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  1. What is Real Estate Software?
  2. Real Estate Software Modules
  3. Real Estate Software Features
  4. Major benefits of Real Estate Management Software
  5. Examples of the Best Real Estate Software India
  6. Potential buyers of real estate software solutions
  7. Real Estate Software Market Trends

What is Real Estate Software?

Real estate software is used by businesses in the field of property and real estate management. This real estate agent management software is critical to managing real estate sales for it helps automate central mechanisms of a property business such as marketing, business, client's queries and contact management.

End users can either host the solutions on cloud or install it on-premise for taking advantage of the real estate software's live dashboard and custom reporting capabilities. Brokerage firms, realtors, real estate agents, small property business owners depend on the real estate agent software for scaling their business and reaching new heights.

Real Estate Software Modules

Real estate software helps manage all activities pertaining to your real estate business. Whether you are a solo business person or the owner of a large enterprise, you will need real estate management software for looking after multiple needs of your business. The key modules that make the real estate ERP so crucial have been enlisted below.

Sales target module

Real estate management software is preferred for setting, tracking, and observing sales targets. Valuable for both property business owners and real estate agents, the real estate management system helps in monitoring revenue growth. You can analyze the performance of your business through real estate software and set targets accordingly.

Real estate lead generation software

Real estate software is often dubbed as real estate lead generation software because of its lead management capabilities. Adding multiple leads, prioritizing them, and tracking the status of lead follow up is easy with real estate CRM. You can also use real estate software for categorizing and allocating leads to different real estate brokers and agents.

Real estate agent management module

Agents need to be routinely tracked for analyzing their performance record. With real estate management software, it is possible to handle multiple agents at a time while also looking after their payments/commissions. The real estate management system is also useful for spotting the best and non-performing agents.

Property management module

Real estate agent management software can be used for allocating flats/buildings to respective agents and sales representatives. Business owners also use the software for feeding in all the necessary details of the flats available and cross-checking the bookings for flats done so far.

Multiple quotations module

Easily streamline real estate quotation sharing processes by creating/sending multiple quotations at a time with prospective buyers. You can feed pricing details into the real estate broker software and manage the status of payment collected and quotation status easily.

Real Estate Software Features

Log sales activities automatically

Deploy real estate software solutions for tracking all interactions of your agents with customers and target customers, irrespective of the medium. Call, email or messages, keeping a conversation log is easy because you can integrate real estate software with your email addresses or outlook mails.

Managing client database

Real estate broker software has a centralized database for storing customer information, client details, sales/purchases, property details, etc. so that they can be accessed easily at one click. CRM for real estate agents is thus a handy tool for creating new customers, managing clients and generating businesses.

Robust email platform for marketing campaigns

Best real estate software can be easily integrated with popular email platforms for powerful email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is crucial because most clients and customers consider as well as prefer email communication than telephonic or chatting. It is seen as a more professional and record-keeping tool necessary for such serious businesses as buying property.

Loan management

Real estate software helps keep track of the residential or commercial loan taken by their clients at the time of registration. The software helps with auditing purposes to ensure a consistent flow of payments from the client’s side.

Integration with Popular Tools

Compatibility of a real estate management system with popular business productivity tools like MS Office, Google Docs, etc. is an important feature. Mobile capability is an added benefit that gives realtors the opportunity to use real estate agent software from anywhere.

Major benefits of Real Estate Management Software

Organize your workload and ensure maximum efficiency out of your teams with real estate software solutions. Realtors, mortgage companies, large enterprises and small real estate agents rely on the best CRM for real estate for the benefits it offers. Some such important benefits are:

Bookings and registration

It is possible to keep track of the bookings done in a day and by which real estate agents. You can easily view, add and attach bookings with CRM for real estate agents. You can also find out about the registrations done so far and track payments from clients.

Client communication

Communicate with clients easily with the best real estate software. Adding clients is easy with the software and you can also categorize them as per their property expectations, registration status, payment status, etc. Real estate agents can also send communications through emails, SMS, and calls to keep in touch with their clients for referral marketing.

Project management

The project management module covers sales related aspects of the real estate business. It is possible to regulate sales as the software offers functionalities required for assigning designated agents/sales representatives to the chosen project. This is done after the software has successfully finished feeding in necessary details such as flat specifications, shop's capacity, etc. and it is according to this that agents are assigned.

Invoice generation

Generate invoices for the payments that need to be received and commissions that have to be paid with real estate broker software. The platform keeps track of important pay dates, pending amounts and commission charges for easy calculation.

Manage contact support

Store all important information regarding contacts and save details of purchases for real estate properties. Use this feature for also sending payment reminders. Contact details of your clients can be modified, added and removed conveniently.

Create company profile

Company profile is the most important requirement of a business and its importance in real estate business cannot be underrated. Attach and edit your company details, departments, employee information, achievements, location and services to portray well your business to the customer or client.

Calendar support

All the above would be incomplete without a scheduler to help a real estate business owner look after daily managerial activities. Calendar support helps manage all scheduled appointments, meetings, reminders and due dates.

Examples of the Best Real Estate Software India

Here are a few real estate software examples to compare the trending solutions and get the one that is best for your business needs.


Streak CRM for real estate is used for managing leads and handling transactions related to the real estate sector. Receive information regarding tasks, pipelines and contacts directly into your Gmail account.


