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  1. What is the IoT Technology & how it works?
  2. What is IoT software?
  3. Applications of IoT devices in modern-day lives
  4. Benefits of IoT Applications in Businesses
  5. Important Features of IoT software

What is the IoT Technology & how it works?

Internet of Things refers to a network where all the objects in an environment are interconnected with one another. Artificial intelligence and big data are used to execute the same. Get better control with more transparency with the Internet of Things. Processes like data collection, automation, and operations are enhanced with the help of the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is basically the system of interconnected devices, which can have uninterrupted data transfer without any human interaction.

IoT uses new and advanced elements in the field of technology that brings major changes in the domain of goods and services. It increases the social, economic, and political conditions of the people. 

Some of the examples of IoT technology in our day-to-day lives are connected cars, smart homes with connected devices, smart retail, connected health and industrial IoT. 

What is IoT software?

IoT software is a tool that allows users to achieve deeper automation, analysis, and integration in the system. It improves the reach of related areas and their accuracy. IoT software uses current technology for networking, sensing, and robotics.

Internet of Things addresses key areas of networking through embedded systems, platforms, and partner systems. Data collection, real-time analytics, device integration can be done with an IoT network. 

Applications of IoT devices in modern-day lives

Engineering and Infrastructure

Applications of IoT include improving production and service delivery. IoT creates transparency which provides visibility for monitoring various processes. Deep level of control by IoT allows rapid opportunities to detect malfunctions in equipment, problems in the distribution network, identifying what the customer needs and many more.

Smart City Development

IoT applied to government allows improved city planning, law enforcement, defences, and economic management. IoT cloud technology fills in the gap and corrects flaws. For example, IoT products helps city planners get a clearer view of their design and enables governments get a better idea about its economy.

Smart Homes & Offices

IoT provides personalized experience from home to office and organizations. This enhances productivity, increases satisfaction, and improves safety. There is remote monitoring of devices to manage working conditions. Various operations can be managed remotely and efficiently in an intelligent ecosystem. 

IoT in Healthcare

IoT services for health and medicine uses an intensive integrated network of various medical devices. IoT can enhance medical research, medical care, and devices. IoT integration provides more accuracy, faster reactions, and constant improvement.

Industrial IoT

In several industries, IoT uses. Hence this is known as Industrial IoT. It is used across industries like logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and metals, transportation, aviation and many more. Industrial IoT plays a significant role in minimizing machine downtime, reducing operating costs and achieving process efficiency. 

IoT in Agriculture

IoT in agriculture has been used tremendously all over the world. A farming system based on IoT can monitor the field with help of different types of sensors to measure factors like humidity, light, temperature, and soil moisture.

Retail Management

With IoT, store managers can get the number of products available in the inventory and on the shelves. They can also know specific details about replenishing stocks and more. This technology also has the ability to generate automated reports that can help in improving financial management.

Benefits of IoT Applications in Businesses

Improved Engagement with Customers

Analytics without IoT suffers from flaws inaccuracy. And its engagement also remains passive. IoT transforms this completely and helps achieve a richer and effective engagement with the audience.

Optimised Technology

IoT unlocks the technologies that improve the customer experience. It also improves device usage and optimises existing technology. Basically, IoT unlocks a world of functional, critical, and field data.

Waste Reduction

Internet of things provides real-world information. This information leads to better management of resources and hence helps to reduce the number of resources wasted.

Enhanced Data Collection

IoT breaks the limitation of modern data collection. It brings it out of those challenges to a place where humans can analyse it perfectly. It brings out the accurate picture of everything.

Improved Safety & Security

This technology called the Internet of Things can provide safety and security as well. It can be used to monitor as well as maintain a safe working environment with the help of record keeping. For example, records related to compliance can be reviewed time to time and the management can make sure all its employees are adhering to the company policies.

Better Monitoring

With IoT, organisations can analyse multiple systems as well as processes. IoT monitoring can basically collect and analyse the data across all the systems, applications and devices connected to each other.

Enhanced M2M Communication

M2M stands for machine to machine. Machine-to-machine communication basically implies to the communication between two or more systems or applications. Machines can interact easily with one another through IoT without any human intervention. This communication can include serial connection as well as wireless communication.

Important Features of IoT software

Data Collection

This software handles measurements, filtering, aggregation and security of data. IoT platform uses specific protocols to help sensors connect with real-time networks. It collects data from various devices and works by distributing data in reverse as well. The Data Integration software then transmits all the collected data to a centralized server at different intervals.

Device Integration

IoT solutions support integration that binds all the devices to make the body of the IoT system. It ensures sufficient cooperation and a stable network between different devices. These applications are important to define the IoT network as without them IoT system as a whole will collapse.

Real-Time Analytics

IoT software takes data from various devices and converts them into actions or patterns for further Analytics software. Then, they analyse information based on specific designs and settings to perform automated tasks. They also provide data that is required by the industry.

Application and Process Extension

Reach of existing systems is increased by this software to make a more effective system. They integrate all the predefined devices for different purposes like allowing specific mobile devices, etc. It increases productivity and provides an accurate system for data collection.


IoT technology makes everything “smart”. It means that it enhances every aspect with data collection, networks and artificial intelligence algorithms. For example, it can enhance the capabilities of a refrigerator by detecting automatically that cereal or milk is running low, and automatically places an order to the grocery store for the same.


Networks are not tied to external providers anymore. With IoT, networks can exist on a much cheaper and smaller scale. Creating small networks in different system devices is now possible with the Internet of Things software.


Sensors in IoT based projects act as instruments that can transform Internet of Things from a passive network of different devices to an active one. Sensors act as defining instruments which can make the active system capable of working with real-world integration.

Active Engagement 

With IoT, active engagement between various entities is maintained. Entities like current technology, products, and services are actively engaged with each other. This ensures real-world integration between devices without any scope of manual error. 

Endpoint Management

All the endpoints in an organisation are managed efficiently with the help of IoT. Endpoints are connected with one another 24 x 7. For example, if the coffee beans are finished inside the coffee machine it will be directly ordered from the store automatically. 

Author: Kalpana Arya

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A. The top 5 IoT software companies are: Cisco (San Jose, CA) HQ Software Industrial IoT Company (USA & Europe) ARM IoT Security Company (Cambridge) ScienceSoft (USA & Europe) Oxagile (New York, US)

A. The top IoT applications software examples are: IoT Sensors IoT Tracking and Monitoring System IoT Data Analytics IoT Tracking and Monitoring System Smart Barcode Readers Smart Supply Chain Management Smart Grids Smart Farming Connected HealthCare System

A. Given below is the list oh how IoT can be used in agriculture: IoT can report weather conditions. Users can sense for nutrients and soil moisture. IoT can help determine custom profiles for fertilizer that are based on chemistry of soil. Internet of Things can determine the perfect time to plant and harvest. This software can also control water usage for maximising plant growth.

A. With interconnected sensors and various other devices that are networked together with industrial applications, industrial IoT is surely revolutionizing IoT projects in this sector. Industrial IoT consists of a variety of IoT applications, smart design principles for products, and automation practices that are purely data driven in the industrial sector of any country or any economy. Industrial IoT harnesses modern technology to enhance different equipment with maintenance capabilities and remote monitoring. It promotes better flexibility and open architectures to customization and upgrades across various devices.


By SSA Techknowlogies

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Bevywise IoT Platform

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Internet Of Things (IOT)?

IoT uses new and advanced elements in the field of technology that brings major changes in the domain of goods and services. It increases the social, economic, and political conditions of the people. It Is able to exchange data on internet at real time.

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