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32 Best Help Desk Software in 2021

What is a Help Desk Software?

Help desk software is a computer application which automates front desk task in hotels, offices reception and service counters. It can be used to address the complaints and queries of customers supports efficiently. This helpdesk ticketing system is a customer support software that helps complaint

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CircleOne CRM

CircleOne CRM

By Bluewhirl

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

CircleOne is a cloud-based CRM software for enterprises, which provides comprehensive customer experience management fa... Read More About CircleOne CRM
Lead Management Cognitive Solutions Contact Management +8 More


By Freshworks

(4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Freshdesk is a customer management software that helps establish a healthy customer-business relationship. This helpdes... Read More About Freshdesk
Business Hours Round-robin Routing Portal Rebrand +33 More
Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

By Zoho by Target Integration

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Zoho desk is a cloud-based client management software that helps businesses enhance their customer support system. The... Read More About Zoho Desk
Manager Self Service Security Customization +13 More
ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

By Zoho by Target Integration

(4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

SupportCenter Plus is a web-based customer support software that lets organizations effectively manage customer ticket... Read More About ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus
Support Billing Knowledge Base +6 More

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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is an IT help desk software built on a robust ITIL structure. It helps companies manage a... Read More About ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
Incident Management Asset Management Project Management +24 More
IOP Service Request Management
Service Request Management is a helpdesk software solution catering to track the problems or service issues for closur... Read More About IOP Service Request Management
Tracking Notification e-Invoices +4 More
SolarWinds Help Desk Essentials Pack
The integration of Web Help Desk™ and Dameware® Remote Support enables you to simplify ITSM from ticket reques... Read More About SolarWinds Help Desk Essentials Pack
Ticket Management Self Service Portal Ticket / Issue Tracking +7 More
SolarWinds Web Help Desk
SolarWinds Web Help Desk is an intuitive ticketing and asset management software with a wide variety of tools, enabling... Read More About SolarWinds Web Help Desk
Ticket Management Asset Management Self Service Portal +5 More

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C-Zentrix CZ Helpdesk
CZ Helpdesk provides a multi-channel platform to register any complaint or query with the central help desk of the enter... Read More About C-Zentrix CZ Helpdesk
Access Control Analytics and Reporting Integration with Multiple Channels +6 More
Royal Tickets

Royal Tickets

By Royal Applications


Royal Tickets is a full featured UserVoice client for iPhone and iPad. It gives you the power to answer, reassign, close... Read More About Royal Tickets
Configurable Workflow Password Management MIS +3 More
Centralized Asset Tracking and Ticketing Solution
Sismatik Solutions Pvt Ltd. A Tata Elxsi Incubated company is a leading provider of Smart Signage solution to customers... Read More About Centralized Asset Tracking and Ticketing Solution
Dashboard Store Asset Management +4 More




ISL Online SaaS Cloud Makes Support Easier Provide technical support to your clients or access unattended remote compute... Read More About ISL ONLINE
Screen Sharing Join a Session File Transfer +11 More

Top Products

Instaview365 Service HelpDesk
Instaview365 Service HelpDesk is a complete Help Desk Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This... Read More About Instaview365 Service HelpDesk
Ticket Management Helpdesk Management SLA Management +8 More
Zup Contactless Guest Management System

Zup Contactless Guest Management System

By Zerone Microsystems Private Limited

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Zup Contactless Guest Management System is a complete Business Software During COVID-19 designed to serve Startups, SMBs... Read More About Zup Contactless Guest Management System
Check-In System Check-Out Process Guest picks up Keys from reception +2 More


By ActivDesk

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

ActivDesk is one of the best help desk software for businesses in service sector to deliver high quality service to th... Read More About ActivDesk
Ticketing Teamwork & Communication Multichannel Helpdesk +3 More
Helpdesk - Support Ticketing Management
Helpdesk - Support Ticketing Management is a complete Help Desk Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agen... Read More About Helpdesk - Support Ticketing Management
Dashboard Admin Control Multiple Company +5 More

Related Categories

SOTI Assist

SOTI Assist

By SOTI India


SOTI Assist is a help desk solution designed for organizations that hire workers at remote locations. These workers also... Read More About SOTI Assist
Remote Support Mobile Support Multi Platform +3 More


By LiveZilla

(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

LiveZilla Live Support Software featuring Live Chats, Real Time Visitor Monitoring, Online Customer Support, Ticket Syst... Read More About LiveZilla
Multi-Language Support Multi Domain Support API +11 More
Faveo Helpdesk

