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About CallHippo

CallHippo provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately. Depending on the size and requirements of your organization, you can pick the best pricing plan.

Automation through CallHippo further reduces the need for your employees to handle monotonous tasks so that they can focus on critical tasks at hand and apply creative skills for problem solving. Real-time alerts with contact center solutions allow you to have a birds’ eye view of the process so that you can make smart decisions and achieve operational efficiency.

Sold By : CallHippo

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CallHippo Features

CALL ANALYTICS Get info on caller details, call status and time duration. CALL RECORDINGS Listen to call recordings directly from dashboard. STATUS REPORT Real-time report on call status history.
COUNTRY-WISE SELECTION Choose new numbers for different countries. UNIQUE NUMBERS FOR EACH DEPARTMENT Get unique numbers for different departments. GET VIRTUAL PHONE NUMBERS Buy virtual phone numbers at shockingly affordable price.
DEFINE TIMEZONE Set Timezone-based on your location. DEFINE YOUR WORKING HOURS Customize & set working hours according to your availability. VOICEMAIL ENABLED Direct the caller to your voicemail when you're not available.
Manage your calls, clients and teammates instantly. All in one place.
Record every call on each of your numbers to better monitor your performance as a team.
Track your phone support performance. Measure the % of missed calls, call load of each teammate, etc.
On Hold Music from CallHippo is a great way to keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold or upload your own custom music.

Get CallHippo support27 Chatting right now

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Sep 29 2017

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CallHippo FAQs

A. CallHippo is a virtual phone system which allows small business and enterprise to get local & toll-free numbers instantly from over 50+ countries around the world. With our easy to use interface and robust backend architecture, any business can setup their phone system in less than 3 minutes. CallHippo implements cloud computing into the world of telephony. Our platform allows deployment of a flexible telephony network, wherever an internet connection is available. We aim to replace the desk phones with softphones, eliminating the complexity of setting up a support center.
A. Network Requirements: In order to make or receive calls through CallHippo app you need to have internet connectivity. Audio Requirements: You need to have a headphone with a microphone at the time of making or receiving calls through the phone app.
A. Editable extension is the feature which is provided by the CallHippo where admin users can edit the extension number for their users. For example - If the admin users has the IVR extension is 100, if he/she add new users the IVR extension set with 101 and so on with the further users. With editable extension new users extension can be changed from 101 to 999 as per the requirement.
A. In case you're not able to use your microphone with CallHippo app, Please follow the following steps to solve the problem: Click on the little red-crossed camera in the right corner of Chrome window Select "Always allow https://dialer.callhippo.com to access your microphone" Reload your web app
A. A voicemail transcription is one of the advanced features offered by CallHippo which allows you to read your voicemail messages. The transcription of your voicemail messages will be sent to you in an email. Speech-to-text conversion allows agents and managers to analysis the information of voicemail messages without having to listen to the recordings. Benefits of Voicemail Transcription Written Record Use it in your organization Saves time Get a clear picture of your Voicemail Messages Anytime availability How to activate the Voicemail Transcription Feature in CallHippo? Login in to CallHippo Account https://web.callhippo.com/ Go to the number setting Scroll down you will notice the Voicemail Transcription toggle button and turn it on

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