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Found our list of Video Conferencing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

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  1. What is Video Conferencing Software?
  2. Types of Video Conferencing System Software
  3. Why Use Video Conferencing Applications?
  4. Precautions While Using Web and Video Conferencing Software
  5. Web Conferencing Tools Vs Video Conferencing Software: What’s the Difference
  6. Paid Vs Free Video Conferencing Software: What are the Limitations
  7. What to Expect from Open Source Video Conferencing Software
  8. Best Free Video Conferencing Software Comparison

What is Video Conferencing Software?

Web and Video conferencing software is a computer application that helps to connect online one or more people at the same time from different locations. This conferencing system allows enabling video and audio chat for better communication and this is done by a good internet connection. During the video conference, we can easily share our attachments to any one of the conferences with the help of an amazing live chat option. 

The best part of the video conferencing software application is you can connect with any device and media like mobile web browser, mobile app, desktop app, and desktop browser. 

The rise of online video conference solutions has led to massive cost-cutting on regular cellular calls, traveling, etc. with an improvement in productivity and time management of the companies. Video collaboration software offers the integration of various interactive tools for enhanced communication with scalability where multiple users can join a conference.

Types of Video Conferencing System Software

Three types of video conferencing system software help to connect in different ways.

  • Telepresence Video Conferencing

Telepresence allows hosting a meeting with the utmost closeness, even if they are not physically present in the same room. Large screens are set up and cameras are located at eye level range. This is mostly used in concerts.

  • Integrated Video Conferencing

This type of live conferencing solution enables group video conferences from a centralized location where all the hardware and codec equipment is located.

  • Desktop Video Conferencing

The desktop video conferencing solution is the most widely used conferencing solution. It allows users to connect to conferences through the webcam from any location. No extra mounted camera or codecs are required, a normal PC can host conferences.

Features of Video Conferencing Software

  • Online Chat

Video conferencing app offers the online chatbot feature that allows users to communicate on both group and interpersonal level. Its utility varies based on the users’ reasons for using it; e.g. online teachers can use this to communicate with students.

  • Application Sharing

online meeting solutions allow users to share applications from their PC. Users can attach files from their system and share it with their peers during the conference in real-time.

  • Electronic Whiteboard

The online meeting platform provides users with an online whiteboard that empowers the speakers to convey their points better. The electronic whiteboard provided by a first-rate video conferencing software allows users to add images, draw images, etc.

  • File Transfer

Video conferencing software allows users to share important files through the software. These include operational reports, documents, SOPs, etc. Companies can use this feature to keep their stakeholders constantly informed and keep them updated at all times.

  • HD Face to Face Collaboration

Individuals can interact in real-time with their prospects through a desktop video conferencing solution. It facilitates live interaction through high-definition webinar-style means of communication. Audio-video conferencing solutions ensure that the quality of live media is of superior quality for seamless interaction.

  • Private and Group Chat

Online video conference solution enables all the participants with a private and a group chat function. It lets the participants have interpersonal and group discussions on topics concerning to them. E.g., business associates can involve in interpersonal discussions with regards to their dealings through chat.

  • Recording and Playback

Desktop video conferencing allows users to record their interaction at their preferred location for storage (both home server and cloud services). This feature allows users to recollect their interactions instantly whenever required.

  • Session Sharing

Video conferencing solutions enable users to share the live conference session with participants directly from the live broadcast software. It is an easy way to join the conference as it allows participants to join the session directly by just clicking the link. Plus, users can restrict the control for certain participants based on their designation.

  • Session Recording

Organizations can record all the live conference sessions that they conduct for future recollection. It is helpful for certain trades such as online teaching which require creating an online course out of the live conferences.

  • Speaker Tracking

A good online video conference software assists in automatic tracking of the speaker in a live conference with multiple participants. It does so by highlighting the speaker so that other participants can notice. It is a quintessential feature for live conferences with multiple attendees.

  • Noise Block

Video conferencing solutions are designed to clock the background noise coming from a participant’s environment to ensure better audio quality. It allows enhanced communication during a live conference.

  • Acoustic Fence

Acoustic fencing allows users to fine-tune the audio settings that are usually uncontrollable. The feature allows users to reduce the disturbances that come from the environment. It includes functions like echo adjustment, sound absorption, etc.

  • Optical Zoom & Field of View

Online meeting solutions enable participants to optimize their camera output for better video quality during live conferences. It automatically tracks the user’s movement and zooms on the focus point automatically.

  • Mobile Video Conferencing

Video conferencing apps provide a mobile application for users to participate from any device in real-time. Mobile conferencing makes it easier for participants to join the conference. The easy accessibility enhances the collaborative effort for the teams.

Why Use Video Conferencing Applications?

Video Conferencing solutions facilitate companies to conduct meetings on the go. It is a quintessential solution to have for companies that have their employees travel consistently and/or have a work-from-home environment. Online video conferencing solutions enables face-to-face communication with peoples of their interest at any time. The online video conferencing software allows all the parties to participate with ease from their location at any given time as users can pre-schedule the call.

