You get all the details including the duration of tasks, different sub-groups created for organizing tasks, progress achieved, and task dependencies. 

  • Better team communication & cohesion

You don't need a separate tool for communicating with the team members. Popular Gantt chart apps offer built-in communication tools using which you can track tasks, assess the progress made, add comments and notes to communicate important facts, information and feedback with all the teammates.

  • Efficient resource management

The expert Gantt chart creators help with efficient management and utilization of resources. Once the purpose is made available, assigning all Gantt charts, a project timeline that is best for delegating tasks and assigning resources is estimated. This ensures all tasks are completed on time within their assigned budget.

  • Checking overlapping activities

Best free Gantt chart software or the paid ones, both help end-users to make sure that there is no task overlap, especially when the project is a bit complex. Therefore all tasks, which may depend on each other can be scheduled in a manner that they don't overlap and get completed right on time.

  • More clarity and time management

As you get to view, track and assess every aspect of a project with support from Gantt charts software solutions, you are bound to get better clarity in terms of progress achieved, the budget required, and collaboration done. You can use the software for allocating time to every project and find out any time delays.

  • Simple drag & drop functionality

The drag and drop functionality within Gantt chart apps serves multiple purposes. Some of these are changing the task's colors adding schedules/new assignees, recording times, and changing start/end dates of projects. The feature is very simple to use and available right there on the top in a Gantt chart.

Gantt Chart Creator- An effective Tool for Professionals

Professionals from several fields use the software for planning, scheduling, and visualizing tasks. Most of these solutions are easy to use and once you are sure of your deliverables, deploying and using the software is a breeze. Online Gantt chart makers are mostly used by professionals like:

  • General managers
  • Project leads
  • Team manager
  • Operations manager
  • Marketing managers
  • CEOs and heads of organizations, and
  • Any professional planning on getting a project timeline

The software is used for the various benefits it offers. However, the very important factors that make it so preferable are:

  • Improved team efficiency
  • Less time spent on project planning
  • Reduction in expenses

Author: Kalpana Arya

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