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13 Best Robotic Process Automation Software in 2021

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is used to automate workflows and processes that are labor-intensive. The software bots used in RPA automation can interact with websites, in-house applications, user portal, etc. RPA software runs on the end user's pc, laptops, and mobile devices. These include a sequence of commands executed b

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Last Updated on : 28 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Robotic Process Automation Software

Found our list of Robotic Process Automation Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA allows companies to automate all the tasks that a human being does on a day to day basis across various systems and applications. RPA software works with the existing IT architecture with no requirement of external integration.

RPA is used to automate workflows and processes that are labor-intensive. The software bots used in RPA automation can interact with websites, in-house applications, user portal, etc. RPA software runs on the end user's pc, laptops, and mobile devices. These include a sequence of commands executed by bots under a certain defined set of rules.

Robotic process automation is an advanced technology that includes computer software or a “robot” capturing and interpreting existing applications for insightful data manipulation and transaction processing. It allows communication with all possible digital systems to trigger responses.

What is Robotic Process Automation Software?

RPA or robotic process automation software is a computer application that runs on the end user's PC, mobile devices or laptops. A sequence of commands is executed in an RPS software by Bots. Various business functions can be automated so that employees can give their attention to work of higher value. It includes intelligent automation via machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Why RPA Technology is important in modern business?

RPA robotic process automation is important in modern business because robotic process automation is used to replace repetitive tasks performed manually by the workforce with the virtual workforce. Robotic automation technology does not need any code development or access to the databases of the applications.

It’s a business process automation software, which helps automate business processes with the help of configurable bots. Software robots are used to assign and control tasks with the help of digital workforce (bots). The software automates repetitive tasks to reduce operating costs and improve productivity drastically.

Modules & Features of Robotic Process Automatahreion Software

Rich Analytical Suite

RPA software has a rich analytical suite that analyses the performance of robotic workforce. RPA software can manage as well as monitor automated functions from a central console. The console offers metrics on servers, robots, workflows, and more. This console can also be accessed from anywhere.

Source Control

RPS software enables secure storage of data in progress without risking its existence. The source control method can help developers to see the differences between versions of different processes. This component also allows the users to control processes like scheduling bots, handling the versions of the bots, maintaining a log for bot activities and administrating users.

Hosting and Deployment

RPA software is used to offer customer deployment across multiple terminal services, virtual machines, and cloud. RPA is based on cloud deployment as it is the most scalable and flexible. This is a powerful system that deploys robots in various groups. Businesses can install various RPA tools and deploy them on their servers. This can access data to complete repetitive tasks.

Rules-Based Exception Handling

RPA software supports rules-based exception handling. This feature can handle exceptions in a very proactive manner. The server can re-assign the same process to a different bot. If the retry is successful, the server can maintain a level 2 alert to report resolution and exception handling. If the retry is not successful, the second bot is stopped and a level 1 alert is raised to report resolution and exception handling.

Script Less Automation

The RPA software is code free and it can automate applications that are performed manually in any department. Employees who have relatively less programming skills can create bots with RPA. This reduces the amount of code work required to automate the processes. The cost of installation and deployment also decreases as well.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This feature of optical character recognition in an RPA software include a simpler data extraction methodology from all types of images and document. One of the most significant features of RPA software is screen scraping. This can capture bitmap data from the screen of the systems and cross-check it with the details already stored to decipher. This feature is obtained by integrating with OCR engines like Microsoft and Google.

Bot Creation Interface

RPA software allows users to create bots very easily by just capturing mouse clicks and keystrokes. Bots can also be created manually with the help of the task editor.

Options for Hosting & Deployment

There are multiple options for hosting and deployment available for RPA software. Users can choose from terminal services, cloud, and virtual machines.

Release Environments

RPA software provides production and staging environments for compliance and quality assurance as well.

Work Queues

RPA software consists of work queues that pull transaction data from the deployed bots and store it on the server. These workflows are available to all the deployed robots.

What are the Benefits of RPA Software


RPA software includes role-based security capabilities. This ensures permissions to users that are action-specific in nature. Robotic process automation software also enables customization and configuration of encryption capabilities. This helps in securing data types to defend against different interruptions in network communication.

Simple Bot Creation Interface

RPA software allows creating bots effortlessly by simply capturing mouse clicks as well as keystrokes with the components in the built-in screen recorder. Many RPA software applications also helps create bots manually and edit them with the Task Editor.


RPA software’s one major advantage is that it can perform any process and adapt to it dynamically. It allows debugging while performing dynamic interactions. It can also test different scenarios by changing variable values. This debugging helps resolve issues on the fly in the production environment.

Seamless Integration

Robotic process integration can seamlessly integrate with various third-party apps and software to build an advanced infrastructure for businesses. Users can get unparalleled flexibility to evaluate the performance of the digital workforce.

Actionable Intelligence

Knowledge without intelligence is not enough to take any action. Robots in RPA can obtain unstructured as well as structured data both and convert it into relevant information. The bots then transform this information into intelligence that is actionable.

What Problems does Robotic Process Automation Software Solve

Robotic process automation can minimize the manual processes by automating everything that it can. It also reduces the number of errors that occur while performing things manually. Robotic processes automation can hence increase the accuracy of processes and ensure that there are no hidden errors involved.

FAQ iconRobotic Process Automation Software FAQs

Businesses are now using robotic process automation rigorously to save cost of manual labour. The initial investment on RPA might be high, but in the long run, RPA is the most effective and efficient solution a business can adopt.

Given below is the list of the best RPA software available in the market:

  • UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform
  • Datamatics TruBot
  • IQ Bot
  • BotFarm
  • Bot Insight
  • Softomotive Processrobot
  • Syntel Syntbots
  • AUTOMI.io

RPA doesn’t require any programming skills. Employees can be trained to work on various RPA software applications with proper training. The bots inside these software applications access the users systems with the help of a controlled UI (user interface). This actually reduces the necessity of any system programming knowledge.

Robotic Process Automation software allows its users to create their own bots to automate any kind of business processes. These bots are basically configurable software applications specifically set to perform tasks the user wants to execute. Robotic process automation bots can learn dynamically, and they can be cloned as well.

Since robotic process automation tools are complex application, open source software of this kind are not really available for free. Hence, it is better to buy an authentic software from techjockey.com to utilise robotic process automation to the fullest.

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