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  1. What is Scheduling Software? 
  2. Types of Electronic scheduling software 
  3. Features of Electronic scheduling software 
  4. Benefits of Scheduling Software 
  5. Steps for Successful Implementation of Scheduling Software 

What is Scheduling Software? 

Scheduling software is an application designed to help businesses to organize and plan meetings, appointments, bookings, shifts, etc., through a single integrated dashboard.  It has a in-built calendar that automatically sets up meetings, rotates staff shifts and appointments based on availability of time slots.  

Scheduling system is widely used in service-based businesses like hospital, clinics salon, beauty parlous, cleaning businesses, customer care center, small businesses, etc. Additionally, employee scheduling software helps businesses to schedule rotational shifts for their employees to streamline their work.  

Types of Electronic scheduling software 

There are two types of electronic scheduling software for users catering to different business requirements such as-  

  1. Appointment scheduling software: It is also known as the online booking software. This type of scheduling software for business is most useful for businesses whose services rely on the appointment basis such as private clinics and spas. The main goal of this software is to streamline and automate the appointment booking procedures for the customers.  
  2. Employee scheduling software: It is a type of software designed to streamline the internal business operations of an organization. Rather than managing all the leaves, meetings, and schedules manually, the software automates scheduling. It helps in improving schedule management and optimal use of workforce resources. 

Features of Electronic scheduling software 

Each scheduling software would have some distinct features. However, some of the key features you can find in every scheduling system include-   

  1. Group Scheduling: The group scheduling feature enables users to find alternative slots to schedule meetings and appointments automatically. It helps users to find the time slots as per their convenience. 
  2. Calander Sharing: The calendar sharing feature of the scheduling system makes it easy to share information related to various meetings, appointments, and schedule via multiple social media platforms with customers and clients.  
  3. Communication and Collaboration:The communication feature of the software allows users to communicate effectively with the team members and customers. Software integration with various chat tools enables users to keep employees, clients, and customers updated with the latest updates and information.   
  4. Online Booking: The online booking feature enables customers to book an appointment with businesses or keep following up with the appointments. In addition to that, the customers also get automated confirmation notification when booking an appointment. 
  5. Real Time Scheduling: The real time scheduling feature enables users to schedule and book appointments on the real time availability of the slots.  

Benefits of Scheduling Software 

Scheduling software can be beneficial for business in multiple ways such as-  

  1. Reducing Team Conflicts: Employee scheduling system eliminates any discrepancies or conflicts that might occur within the team regarding the shifts. Since all employees get notified about all the meetings and schedules beforehand, there are less chances for conflicts. 
  2. Better Customer Experience: Software allows clients and customers to schedule appointments as per availability and convenience. It enhances the customer’s experience as they can book slots with real-time slots availability.  
  3. Streamline Employees Management: The HR department can easily create schedules and track the working hours of employees via login and logout options. Moreover, they can update shift rotations for employees with the system. 
  4. Enhances Working Efficiency: Software eliminates any need for the staff to manage appointments, meetings, and schedules manually. It automatically sends schedules and meetings to the employee's calendar to avoid any meeting discrepancies.  
  5. Import Customer’s Information: Software helps users to import the customer and client information within the business database. The information collected can be used by businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers' preferences and necessary ways to enhance the customer experience. Thereby, helping businesses to connect with customers better.  
  6. Notifications: Users get prompt alerts, reminders and notifications related to their appointments and meetings with their clients or employees. Moreover, it also sends notifications and alerts to customers and employees. 

Steps for Successful Implementation of Scheduling Software 

The users need to follow a few steps as given below to implement the scheduling software successfully.  

  1. Buy scheduling software that offers features that match your organization’s requirements. 
  2. Configure and customize the software as per your needs.  
  3. Integrate other business systems and import existing data  
  4. Conduct training sessions to make employees familiar with the new scheduling system.  
  5. Test run the new software to check its working efficiency.  

Author: Kalpana Arya

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FAQs About Scheduling Software

There are two different types of scheduling software for users, appointment scheduling software and employee scheduling software.

The choice of the best scheduling software or the program would depend on the business type and its requirements. However, some of the best programs for users are WorkInSync, Wix, Acuity Scheduling, Bitrix24, teamdeck, etc.

Scheduling software can be useful for businesses in multiple ways such as online booking, better work efficiency, notifications, alerts, schedules prints, etc.  

There is several best scheduling software for small business available online that meet their scheduling requirements. Some of the best online scheduling software include,  EngageBay, Shifton, Skedda, Robin, Zoho Workerly, etc.

The cost of every scheduling software varies from vendor to vendor and the features it offers to the users. However, some software are available at the lowest cost of INR 319 per month for users.

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