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About Centreon

What is Centreon?

Centreon is the best in class network monitoring software to accelerate the development of a robust IT infrastructure and its supervision. It pioneers in providing a business focused ITOPS platform for hybridized IT infrastructure monitoring. Centreon is developed to ease the process of installing and managing the network through various means. E.g., Centreon offers plugin packages that come with a diverse amount of information such as, applications, networks, databases, etc. These plugin packages offer a pre-designed IT infrastructure system that can be instantly deployed by companies to get started in a short amount of time.

Centreon offers an integration-ready system that allows IT enterprises to merge via API for a more holistic working environment.

Network Mapping with Centreon

Centreon allows enterprises with multiple branches to create a map rich with network data through visualization tool. It results in companies accessing in-depth operational insights that could be acted upon for significant growth. Plus, the mapping function helps in locating correlated data and customizing user-related views. The latest update of Centreon enables companies to create an infrastructure-oriented information system which can be layered spatially on a geographical map. It assists in branch-wise network usage.

Benefits of using Centreon

Here are some key benefits of using Centreon:

  1. The network monitoring tool provides instant hierarchical snapshots for multi-level insights.
  2. It generates examined information in a set of screens based on geography, asset, network topology, service, etc.
  3. The software streamlines monitoring of the entire network system in real-time with support for over 300 domains.
  4. IT enterprises can instantly install and deploy a network infrastructure with the help of plugins.
  5. Centreon provides a hardware-agnostic system for IT companies. I.e., organizations can use network hardware from different companies for different tasks and manage everything through Centreon.

What is the price of Centreon?

The price of Centreon is based upon the user requirements. Please request a call to get an accurate quote from our sales team.


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Centreon Features

 The software allows users to scale the software according to their operational necessities.
This network management solution facilitates the working of different network hardware systems seamlessly.
Centreon makes network management comprehensive by streamlining different workflow.
 IT enterprises can check their d
This software is designed to create and audit IT infrastructure in real-time.
IT teams can use Centreon to administer all the threats and security breaches in the system in real-time.
Centreon offers an exceptionally easy to use interface for users to get acquainted with the software instantly.

Get Centreon  support29 Chatting right now

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Centreon Specifications


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Centreon FAQs

Please request a call to get the demo scheduled. Our sales professional will connect with you at the earliest.
There is no upper limit for network devices/users that can be monitored in Centreon at any given time.
Centreon is able to monitor a mobile device, only when it is connected to the network.
Yes, you can integrate almost any type of software in Centreon and share data seamlessly.
Yes, Centreon allows users to customize the plugins according to their requirements.

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