Faveo Helpdesk

By Ladybird

(3 reviews)


Faveo is an automated helpdesk software that assists businesses with ticketing, SLA, and priority management. The Faveo... Read More About Faveo Helpdesk
Multilingual Email Template Ticket Merging +5 More


By Spiceworks

(1 reviews)


Spiceworks helps you run a ship-shape help desk, at the office and on the road. It acts as a customer service software a... Read More About Spiceworks
Help Desk Management Inventory Management Dashboard +2 More

Last Updated on : 26 Oct, 2021

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Help Desk Software Reviews


Anamika Kulkarni

review for CircleOne CRM


"This CRM software provides in-depth insights into the intent of our customers and helps us understand their expectations. A really unique software that uses advanced technologies."

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Aman Gupta

review for ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus


"In the sea of choices and criteria for success, Techjockey listened and made relevant suggestions. They were prompt and professional. I am glad to have found them."

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"Jaclyn was very helpful and steered me to a software company that fit our needs perfectly. I probably would never have found this software searching on my own. Highly recommended."

See All ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Reviews


manish Dubey

review for SolarWinds Help Desk Essentials Pack


"Prompt, efficient and friendly service. Have used this provider more than once and would happily do so in future."

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Pabitra kumar Jena

review for LiveZilla


"Used them once. Had problem which was resolved in no time. Would use again"

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Buyer's Guide for Top Help Desk Software

Found our list of Help Desk Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is a Help Desk Software?

Help desk software is a computer application which automates front desk task in hotels, offices reception and service counters. It can be used to address the complaints and queries of customers supports efficiently. This helpdesk ticketing system is a customer support software that helps complaint resolution process with ticket management tool.

As the market competition is increasing, the importance of customer support is increasing by the day. Customers are the ultimate driving force towards the success of any organization. Therefore, it is highly important to gain new customers and retain the existing one by supporting them with their issues and problems. In earlier days, people used to juggle within the manual processes of maintained a spreadsheet for each and every issue, or simply write them down on a sheet of paper. There was no proper management within the system which leads to hiring more resources and consuming more time. Helpdesk ticketing software enables you to do exactly the same. It provides a unified interface which reduces manual work, enables call management and helps in performance analysis.

Why Do We Need Help Desk Software?

You might think why should I need a helpdesk ticketing software. Well if you are a service-oriented company, whether its B2B or B2C, you need a helpdesk software to resolve and answer your customer's complaints and queries. Helpdesk ticketing software is extremely important to increase the efficiency of your customer relationship-building efforts. It reduces manual work to a great extent. There's no need to maintain manual registers or huge spreadsheets as it generates tickets automatically. If you miss a call, you are missing a potential customer. Helpdesk software helps you connect with customers and log their information into the system. It has a built-in call management system which helps in faster ticket resolution and the multi-channel customer support feature enables resource optimization. Helpdesk ticketing software allows you to generate timely reports about the calls received, answered and missed. You can also use these reports to evaluate your service agents' performance regularly.

Features of Help Desk Software

Ticket Management

A ticket is basically a customer's query or complaint. A ticket is raised through call, email or social media. The customer support executives then answer these queries to resolve the customer's problems or to handle their enquiries. Status of these tickets can be tracked or updated in the system at any point of time. 

Database Management

The ticket system acts as an online database. It contains information about the customers that the helpdesk executives can use to solve and answer their customer efficiently.

Quality Management

You can send a customer's queries or concern to the desired person, whether he/she is in IT, operations, marketing or sales directly through helpdesk software. This ensures a smooth flow of processes and increase efficiency.

Comprehensive Answering

There will never be a situation where a query or concern of the customer is lost. Helpdesk software ensures that you achieve 100% attainability and that no client is lost in the process.

Query Assignment

Queries can be assigned automatically with the help of ticket tools software. It can also notify you when a query is not answered or is taking too long to be resolved.

Resource Optimization

You can keep a tap on what your customer service reps are doing with a helpdesk software. You can also specify roles and assign specific tasks. This way, your resources can be optimized and your team can perform effectively.

FAQs Management

This feature is very helpful to the customer support executives. Most ticketing software let you create answer templates on the basis of frequently asked questions. This will make the work of executives easier, as they don't have to answer the same query every time and they can focus on other critical customer queries. Customers can resolve their queries by referring to the knowledge management database directly. The responses to these queries will be generated automatically.