Video conferencing applications have changed the way organizations used to outreach their clients and communicate. Live conference solutions do not limit themselves to video interaction, it is packed with features such as audio calls, text chats, digital whiteboard for better communication in problem-solving time. Plus, a video collaboration solution also provides optimization for audio and video quality to ensure high-quality output even with a weaker network.

6 Benefits of Video Conferencing Software For Small Business

  • Improved Communication

Online video conferencing apps offer chatbots, audio calling, and video calling features for seamless communication.

  • Streamlined Meetings

Users and participants can use a single online meeting solution to participate in the live conference from any location at any given time. Organizations/individuals do not require another customer outreach portal to interact with clients.

  • Reduced Time and Travel Costs

Online conferencing solutions allow users to schedule video calls hey at any time and participants can reach out to them from anywhere. It saves a lot of time and money for traveling to meet clients.

  • Higher Attendance and involvement of Attendees

The live video conferencing app results in higher attendance and engagement as it enables them to interact with their peers from their place of choice without any inconvenience.

  • Enabling the digital work culture

Live video conferencing solutions introduce a unique style of work culture that involves working digitally from any place. It gets away with the concept of working from an office space.

  • Improved Employee Communication and Productivity

Live video conferencing solution involves consistent communication and works reporting which leads to higher productivity and engagement with the employee.

Precautions While Using Web and Video Conferencing Software

  • Test microphone by doing a mock call before joining the video conference
  • Users should adjust the web camera to a height where it is on eye level with the monitor
  • Communicate with all the participants to schedule the web conference
  • Pre-test the network before starting a web conference
  • Switch off the microphone when not speaking
  • Adjust lighting to the point where it does not cause lens flare on camera or looks too dim.

Web Conferencing Tools Vs Video Conferencing Software: What’s the Difference

Holding online meetings and events is easier now with the best video conferencing software. With the help of audio support in broadcast quality and various productivity tools, you can easily collaborate online for seamless communication. Let us have a look at how web conferencing tools and video conferencing systems in their own ways help streamline online meeting processes.

Web Conferencing Software

Video Conferencing Software

Objective: Content sharing is an essential part of web conferencing software Objective: Live Communication with Video Conferencing Software
Internet Connectivity: Compulsory Internet Connectivity: Optional
Authorization: Less confidentiality as no authorization is required for accessing links Authorization: Highly secure as authorization is mandatory

A number of participants/speakers: 
Limited to one and a maximum of two.

A number of participants/speakers: Based on the server capacity of the software.
Feedback System: Feedback can be given only through chats. Feedback System: Audio or video mode can be used for giving feedback.
Integration: Can be attached with calenders. Integration: To be integrated with any system.
Hardware Requirement: You can join via web browser and third-party plugins. Hardware Requirement: Often requires the video conference equipment setup.

Paid Vs Free Video Conferencing Software: What are the Limitations

Improve business efficiency and team communication using web conferencing software solutions. Video conferencing tools are suitable for all business types and help boost business productivity. Let us compare free video conferencing systems with paid ones to check how both versions help conduct well-organized video conferences for your business.

Free Video Conferencing

Paid Video Conferencing

Number of Users: The number of users is limited to a very less number Number of Users: The number of users is either unlimited or high
Business SMS/Calls: There is always a fixed number of messages and calls that you can make Business SMS/Calls: Support for Unlimited number of calls, messages, and internet faxes
Reports: Often provides limited reporting features Reports: You can access the quality of your conference based on different performance metrics
Video meetings & audio conferences: The number of audio and video meeting is fixed in free web conference solutions Video meetings & audio conferences: The number of virtual audio/video meets is either high or unlimited
Support services:  May not always be there Support services: 24/7 support available

What to Expect from Open Source Video Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software helps enhance collaboration and communication between team members, clients, and other stakeholders. With the help of video conferencing software's collaborative tools, you can share files, organize virtual conferences, and conduct online meetings. 

Many businesses rely on open source video conferencing software to organize successful virtual meetings within their budget.

Multipoint conferences

Multipoint conference support by online meeting platforms helps organize conferences that have more than two participants. This fully functional collaborative tool would let you use slide shows, group text chats, screen captures, and shares to connect with a good number of participants through video conferences.

Collaborative tools for hosting webinars

Distance learning or business meeting paid and open source video conferencing systems offer collaborative tools for delivering audio, video, and other such content for a webinar. Uploading slide decks, presentations, exchanging chat messages, and sharing desktop screens are some of the best collaborative tools provided by web conferencing software for hosting webinars.

Webinar recording

All the webinars that you conduct can be recorded and saved easily in the targeted location of the administrator's computing system. The one-click support feature helps record webinar sessions automatically and you can even share these with selected recipients.

Address book

Paid and free video conferencing online solutions generate address books comprising of user accounts. User accounts have all contact information such as email address, phone number, etc. It is usually the server administrator that creates address books and you have the option of creating user groups.

Conferencing schedule

Best free video conferencing solutions and premium ones provide various mechanisms for scheduling weekly as well as non-recurring online meetings. Sharing conference URL/IDs or sending automatic email invites, everything is easy with the software's one-click browser access and server integration.

