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About ActivDesk

What is ActivDesk? 

ActivDesk is one of the best help desk software for businesses in service sector to deliver high quality service to their clients. This ticketing software works on a support ticket system which allows agents to address every query. Every time the organization receives a call, chat request, or email; it automatically generates a ticket with an attached case number. This help desk software allows users to see all the tickets on a unified platform which intelligently routes the complaint based on keywords, email subject, etc. The ticket software will initially send a quick automated pre-defined response to ensure that a connection is established. From there onwards, agents can start picking up the cases and initiate the process of servicing. 

ActivDesk ticketing system allows agents to customize the visibility of tickets based on the process requirements. This helpdesk ticketing software also enables organizations to align teams for handling cases which require inputs from multiple departments through internal chats and sub-ticketing. This helpdesk system offers a dual working system where agents can work individually and with others effectively as per the case at hand.

What are some key ActivDesk Help Desk Software benefits? 

Here are some key benefits of using ActivDesk helpdesk solution: 

  1. Ticketing of every communication with the client allows agents to not skip out on a single query.
  2. The software provides one-stop solution to manage all the customer support requests, complaints, queries, etc.
  3. Managers can effectively track and monitor the progress of every ticket raised by clients and evaluate the performance of every individual agent and provide useful inputs for improvement.
  4. ActivDesk allows agents to make support or follow up calls to customers to establish a healthy relationship.

What are the features offered by ActivDesk Help Desk software? 

Here are some basic features offered by ActivDesk help desk system:

  1. Ticketing
  2. Teamwork
  3. Multi-channel Helpdesk
  4. Call handling automation
  5. On the go service
  6. Workflow customization
  7. Reporting
  8. Self service

What is the price of ActivDesk?

ActivDesk price starts at ₹ 1500/- per month. For more detail, please request a call back.

Sold By : ActivDesk

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ActivDesk Features

The software automatically changes every call, chat, or email, into a ticket which helps the agent to keep track of all the queries properly.
This help desk software allows intra and inter-departmental collaboration on cases by creating sub-tickets and internal chat messenger.
ActivDesk is omni-channel in nature, which allows organizations to streamline all the interaction requests raised by clients on a single portal.
This feature allows organizations to create self-service help desk for their customers to access the best quality services in real time.
Organizations can integrate all the email Ids that are kept public for service communication. Plus, ActivDesk helps sort and route tickets based on keywords and subject of the mail.
Managers can monitor the work of every agent and track their calls, chats, mails, in real-time.
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Get ActivDesk support33 Chatting right now

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ActivDesk Specifications


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ActivDesk FAQs

A. ActivDesk can be integrated to any website with an open communication portal set up for chat messenger or email.
A. Yes, this help desk software allows managers to assign tickets to agents based on their expertise and availability.
A. ActivDesk allows organizations to manage their field teams and monitor their activities.
A. ActivDesk allows you to customize the control panels to illustrate the metrics that are necessary to drive business growth. It helps track your agent’s performance in real-time.
A. ActivDesk is available for a demo before purchase at Techjockey for the interested buyers as per their preferred date and time.

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