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Aarvi Task Management System

Sold by : Aarvi Technology


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About Aarvi Task Management System

What is Aarvi Task Management System?

Aarvi Task Management System aims to simplify all business operations with a wide variety of task management tools. It helps enhance the efficiency of a business by promoting better collaboration between teams and individuals working on a project. Users can quickly communicate with their clients and employees directly from the software via SMS and emails. They can also update their task schedule and the software will send them automatic reminders for deadlines. Users can also streamline their company's recruitment and document management process through the task management software. Further, they can also manage their employees and keep track of their performance and process their promotion and payroll on time.

What is the Testing Management module of Aarvi Task Management Software?

  1. The testing team of an organisation can create advanced test cases for their employees or new joiners and store their results within this module.
  2. They can also track the time and resources spent on each test.
  3. Admins get to view a detailed history of all conducted test cases.
  4. They can create specific tasks from each test case.

Pricing of Aarvi Task Management Software

Aarvi Task Management System pricing depends on the requirement of the user. You can request a callback and our experts will connect with you at your convenient time.

Compatible platforms for Aarvi Task Management System

Aarvi Task Management System is a web-based solution, accessible from a compatible web browser from any device with a stable internet connection.

Benefits of using Aarvi Task Management Software

  1. Manage contacts - Company admins can update their contact lists on the software’s database and communicate with them as per their marketing strategy to generate potential business leads.
  2. Resource Management -Users can keep track of all the business-related items and resources using the advanced resource management module of the software.
  3. Wishlist - Users can upload their goals and wishlist on the software’s database and keep track of their progress from time to time.
  4. Goals - Managers and higher authorities can define their goals and track their progress from the goals module offered by Aarvi Task Management System.

Sold By : Aarvi Technology

Get Aarvi Task Management System support 26 Chatting right now

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Aarvi Task Management System Features

Dashboard the software provides useful information, such as quick action buttons, notifications, recent works, goal progress, etc.
The software can be used to monitor employees' activities, manage their professional documents, grant access to employee portal and more.
Users can manage projects, assign team members for specific projects, keep track of their progress and track the resource time as well.
Aarvi Task Management System enables its users to assign tasks to team members, keep track of their progress, add specific notes and upload relevant files.
Users can track all business related items and resources available in their company. They can also assign resources to employees.
The HR module helps users to manage job description, store the candidates resume, send interview reminders, offer letters and manage daily thoughts.
You can handle all finance related operations including sales, purchase, income, expense and bank transactions. You can also monitor their accounts based on reports and charts.
With Aarvi Task Management System, users can store documents, manage their letterhead settings, print them or store all the documents in electronic formats.
Admins can assign user based access rights on the employees in order to ensure proper security for confidential documents.
You can avail various kinds of reports based on client details, employee working hours, projects, lead stage life cycle, purchase details and more.
Admins can create multiple users accounts and assign role based access rights to employees.
Users get access to a wide variety of intuitive charts based on the progress of their projects, purchase details, monthly work hours, source wise leads and more.
Aarvi Task Management System sends alerts and notifications about meetings and upcoming events via email and SMS.
The entire data is stored in the Cloud with proper security. Users can access that data at any time from any place.
Aarvi Task Management Software offers a friendly user interface, enabling them to enhance their productivity level while reducing the wastage of time.
Aarvi Task Management System is a web based software and can be accessed from any mobile devices with ease.
Testing teams get to create test cases, conduct tests, view detailed history of all test cases and also store the results of each test.  
The lead management module provided by the task management software helps users to keep track of all lead-related activities, manage individual lead stages along with follow ups..
Users can update their meeting schedule within the software database. Aarvi Task Management System sends automated reminders about the meeting via email and SMS.
By using Aarvi Task Management System, you can update the clients’ list on the database, add specific notes and manage related documents.
The software helps store details of your contacts, and communicate with them for higher conversion.

Get Aarvi Task Management System support26 Chatting right now

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Aarvi Task Management System Specifications


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Aarvi Task Management System FAQs

A. Yes, users can add notes about their clients through Aarvi Task Management System.
A. Admins get access to quick action buttons, view their recent work,revenue, projects in hand, manage their to-do list and daily meetings.
A. Yes, interested users can request an online demo of Aarvi Task Management System. In-house product experts of Techjockey will get back to them.
A. The intuitive lead management system offered by the software helps its users to create new leads, manage the lead stages, related documents and meetings and relevant history.
A. No, Aarvi Task Management System does not have a mobile app.

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