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About Bizom

What is Bizom?

Bizom is a retail intelligence software that works 360o to maximize your business profits. It gives you an in-depth view of your sales, workforce utilization, sale returns, and performance. Go above and beyond with Bizom’s services and transform your business into a giant. With raving reviews from industry juggernauts, Bizom offers you exceptional services that let you dive deeper into your retail and store execution. 
Bizom drives growth and an up-rise in your distribution efficiency with actionable insights to make considerable changes, to keep improving on your services to reach sheer perfection. 
Bizom is currently working with 7 lakh customers all over India and growing. Get access to one of the retail insight software in the market today! 

Features of Bizom 

  1. Order Management: Getaway with the middlemen and manual bottlenecks, as Bizom automates your real-time orders and returns. You are left with an exceptional tool, that completes all the secondary sales procedures like order booking, processing, sales return invoice management automatically. 
  2. Distributor Management: Bizom offers you an end-to-end solution for distribution management, as it takes care of your inventory. It allows real-time updating of inventory, generates alerts when you reach a low-level of stocks to prevent you from stock-outs at your retail shop. 
  3. Business Intelligence and Analytics: Alter your business digitally with Bizom’s insights. It allows you to see how your business is working and how your business decisions are working out. It gives you the data through the dashboard to make smart decisions to increase your growth.  
  4. Asset Management: Bizom offers you ease in tracking, auditing, and managing your assets deployed in the market. It gives a better view of how your assets are performing and how they are servicing. You can set the dates for an appointment for servicing and regular check-ups of the assets involved.

Price of Bizom

Bizom price varies on several factors such as the size of operations, number of modules required, et cetera. To know more about the price related details, please request a call. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Sold By : Mobisy Technologies

Get Bizom support 22 Chatting right now

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Bizom Features

Get insight into your sales and see how you are performing over time. Also, see for individual employee’s sales performance.
Get deep-insight into your customers’ preferences and how they are responding to the changes made in your business. Read into the sales of your new products added and everything to boost your customers’ retention with you; with Bizom retail intelligence software.
See how your employees are faring out to their assigned tasks. Check for their success rates, completion time, et cetera. Maximize your workforce with this feature.
Promote and scale your Bizom to get increased leads. Create and categorize your channel partners with Bizom. See how you are reaching your targets with this feature.
Generate projects and keep an individual track of them, to see how they are performing. It also gives you insight on individual employees performing the activity.
Remove intermediaries and automate your business from real-time orders to sale returns to invoicing. Bizom offers you exceptional ease in tracking maintenance of all your order management tasks.
Track your Field Force movements, and their activities, Bizom ensure a high level of success of your field sales operations via efficient data tracking and data recording.
Get alerts for low stocks, business results, transactions, and many others. It makes sure you, your stakeholders, and your customers get the notification of every interaction.
Bizom offers you to integrate your email services with the system that allows you to send all your official emails from the system.
Store all your business-related phone numbers inside the software and get access at any time.

Get Bizom support22 Chatting right now

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Bizom Specifications


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Bizom FAQs

A. Yes! Bizom offers a demo feature for interested buyers. Please request a call to avail it, our sales team will get contact you as soon as possible.
A. Bizom is predominantly used for industries involved in FMCG and Pharma to focus on their products mobility. It is also used by retail owners to optimize their business and maximize their productivity.
A. Bizom is web-based software that is accessed through a web browser. Hence, no mandatory system is required to run the software.
A. Bizom is fully compatible with Android smartphones.
A. Bizom is a cloud-based application. It stores all your data on cloud and serves you with the hassle from taking place in your PC.

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