Resolution Rate

Customer support executives can now resolve tickets faster by connecting with the in-house experts and accessing the product description in a second. They can also categorize tickets on the basis of their priorities and send the most urgent ones to the top, so that they can be resolved at the earliest.

Standard Environment

The best practices of resolving a query or a complaint are recorded in the form of audio or written notes in the helpdesk ticketing system so that they can be referred by new and existing customer service associates as and when needed.

Reports Generation

All reports related to the team, their performance, tickets raised, tickets missed, resolution rate, etc. can be generated for important insights. You can create customized reports as per your organization's needs. If you are a supervisor, you can generate reports on executive performance and customer satisfaction. As a technician, you can generate reports on ticket status and ticket resolution. You can also schedule automatic delivery of these reports to your employees through email.

Benefits of Service Helpdesk Software

Among the several benefits of the helpdesk software, here are the few that will make a major difference in your business and its functions:

Reduces manual work

Remember when maintaining a register or an excel sheet for all the customer queries was such a task? Not anymore! Ticketing tools enable you to redirect customer inquiries and complaints to the staff who can solve them. This feature ensures that every ticket is resolved as soon as it is generated. It sends automatic notifications from time to time as well.

Enables call management

It can be a daunting task to manage calls, particularly if you receive a lot of them. The chance of missing out on a caller means that you might lose a customer. Helpdesk ticketing software lets customer service executives to receive and answer calls from the customers and log all their information into the system. It also helps service reps to connect with their customers and answer their queries through social media.

Faster ticket resolution

Using spreadsheets for handling customer queries is extremely messy and slow. However, your customers wouldn't care if your system is slow or you lost the file. Ticketing software helps reduce the monotonous tasks by making the process faster.

Having well-informed customers

Customers also like to know where their request is and if it’s proceeding or not. You can send out regular updates to the customers via? so that your customers stay well informed and satisfied.

Multi-channel customer support

Ticketing tool software gives liberty to your customers to connect with customer support executives through multiple channels. It can be voice, email, social media, etc.  With the integration of helpdesk software with CRM, email marketing, social media management tools, businesses can manage their customer service holistically. The software further converts queries into tickets to be assigned as per the priority to service desk agents.

Unified Interface

Customer support executives can now view everything at one place, be it customer's information or interaction history, transfer calls to any desired individual, and also access information about any product or service that the customer wants to know.


Ticketing software can record and archive the most asked questions and the solutions to exceptional questions for the customer support executives' reference.

Helpful in monitoring and reporting

It enables you to supervise various activities and generate reports and charts. You can analyze the performance of individual customer service executives with the help of these reports.

Seamless functioning

Creation of tickets, assignment of tickets, merging of tickets, editing customer's information and resolution of tickets can be done seamlessly through helpdesk ticketing system software.

Helps in performance analysis

Back in the day, you didn't really have a system for generating timely reports or analyze the performance of your employees. But with the help of ticketing software, you can now capture all the crucial information and data and later use them at your convenience. Managers can take the help of this data to drive their workforce effectively.


Help Desk Software Price List In India

Help Desk Software Cost
Best Help Desk Software Price Ratings
CircleOne CRM ₹1179 /User/Month 4.1
Freshdesk ₹1651 /month 4.2
Zoho Desk ₹1062 /Month 4
ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus ₹72482 /Year 4.7
ActivDesk ₹1770 4.1
LiveZilla ₹18408 /Lifetime 4.5

FAQ iconHelp Desk Software FAQs

A. If you run a business that is service oriented, whether its B2B or B2C, you need a helpdesk ticketing software to resolve and answer your customer's complaints, queries, feedback and grievances. 

A. Helpdesk and ticketing system work as an integrated platform which can be accessed by the helpdesk executives of the organization to access a customer's query or complaints, transfer their calls, prioritize their complaints etc.

AHelpdesk ticketing software is important because when you are dealing with customers for your business, you have to attend their queries or complaints promptly if you don’t want to lose their support. Customer satisfaction is extremely important for any business to grow further. 

A. Yes, because a small team would have a greater amount of work on each individual. A helpdesk software would help you smooth the process of handling angry or irritated customer easily.

A. Yes, helpdesk ticketing software can help you find more leads as you are connecting with the customers directly through this tool. The people who call in for queries can be easily transformed into customers if they are satisfied with your services.

A. No. Helpdesk software is very easy to use and ay need just a little bit of training.

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