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  1. What is a Performance Appraisal System?
  2. Most Common Features of Performance Management System
  3. Benefits of Performance Management System for Small Business
  4. Types of Performance Appraisal Methods
  5. Key Elements of a Performance Management Process

What is a Performance Appraisal System?

Performance management system is an IT solution devised for computerized assessment of employee’s daily work and conduct. It creates a comprehensive list of attributes based on which an employee’s performance is analysed. The performance management process usually incorporates things such as missions, goals, daily reporting, achievements, incoming, outgoing, etc.

Most Common Features of Performance Management System

Setting Dynamic Goals & Objectives: Employee performance Management Solution enables departments to communicate with HR teams to set up objectives and goals for employees to work on within a certified time frame. Their performance will be assessed based on the completion of these objectives.

Align employee goals with organization goals: Performance management software facilitates a dual progress cycle where personal goals of employee’s are noted, and it is adjusted in a way where it aligns with the organization’s objectives. This allows a cohesive progress in both the organization’s and an employee’s growth curve.

Setting clear measurements metrics: For companies to quantify something as abstract as an employee’s performance, it is required to have a strong, rigid, and a well-defined frame of reference. Various departments can set their key objectives for assessment and the scale for performance in the appraisal system and work along seamlessly.

Performance Assessment: Performance management system enables companies to track and assess the achievement of employees and keep a record of it over time for thorough evaluation during appraisal cycle.

Real-time feedback mechanism: Performance management software introduces real-time feedback system that allows managers to file employee review at any-time. It is very helpful for departments that have a daily reporting system or project-styled working. It accumulates real-time feedback to create a final comprehensive report.

Performance Review: The performance appraisal system generates a cumulative report on employee’s workflow report. The software assesses the performance based on key metrics and starts mapping their progress for the further review process and appraisal.

Achievement Recognition: A high-quality performance management software automatically highlights the high performing employees based on their regular reporting. It ensures that companies don’t skip on any employee’s contribution to the overall growth.

Creating development plans: HR teams can create plans for employee improvement through an efficient planning module. It allows companies to create developmental plans where employee’s actions are accounted for taking initiatives and solving problems.

Benefits of Performance Management System for Small Business

Time Saving: It saves time and reduces conflicts for managers in assessment of their employee’s performance.

Clearer Objective Handling: The performance management solution ensures that all members of an organization understand their goals and objectives with transparency.

Creating Opportunities: Employee performance management system assists in creating developmental opportunities for every employee. HR teams can create specialized tasks for users and track its completion through the software.

Goal Alignment: Performance appraisal system enables companies to create a flexible working system that facilitates the growth of both employees and the organization.

Out of Sight Not Out of Mind: Performance management system helps in recognizing any good performance in an organization.

Enhanced Interaction; It establishes clear-cut performance objectives by enabling an open communication and a joint dialogue.

Types of Performance Appraisal Methods

360-Degree Appraisal: This system enables companies to conduct feedback survey from employers about other employees.

Grading: Managers can perform a robust and very detailed report on employee’s performance on different attributes like communication, attention span, teamwork, initiative drive, etc.

Behaviour-oriented Appraisal: This form of appraisal system uses employee character assessment on factors such as creativity, extroversion, confidence, personality, etc.

Manager Performance Appraisal: Evaluation of department/project managers that takes feedback from both clients and team members.

General Appraisal: This draws in consistent interaction between manager and employee all year long.

Straight ranking Appraisals: Companies can assess employee performance with comparison to each other and rank it sequentially from worst to best.

Key Elements of a Performance Management Process

Here are key elements for a highly efficient performance management process:

Devising and Expectation Fixture: A first-rate Performance Management Process allows users to set the goals and targets within a defined time frame which are to be strictly followed.

Workflow Monitoring: The performance management solution enables managers and HR teams to monitor the daily work of an employee and check if they are meeting their daily targets/goals.

Developmental Potential and Range: Once the monitoring is finished, an employee performance management software analyses whether the employee is taking more initiative and taking additional side projects and work.

Timely Reporting: Based on the above-mentioned factors, the performance management process solution generates quantified reports on employee’s achievements.