How to Find the Best Video Conferencing Equipment

Experience seamless communication with web conferencing software and enjoy calling, messaging, and other collaboration tools with a single platform. Check out what features would help in selecting the best video conferencing software to conduct free video conferences online.

Role-based conference

Role-based conferencing is one such mode of video conferencing where the moderator can choose a select number of participants as speakers. Most such video conferencing software solutions offer support for up to thirty-six speakers that can be picked as speakers. Everybody else present in the conference can see and hear these speakers while the rest of the participants remain invisible to each other.

Audio remarks & feedback

During any video conferencing session, you can give your participants the option of giving audio remarks and feedback through show slides, polls, chat messages. This is an important feature to make real-time improvements and increase the participants’ engagement.

Assigning additional moderators

Web conferencing tools let end-users add additional moderators to a conference. Moderators help conduct well-organized virtual meetings where they constantly mute/unmute speakers' microphones to give everybody a chance to be heard. Managing legacy endpoints is equally important and moderators help perform this task by changing video layouts.

Remote desktop controls

Remote desktop controls in video conferencing software offer remote access to any customer's or co-worker's computer for remote sessions. This feature for controlling remote desktops can also be used for co-editing documents, presentations, and charts as well as co-browsing web pages.

Best Free Video Conferencing Software Comparison

Manage, promote, and analyze all your web events using the best video conferencing software. Hosting a virtual meet with close business associates or large-scale events, everything is hassle-free with paid and free video conferencing online systems.

Pexip Video Conferencing Tool

Host high definition online conferences with Pexip video conferencing software. You can use the software for even hosting conferences on cloud services. Connect all your video calls with the rest of the participants using a one-click joining workflow in the Pexip video conferencing tool.

Key features of Pexip Video Conferencing Tool:

  • Adaptive composition
  • One-touch join
  • Live recording and streaming
  • Single sign-on

ezTalks Meetings

Share screen and manage online conferences with ezTalks Meetings free video conferencing software. Aside from free high-definition web video conferences, you can also take advantage of this online meeting platform's robust whiteboard collaborative tools.

Key features of ezTalks Meetings:

  • HD audio and video calling
  • Co-annotation on shared screens
  • Multi-share
  • Live broadcasting
  • Application & desktop sharing

Apache OpenMeetings

Take advantage of this open-source video conferencing system for sharing screen and effortless online video collaborations. Edit files, organize video calls, and record audio sessions with Apace OpenMeetings free video conferencing online software.

Key features of Apache OpenMeetings:

  • Collaborative document editing
  • Groupware tools
  • Media server for streaming
  • Instant messaging and whiteboarding

Google Hangouts

Host VoIP calls and audio sessions with Google Hangouts web conferencing software. You can also use this free video conferencing software solution for sending SMS, instant messages, and video chats. Low light mode and live captions are the other features of Google Hangouts.

Key features of Google Hangouts:

  • Intelligent muting
  • Auto Screen Focus
  • Built-in screen sharing
  • HD group conferences and video calls
  • Noise cancellation

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Q1 - best video conferencing software and apps for small business.

The video conferencing software is designed for online meetings in organizations. It helps during important meetings and conferences without any interruption. Communication is the key to business growth in any size of the organization and this is possible by amazing systems that are known Video conferencing software for work from home employees and employers. Here are the best video conferencing software that help us to connect online. Zoom Cisco Webex Meetings Skype Microsoft Teams BlueJeans Meatings GoToMeeting TeamViewer Google Hangouts Meet Jabber UberConference Zoho Meetings Lifesize Cisco Webex Teams GLobal Meetcollaboration Adobe Connect ezTalk Logitech Video conferencing software Say Namsatey Indian video conferencing app Sixe video conferencing

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What is Video Conferencing Software?

Web and Video conferencing software is a computer application that helps to connect online one or more person at same time from different locations. With this conferencing system allow enabling video and audio chat for the better communication and this is done by the good internet connection.

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Video Conferencing Software Price List In India

Video Conferencing Software Cost
Best Video Conferencing Software Price Ratings
JioMeet ₹1188.00 /Year 5
Microsoft Teams ₹1200.00 /Year 4.6
BlueJeans Room ₹1188.60 4.9
Lifesize ₹1120.00 4.1
Audio Conferencing in Office 365 ₹280.00 4.5

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Sharada Educational Trust

review for JioMeet


"JioMeet offers more than what Zoom offers but at 1/10th the cost. This is very useful for NGOs in the education space that have less budget"

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S Roy

review for Microsoft Teams


"Very good software for collaboration and office work . You can share your files and also chat with your colleagues."

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Pawan Singh

review for GoToMeeting


"User-friendly platform with privacy and safety features. You can capture the moment while we are attending the meeting"

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Karthik Muthusamy

review for Bluejeans Network


"Overall, the experience with this software is superb. As a frequent user of the program myself, I’ve found that it actually makes team work really efficient!"

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review for Zoom Meetings


"Appoint allows you to do everything above, as well as allowing you to easily schedule meetings with international clients, project managers, and colleagues!"

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