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About Advaiya

What is Advaiya?

Advaiya is a comprehensive expense management solutions. The expense management software solution is powered by a tailored set of tools and multiple robust features, enhancing the decision-making skills of businesses. The advanced expense tracking feature of the software aims to automate and simplify the entire expense-related operation for one's business. Users can view and manage their business-related expenses from a single workflow. Further, you get notified via emails about any pending approvals or when any employee crosses their due date for receipt submission. 

What is unique about the Robotic Process Analytics module of the software?

The Robotics Process Analytics (RPA) module of the software assists its users in increasing the agility of their business and reduces their scale of demand and operating costs. It automates the manual tasks related to one’s business. They get access to an automated workflow, enabling them to keep track of their business expenses. Morale of the employees increases as they start working on more important tasks. Most importantly, the RPA module integrates with the accounting systems that are currently used by the users.

Pricing of Advaiya

The pricing of Advaiya is available as per the needs and requirements of its users. To know more about Advaiya pricing, you can send us a callback request. Our technical team will get back to you with an activation key. You can also contact us for license renewal.

Compatible Platforms for Advaiya

Advaiya is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What are the benefits of using Advaiya?

  1. Robotic Process Automation: Advaiya helps its users to reduce their operating expenses and scale on-demand with its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) module. Users get access to a reliable army of software-operated robots that perform all the tasks assigned to them in an automatic manner.
  2. Analytics Consulting: The Analytics Consulting feature of the software helps its users increase their profit margins by identifying potential business opportunities, risk factors and recent market trends.
  3. Intuitive Expense Tracker: By using Advaiya, users get to manage several expense receipts, approve their workflows and get full control over all the project-related expenses claimed by their employees from any place at any time.
  4. Dashboard: Users get to manage all business-related expenses, view the approved ones and those waiting for approval within the dashboard. Users can also add relevant comments while approving or rejecting an expense.
  5. Active Notifications: Advaiya notifies its users via email, giving them full information about their company expense reports and their approval procedures.
  6. E-Receipts: Employees can scan and upload receipts directly on the company workflow system from any place at any time. It helps maintain accuracy and saves the companies from potential frauds, and the employees also get paid accurately.

Sold By : Advaiya

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Advaiya Features

By using Advaiya expense management software, users can automate their expense-related approvals, submit digital receipts and track down their overall expenses from anywhere at any time.
Users can check the progress of their projects, analyse them across multiple parameters and extract meaningful insights from them.
Advaiya allows its users to link their daily schedule with Microsoft Project Professional, which alerts them about important meetings and project submission dates.
Advaiya offers fully customizable reports to its users, enabling them to add their own fields and monitor their sales, finance and marketing skills as per their individual parameters.
By using Advaiya, users get access to all-expense related data for their business in an organised manner. They can compile those data and export them as full audit reports.
Users can keep track of their business expenses and control them at regular intervals with the help of robust expense management tools offered by the software.
The software offers detailed analytics about its users’ business, enabling them to identify gaps, assess risks, pain areas and profit margins within their business.
Multi-stage approval workflow feature of the software enables companies to verify expense claims made by their employees at multiple levels before finally approving them.
Advaiya allows its users and their finance teams to keep track of their employees’ expenses, approve or reject them as per their requirements.
Employees can scan their expense receipts and upload them on the company workflow, by using the inbuilt scanner within the dedicated mobile app of Advaiya.

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Advaiya Specifications


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Advaiya FAQs

A. The financial summary report provided by the software, keeps its users updated about their company’s annual expenses, profits and losses within a particular time period.
A. Advaiya ensures that all the financial auditing tasks related to your business are in complete compliance with GDPR, OWASP and DFARS regulations.
A. Yes, Techjockey does offer online demos for Advaiya. You have to send us the demo request along with a preferred time and date.
A. Users can accurately assess their current business context, identify the risks, loopholes and manage their expenses with the assessment feature of the software.
A. Advaiya has a dedicated mobile app known as QuickProject. It is compatible with Android and iOS operated mobile platforms.

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