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About Agriya Tutor

What is Agriya Tutor?

Agriya Tutor is a learning management software equipped with Lynda clone script online video training solution to help entrepreneurs and webmasters bring their own online video tutorials under the spotlight and present them to a global audience with ease. The SEO feature within the software offers a great deal of help to the webmaster by enhancing the visibility of a particular course or related website within various search engines.

Agriya Tutor is available in multiple languages and features an intuitive dashboard for instructors thus providing complete details regarding the number of students enrolled. End users have this further option provided by the tutor software to enroll themselves to courses at a level of their choice- beginner, intermediate or an expert. File lessons and videos are completely downloadable too within this online tutoring software solution.

What are the key modules of Agriya Tutor?

  1. Course wish list - This module is important as it allows learners to include selected articles, lessons and videos within their own individual wish list. This gives webmasters a fair idea about those courses that appeared to be the most important ones.
  2. Analytics - Webmaster can use the feature to identify the total number of website visits they are getting within a particular time period to improve their visibility.
  3. Facebook App Store - Webmasters can create a Facebook store of their own and connect their course based webpages with it thus attracting new learners time and again.
  4. Available in Multiple Language - The software is available in multiple languages thus making it easy for all to upload and understand the courses listed within it.

Pricing of Agriya Tutor

The pricing of Agriya Tutor is available on request. You can send in a callback request, our experts will get back to you in real-time.

The Compatible Platforms for Agriya Tutor

Agriya Tutor is compatible with Ubuntu, Centos and RedHat operating systems.

Benefits of Agriya Tutor

  1. Site Commission - Agriya Tutor is equipped with a site commission module helping webmasters earn revenue from their associated instructors in a hassle-free manner.
  2. SEO - Webmasters can enhance the visibility of their websites within different search engines using the SEO feature enabled script of the software.
  3. Course Goals - All the courses provided in Agriya Tutor come with certain goals that the learners have to achieve in order to complete the entire course in a successful manner. This facilitates active learning experience for all the learners present and improving the visibility of the webmaster’s courses.
  4. Curriculum - The curriculum offered by the software provides all the general details included within a particular course thereby letting learners understand the basic details about a course and then going ahead with it.
  5. Admin Dashboard - Webmaster can manage the entire website using the admin dashboard feature offered by the software.
  6. Modifiable source codes - Admin users can customize the source codes of Agriya Tutor as per their needs for the scripts offered by the software are all adaptable and flexible.
  7. Quality and reliability - Agriya Tutor maintains a comprehensive software testing process, superior client-oriented services, and agile work methodology in order to assure proper quality and reliability of the products so delivered.

Sold By : Agriya

Get Agriya Tutor support 13 Chatting right now

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Agriya Tutor Features

The software features a comprehensive list of courses within its webspace that includes both paid and free courses.
Every course offered by the software comprises a specific validity time that is to be followed by both learners and instructors in an accurate manner.
The interactive dashboard within Agriya Tutor shows details regarding the number of students enrolled within a course and offers a wide variety of other purposeful controls too.
The software enables learners get themselves enrolled at different instructional levels like beginner, intermediate and experts.
All the courses and video tutorials listed within Agriya Tutor come equipped with multi-language options for making learning processes for everyone more convenient.
By using Agriya Tutor, site admins get to choose any one type of currency from the wide variety of options provided to them while starting their own site.
The browse option within the software helps learners trace the course they are interested in without any type of complication.
Learners have the liberty to sort out the best course based on multiple criteria such as ratings, popularity or pricing through this sorting option provided by the software.
Agriya Tutor enables the instructors and learners to search for courses and resources required by simply typing the title of the article or video on the advanced search option.

Get Agriya Tutor support13 Chatting right now

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Agriya Tutor Specifications

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Agriya Tutor FAQs

A. Yes, as a webmaster you will get access to a wide variety of master tools offered such as email templates and control pages for timely completion of tasks.
A. As a Webmaster, you will be able to insert course-related resources from renowned external sources within the software and get them featured on your course based web page.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of the Agriya Tutor. In-house product experts of TechJockey will get back to you as per your mentioned time schedule.
As a user, you need to have:

? Hard Disk - 50GB

? Processor- Dual core or higher versions

? RAM - 2GB of RAM
A. No, the Agriya Tutor does not have a mobile app currently.

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