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About Ant My ERP

What is Ant My ERP? 

Ant My ERP is an enterprise resource planning software, which helps organizations across different industries. This ERP system is fully configurable as per the business requirements. One of the key reasons behind the development of Ant My ERP is to help companies save costs on streamlining their enterprise resource management processes. The software helps with asset management, operations and logistics management, inventory, CRM, accounting and other business functions. 

Ant My ERP helps business owners run their daily operations like a well-oiled machine. All the data is stored in the software which can be accessed instantly. Plus, this ERP software helps prevent invoice leakage and manage their documents electronically. The ERP system software also helps business owners to combat the challenge of dissatisfied vendors, clients, and employees to enhance the business processes from both inside and outside of the organization. 

Core Ant My ERP Software Modules

Here is a list of all the modules offered by Ant My enterprise resource planning software: 

  1. CRM 
  2. Operation 
  3. Service 
  4. Assets 
  5. Purchase 
  6. Task Management 
  7. Inventory 
  8. Finance
  9. Mobile Apps
  10. HR & Payroll 
  11. System Administration 
  12. Reporting 

Benefits of Using Ant My ERP system

Ant My ERP software centralizes the business data by automating daily processes. You can track the progress of different tasks. Ant My ERP system also helps organizations to build information highways between different departments for interconnectivity and secure data sharing. These measures result in better team collaboration, accountability, traceability, and transparency. 

  1. Automated business processes
  2. Reduced errors
  3. Improved traceability
  4. Better collaboration between departments
  5. Increased transparency 

What is the price of Ant My ERP solution?

The price of Ant My ERP solution depends on factors such as modules required, the size of workforce, etc. Please request a call and get the appropriate price estimates as per your business requirements.

Sold By : Ant My ERP

Get Ant My ERP support 29 Chatting right now

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Ant My ERP Features

The CRM function of Ant My ERP allows employees to manage the business contacts and interactions with them.
This software can be integrated with major business applications to fulfill all your technological, compliance, and communication needs.
This ERP software assists users in requisition, ordering, quotation, procurement, receipt, and invoicing.
With this ERP system, users can boost their sales and keep an eye on every unit. The software offers a robust stock management feature, which works in tandem with purchase activities.
Organizations can efficiently record and analyze every single financial data for hassle-free audits and financial assessment.
Companies can handle all HR related tasks such as payroll calculation, attendance, leaves and more with this ERP software.
This ERP software helps with the complete managing and monitoring of supply chain and logistical operations.
Companies can manage their fixed assets in terms of maintenance, allocation, etc. It also allows employees to track the location of their assets in real-time.   
The software helps create daily to-do list for the employees and track their performance.
Ant My ERP offers mobile applications for employees to facilitate working from remote locations.

Get Ant My ERP support29 Chatting right now

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Ant My ERP Specifications


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No, Ant My ERP is not available for iPhones as of now.
You can customize the features of this ERP software as per your business requirements for optimized operation.
Yes, Ant My ERP is built in complete compliance with Indian laws such as GST and companies act for various tasks such as asset management HR, billing, etc.
Ant My ERP has Google maps already integrated into it for logistical support.
Yes, Ant My ERP is available for a demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

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