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Chiron Telemedicine

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About Chiron Telemedicine

What is Chiron Telemedicine? 

Chiron Telemedicine is a software designed for doctors to conduct medical checkups from remote locations in real-time. It is a live video conferencing solution customized specially for medical professionals (also referred to as Telemedicine Software) to conduct outpatient visitations seamlessly. Chiron Telemedicine allows physicians to work from any location with ease. Telemedicine software has an instant scheduler that enables doctors to streamline their appointment with patients quickly. The software also generates a notification for both the doctor and the patient to remind them about visitation.

Chiron Telemedicine is widely used and trusted by doctors worldwide to boost their daily productivity. This best video conferencing software takes care of everything from scheduling to billing in one go. Physicians can collect payment online for all the visitations without any delay. 

Chiron Telemedicine Engine 

Chiron Telemedicine has a rules engine with an extremely advanced database of telemedicine insurance guidelines in the healthcare industry. It works in three easy steps: 

  1. State Reimbursement Mandates: The basic working of the engine is based on the comprehension of telemedicine reimbursement guidelines in the user’s domicile. The regulatory team assists users in streamlining the laws and coding it into the software. 
  2. Payer Specific Nuances: Once the guidelines are set in place, the engine emulates the payment process claims for patients. 
  3. Guaranteed Reimbursements: The Chiron rules engine accurately files for reimbursements with an automated system for follow up and guarantee. 

Features of Chiron Telemedicine Software

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Chiron Telemedicine Software: 

  1. Telemedicine engine 
  2. Direct EHR integration 
  3. Network effect
  4. Reimbursement guarantee
  5. PM integration 
  6. Scheduler
  7. Eligibility checks

What is the price of Chiron Telemedicine Software? 

The price of Chiron Telemedicine Software varies based on your business requirements. Please request a call for further information. 

Sold By : Chiron Health

Get Chiron Telemedicine support 18 Chatting right now

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Chiron Telemedicine Features

Chiron Telemedicine enables physicians to stay updated with the most up-to-date medical guidelines for online practicing. 
 The software allows doctors to collect payment through online modes in record time. 
This telemedicine software alerts doctors and patients regarding their visitation with date and time. 
Doctors can conduct their telemedicine session in strict adherence to clinical protocols. 
Chiron Telemedicine helps clinics in creating and managing an online brand to improve their visibility and attract more customers.
This live conference solution for doctors ensures all the tasks for seamless operation of a cloud clinic is streamlined through one platform. Chiron Telemedicine covers all the tasks from appointment to billing and checkout. 
The software allows doctors to create an online business brand for efficient marketing. 
Doctors can use this telemedicine software to track their revenue over a set period for financial assessment.
You can initiate membership programs for patients and provide them with attractive discount offers.
Chiron Telemedicine ensures that the all the operations are performed with full accuracy and clarity.

Get Chiron Telemedicine support18 Chatting right now

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Chiron Telemedicine Specifications


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Chiron Telemedicine FAQs

All the video conference sessions through Chiron Telemedicine are encrypted to ensure information security.
Yes, Chiron Telemedicine allows users to integrate the solution with EHR applications with minimal coding requirements.
Chiron Telemedicine enables doctors to save all the telemedicine calls on the cloud.
Techjockey provides a demo before purchase for Chiron Telemedicine. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
Upon your purchase you will receive video tutorials and user manual documents with operation guidelines for Chiron Telemedicine.

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