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9 Best Voice Analysis Software in 2021

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IBM Watson Speech To Text


Price On Request

IBM Watson Speech to Text is one of the most flexible speech recognition software for the integration of speech transc... Read More About IBM Watson Speech To Text


By Callminer

Price On Request

Eureka is a SaaS-based speech analysis software. It also helps with customer analysis and uses Artificial Intelligence... Read More About Eureka

Five9 Contact Center

By Five9

4.9 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

Five9 Contact Center is an intelligently designed call center management software. It helps call center organizations e... Read More About Five9 Contact Center

Voice Analytics

By Voice Analytics

Price On Request

VoiceAnalytics is an automated voice performance management for call centres, customer service teams and UX-based roles.... Read More About Voice Analytics

3CLogic’s predictive dialer

By 3CLogic

5.0 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

3CLogic’s predictive dialer automatic contacts leads though agents are working finalizing calls minimizing the tim... Read More About 3CLogic’s predictive dialer

CXone Customer Engagement

By Nice

Price On Request

CXone Customer Engagement is a single unified Customer Experience platform that includes the industry’s most compl... Read More About CXone Customer Engagement



Price On Request

Perk payroll is cloud based payroll management software through which you can manage your attendance and payroll anytime... Read More About Calabrio

Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia)


Price On Request

Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia) is an all-in-one Voice Analysis Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs... Read More About Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia)

Last Updated on : 06 Dec, 2021

What is voice analysis software?

Voice analytics software analyses audio recordings using the biometric system. These tools are best designed for identifying speaker's voices and other such audio evidence. Voice analysis software is used for criminal investigation, speech research and other educational activities.

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Buyer's Guide for Top Voice Analysis Software

Found our list of Voice Analysis Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is voice analysis software?

Voice analytics software analyses audio recordings using the biometric system. These tools are best designed for identifying speaker's voices and other such audio evidence. You can also use the software for comparing varied audio sounds aside from separating the voices of different speakers while detecting the silence.

Voice analysis software is used for criminal investigation, speech research and other educational activities. This is so because the platform undertakes critical functions such as sound and speech analysis as well as sound transcription and annotations.

Voice analysis procedures require accurate waveform and frequency analysis along with critical listening. The software analyses voices in an in-depth manner keeping the above parameters in view to ensure the correct outcome.

Features of Voice Analysis software

Identifying different speech samples in any audio recording for recognizing the speaker is easy with voice analytical tools. Gender, demographic variables and even accent aren't a hindrance when it comes to speech detection capabilities of the voice analysis software. Let us look at other such features that make voice identification software essential for forensic experts, music teachers, speech therapists, etc.

  • Spectrogram trace

Spectrogram trace within voice analysis software is used for comparing sound harmonics and formants. Such comparisons are essential for understanding speech articulation, vocal resonance and glottic abduction. The feature can be used in both narrow as well as wideband and is especially critical for making changes in sound gain and levels.

  • Speech-silence detection

Voice identification software is critical for identifying the different parts of silence and speech in an audio file. These can be easily checked, verified and manually corrected with vocal analysis software for speech enhancement.

  • Likelihood ratio calculation

Likelihood ratio calculations are score based calculations used for evidence purposes just like fingerprinting and handwriting. These are combined with vowel formants in phonetic-acoustic assessments for measuring the strength of evidence. The likelihood ratio calculation in voice analysis applications are based on harmonized models and validated scripts.

  • Speaker identification

Layered voice analysis software solutions are especially useful in criminal cases. With the software's advanced speaker identification and voice analysis tool, the speaker's voice can be automatically detected in the most unbiased manner.

  • Analyze pitch & volume

Voice inspection tools are good at recognizing unique voiceprints without any barrier of language support. Through such objective voice assessments, it is easy to analyze pitch and volume in any recording. You can also compare different voice recordings with the support of this feature.

  • Wave editor

Wave editor helps in cutting through noises quickly so that detecting the audio section within such recordings is easy. You can further ease this process by adding a spectrogram for deeper analysis. In case audio is completely inaudible for voice analysis, you have the option of flagging it.

  • Case management

The more organized your work is, the better would be the outcome. Layered voice analysis software helps in systematically organizing your audio files as per the criteria like corresponding sets, population sets, etc.

Who All Can Benefit from Voice Analysis Software?

Analyze several audio files in minutes for the speaker's identification and voice treatment with voice identification software. With the software's intuitive interface, it is easy to organize audio files for future reference. You can trust the reference population management functionality of layered voice analysis software to analyze voices against reference populations. The reference population comprises batches of samples that are organized according to language, gender and such demographic indicators.

  • Speech Therapists
  • Music Teachers
  • Music & Singing Students
  • Instrument Builders
  • Forensic experts
  • Call center agents
  • Physicians
  • Law firms
  • Contractors
  • People with neurological conditions
  • Pathologists

Call center voice analysis software provides other key functions along with speech recognition, such as email and document transcriber, multiple language speech detectors, recording dictation, audio capture and editing tools. Voice analysis software is one of the most advanced technological innovations for audio/video to text conversion, actionable business insight, documentation, task planning, or any other technicality that best suits your company's requirements.

What Speech Features Can Be Analysed with Voice Analysis Tools?

Whether it is about interpreting human speech for transcribing it into text or translating the text into speech, performing these functions is easy with voice analysis apps. The other speech features that you can analyze using the software are:

  • Jitter
  • Shimmer
  • Harmonic-to-Noise ratio
  • Maximum phonation time
  • Fundamental frequency deviation from the standard

Author: Kalpana Arya

Voice Analysis Software FAQs

Voice biometrics creates a model voice print of a person’s speech, which is stored in a database to identify a person. Voice templates of a person works in a similar way as fingerprints and other biometric data. Voice recognition systems are less intrusive compared to traditional biometric methods and is also much easier to use.

Voice print analysis is used by intelligence bureau and law enforcement agencies for speech detection and identification of the speaker. It also helps with emotion detection, gender and age detection.

Some of the best voice analysis software for forensic voice analysis accuracy and speech recognition use are:

  • Eureka
  • SocializerVox
  • CXone Customer Engagement

Also, there are many voice analysis software free options to begin with. Additionally, there are open source tools for speech analysis which further makes voice recognition easier.

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