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Clatos CRM

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About Clatos CRM

What is Clatos CRM?

Clatos CRM is a web-based customer relationship management solution that enables its users to enhance their business relationships with their clients. Users can gain better insight into the behavior of their customers and make changes accordingly to serve them in a better way. Clatos CRM helps users analyse purchasing habits and preferences of their clients. 

Users can also get access to an intuitive knowledge base of the software and ensure effective customer relationship management. Moreover, Clatos CRM also helps its users in managing their recurring expenses. Users even get to track the engagement level of digital assets sent to their clients from time to time.

How does Clatos CRM help expand its user’s business?

Clatos CRM helps its users in expanding their business by improving their customer retention procedures and helps them to manage communication with their clients in real-time. This CRM software features a wide variety of tools and resources helping businesses analyse the needs and preferences of their prospects in an accurate manner. Further, users can create professional-looking invoices, attach them in PDF forms and email it to the customers for timely payments. 

Pricing of Clatos CRM 

Clatos CRM provides its users with a single plan. It charges a sum of ₹ 8000 for an individual user on a yearly basis. You can request us for a callback and our team will guide you with Clatos CRM activation key. 

Compatible Platforms for Clatos CRM 

Clatos CRM is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 along with Mac OS. It can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise depending on the preference of its user. 

Benefits of using Clatos CRM:

  1. Customer Relation Management: By using Clatos CRM, users get to view their customer’s behavior, preferences and buying history. This helps them in shaping their business tactics accordingly.
  2. Minimum Data Entry: With Clatos CRM, users can keep track of their prospects and follow their progress through the sales funnel. This CRM software helps generate leads from signup forms and emails.
  3. Digital Marketing Tools: By using Clatos CRM tool, users get access to a wide variety of digital marketing tools which helps them attract new prospects.
  4. Schedule Pipelines: Businesses can prioritize deals and coordinate with prospects accordingly with the software. 
  5. Higher Yield: The well-rounded view of upselling and cross-selling at the right time improves the success rate of users’ business. 
  6. Project Manager: The powerful project manager module of Clatos CRM helps keep track of all project-related tasks. Admins can divide the tasks among their staff and keep track of their progress.

Sold By : Dunes Factory

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Clatos CRM Features

Clatos CRM enables users to track and manage leads in an effective way, thus increasing their overall sales.
By using Clatos CRM, users can prioritize their sales pipelines to extract the best leads for their company.
Users can easily import leads from emails and create proposals or send a welcome email to them. They can also organize the leads into multiple stages as per their business needs.
Users get to view their customer profiles in a detailed manner, including their sales activity, email address, key contacts and business ideas as well.
One can automate the process of tracking leads and nurturing them with Clatos CRM.
The software generates reports concerning the sales and functioning of your business, by keeping track of different business parameters in real-time. 
Users can analyze their sales performance and take decisions accordingly by using the wide variety of tools provided by Clatos CRM.
One can track and monitor all sales related information concerning their business using the sales dashboard and reports of Clatos CRM.
With Clato CRM, users get access to all sales related forecasts and the upcoming market trends as well.
Users can set a sales-related benchmark and make comparisons with the achieved result at the end of the month for better evaluation.
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Clatos CRM FAQs

A. By using Clatos CRM, users get access to pre-built email templates that have all contact-related information filled within it. Users do not need to make any manual entries. They can press the send button after attaching any document or file.
A. Yes, Clatos CRM allows its users to manage and organize priority leads as per their business nature.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo for Clatos CRM to the interested buyers for free.
A. Yes, users can set up recurring invoices through Clatos CRM.
A. No, Clatos CRM does not have any dedicated mobile application as of now.

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