Rewards and Compensation: Once the analysis is completed, performance management software helps in devising compensation and rewards for the employees based on their performance.

Author: Kalpana Arya

Best Performance Management System in 2022

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Keka Performance Management Software

By Keka

Price On Request

Keka Performance Management Software is a complete Performance Management System designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs... Read More About Keka Performance Management Software



By Synergita Software Private Limited

5.0 (1 reviews)

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Farsight HR

By Farsight Technologies

4.8 (10 reviews)

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Qandle HRMS

By Qandle

4.6 (6 reviews)

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Qandle is a configurable HRMS software, which can be easily customized based on a company’s individual programs, proc... Read More About Qandle HRMS

Performance management software automates such procedures as performance appraisals, evaluations and employee reviews to help companies save time as well as resources

Performance management software helps generate automatic reports for identifying top performers, note-taking and billing reporting.

Performance management systems can be used for collecting feedback on employees from clients, leadership and peers.

Performance management software uses analytics and metrics for both tracking as well as managing goals.


By Tamba Solutions

5.0 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

GoForHR is a comprehensive HR solution developed for small and medium sized businesses to manage and streamline all co... Read More About GoForHR


By PossibleWorks

4.7 (4 reviews)

Price On Request

PossibleWorks is an enteprise performance management system, which includes modules for performance appraisal, feedback... Read More About PossibleWorks


By Zing Hr

4.4 (7 reviews)

Price On Request

ZingHR is a cloud-based hr solution, providing integrated human resource management and payroll services to enterprise... Read More About ZingHR


By InfoTimer

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Inclusive of all taxes

OfficeTimer is an online office management software that helps office owners to track their employees’ attendance, le... Read More About OfficeTimer

Zoho People

By Zoho by Target Integration

4.6 (3 reviews)

Price On Request

Zoho People is a cloud-based HRM solution for small and medium businesses, helping them systemize their employee mana... Read More About Zoho People

Aarvi Task Management System

By Aarvi Technology

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Aarvi Task Management System aims to simplify all business operations with a wide variety of task management tools. It... Read More About Aarvi Task Management System

Akrivia HCM

By Akrivia Automation

5.0 (1 reviews)

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Akrivia HCM is a new age hire to retire platform built with a goal of creating an application with enterprise grade arch... Read More About Akrivia HCM

Alt Worklife

By PeopleStrong

4.4 (4 reviews)

Price On Request

PeopleStrong Alt Worklife is a human resource software for organizations. It automates tedious activities such as jour... Read More About Alt Worklife


By HRMantra

4.5 (4 reviews)

Price On Request

HRMantra is one of the best HR software for employee’s time and attendance management system. It is developed a... Read More About HRMantra


By Interbiz

4.9 (13 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Reinventing HR Management, 247HRM saves time and increase productivity at work ascending to meet HR’s work. The so... Read More About 247HRM



Price On Request

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software made for small and medium businesses. This software makes it easy to gather, orga... Read More About BambooHR

Vega HR

By Workforce

Price On Request

VEGA-HR is complete end-to-end recruitment management software for hiring managers, recruiters and candidates. It is des... Read More About Vega HR


By PeopleApex

Price On Request

PeopleApex is a cloud-based human capital management solution for enterprises. The applicant tracking software provides... Read More About PeopleApex



Price On Request

UltiPro is a cloud-based human capital and payroll management solution that aims to help enterprises in optimizing comp... Read More About UltiPro

Cornerstone PMS

By Cornerstone

Price On Request

Cornerstone Performance Management Software is a complete Performance Management System designed to serve Startups, SMBs... Read More About Cornerstone PMS

Tectalik Performance Scorecard

By Tectalik

Price On Request

Tectalik Performance Scorecards is a business software relied most importantly for aligning of business goals and meeti... Read More About Tectalik Performance Scorecard

Last Updated on : 27 Nov, 2022

What is a Performance Management System?

Performance management system allows companies to carefully check which employees are keeping up with their targets and outperforming them every time. Performance management software assists in quantifying the work value exerted by an employee at a given point.

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FAQs About Performance Management System

The business software uses manager/employee performance check-ins and pulse/custom surveys for engaging employees as well as keeping them motivated.

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