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Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software

Sold by : AstroSage


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About Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software

What is Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software?

Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software is a top of the class astrology software designed to help the daily works for an Astrologer. It is a professional tool that allows astrologers to arrange their daily office workflow and aids in astrological calculations and assessments. This astrological software is capable of generating over 200 different variants of detailed Kundli reports in color. Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software offers astrologers a wide variety of features that allow them to do personalized branding.

The software allows users to create letterheads with all the Astrologers information on the Kundlis. It helps astrologers create a brand image to work with and promote their business. In addition to that, the software offers a cloud data storage which facilitates astrologers to work from remote locations seamlessly. 

Importance of Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software

Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software is designed with the awareness of all the necessities of Astrologers. The modules provided by the software encourage efficient working for both students and teachers of astrology. Plus, the personalization feature enables astrologers to reap the benefits of creating a brand around their business and have a virtual presence. The software incorporates a wide range of astrological prediction systems to facilitate the working of different type of astrologers. The popular astrology software allows users to streamline their operations and scale it up as the business grows with a cloud working facility.

What features does Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software:

  1. Personalized branding 
  2. 200+ detailed Kundli in color
  3. Saves unlimited birth charts
  4. Automated data backups
  5. Artificial intelligence software
  6. Advertisement-free software
  7. Cloud storage facility

What is the price of Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software? 

Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software price varies based on the requirement of individual astrologers. Please request a call for further inquiries.

Sold By : AstroSage

Get Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software support 26 Chatting right now

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Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software Features

Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software offers Panchanga prediction charts where astrologers can input all the details and use it for further analysis.   
The software uses cloud-based storage system for easy data availability.
This astrology software is designed to give highly accurate predictions through various astrology practices.
Students of astrological sciences can use this software to understand the historical context of the astrological methods they are practicing for better clarification.
Astrologers can store all the data in their system and use it to create a database of information to provide better analysis for recurring visitors.
Users of Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software can create a personalized brand value and increase their customer base.
This astrology software offers daily horoscope analysis based on the sun and moon signs.
Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software allows astrology teachers to create worksheets for their Classes.

Get Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software support26 Chatting right now

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Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software Specifications


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Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software FAQs

Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software offers unlimited storage capacity through cloud support. Plus, it has an AI-powered engine that helps in managing the Astrological reports efficiently.
The updates for Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software are covered under your yearly subscription plan.
No, Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software does not have a mobile application as of now.
Techjockey offers an online demo before purchase for Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
Astrosage Dhruv Astro Software uses an online firewall that protects your data on the cloud.

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