  • Data validation
  • Custom permissions
  • Reporting tools
  • Project management
  • Fund raising


Boost your real estate sales with Pipedrive real estate software. Customize workflows and data fields as well as track the relationship with clients in terms of sales/purchases done. The platform has both, desktop and mobile applications for easy access.


  • Insights with reports
  • Sales assistant
  • LeadBooster chatbot
  • Products catalog
  • Web forms
  • Deal probability and rotting

Real Geeks

Track the sales cycle by nurturing leads with Real Geeks real estate software. Aside from lead source tracking, you can use the software for viewing user's activities as well as lead scoring. Schedule appointments, check call logs, manage reminders and attach notes with the help of this application.


  • Lead SMS auto responders
  • Agent activities
  • Email templates
  • Importing/exporting
  • Idle lead reassignment
  • Live feed
  • Advanced search filtering


Organize workflows and manage sales with ClientLook real estate ERP software. It is used by real estate businesses and individual realtors for managing data entry, scheduling tasks, sending client's updates and streamlining the work of back office assistants.


  • Track sales/lease comps
  • Collaborative war room
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Listings administration
  • Contact management
  • Online lead capture


Apto CRM is used by real estate brokers and realtors for boosting property sales and handling client operations. Listings, contacts, properties or deals, you can look after these functions and various other activities of your property business with this real estate software solution.


  • Interaction tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Relational databases
  • Booking engine
  • Client invoices

Potential buyers of real estate software solutions

Residential sector or commercial real estate, real estate ERP software is being used widely by real estate business owners belonging to either of the above two mentioned sectors. Besides realtors, property owners and landlords have been the potential buyers of this software. Dubbed also as real estate agent management software, the platform is also quite popular amongst real estate property agents.

As one of the most powerful investment tools, real estate software has all those involved in the property management business as their potential buyers. Realters use real estate software solutions majorly for:

  • Real estate project planning and management
  • Budgeting, cost monitoring and control
  • Reporting and document management
  • Client relationship management
  • Timeline management

Real Estate Software Market Trends

Real estate broker software is being increasingly put into use by both property business owners and buyers or clients. Real estate software solutions provide a range of technical functionalities such as scanning tenant's details, keeping a record of bills, maintaining documents and marketing property listings.

Clients and customers too can gather details regarding the properties available with the help of real estate software. The cloud-based property management software is of dual-use to sellers and buyers alike and these can together take advantage of the recent market trends in the real estate market to earn good profits either in terms of money or a piece of land.

Automated market technologies

The primary trending factor in the field is the automation of marketing methodologies. Automated marketing strategies are being increasingly put to use because buyers most importantly are able to access quick and detailed home inspection reports.

Interactive Video content

Second is the increasing use of video content. When listings are marketed using video channels, it helps potential buyers get a first-hand insight into the details of properties available. Live video chatting further helps gather all the necessary information online, which may otherwise be possible only after site visits.

Lead generation through Real Estate Software

Thirdly, lead generation and nurturing can be performed efficiently with real estate lead generation software. Real estate software solutions make it possible to generate more traffic by improving the online visibility of your brand and websites with email marketing and drip campaigns.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Currently some the best CRM for real estate management in India are: Zoho HubSpot Freshsales Insightly Marketing 360 Bitrix 24 Dotloop AgileCRM Zillow Premier Agent

Real estate software as an important lead generation tool helps real estate business in targeting their potential buyers. You can use a real estate software's demo to ascertain whether the software is best for your business. To get a free demo, you can pick any real estate software on Techjockey and click on ‘Request a Demo’. You can opt for as many real estate software demos as you want.

The best way to start comparing different software options is by comparing real estate software solutions available on Techjockey. If you plan to download the free version, select the best free platforms and try their demos. After going through all the demos, it will be easier for you to decide on the best software solution. If going for the paid one, first analyse how much your budget is. Accordingly decide the best software available under the selected budget. Look for the features/modules attached and use the demo version. After going through features and demos of the selected platforms, it will be easier to compare and finally decide which software is the best.

Real estate CRM software aside from supporting sales and lead generation activities also helps manage contacts for email marketing purposes. Real estate CRM provides different customer engagement tools for feedback collection, analytics, gamification and live chat. Real estate management software also helps connect with your customers through multiple channels and segment them based on their property expectations. Real estate CRM software further supports internal chat integration, loyalty program and social media integration features.


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What is Real Estate Software?

Real estate software is used by businesses in the field of property and real estate management. This real estate agent management software is critical to managing real estate sales for it helps automate central mechanisms of a property business such as marketing, business, client's queries etc.

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FAQs About Real Estate Software

Real estate ERP software helps with streamlining all the activities within different departments or sections of a property business. It is for this reason that ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is best at handling accounting processes, strategic decision making, client management, automatic email alerts, scheduling and data maintenance.

Look at the listing below to check for yourself the best real estate CRM software. These are: NetSuite Apptivo CRM Less Annoying CRM Sales Creatio Pipedrive CRM

Real estate software helps manage the leads generated through various channels such as landing pages, social media platforms, website and other marketing channels. Real estate lead generation software further helps segregate qualified leads for your real estate agents. It further helps with marketing automation, which facilitates qualitative interaction between a real estate business and the new client or lead. This is mostly achieved with follow-up email, SMS and preconfigured communication messages. Thus, leads can be nurtured through the marketing funnel for higher conversion with real estate lead generation software.

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