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About Darwinbox Hr

What is Darwinbox?

Darwinbox is an employee management software that allows easy and efficient management of the entire strength of employees and their lifecycle over a single platform. This HRMS application serves as a one-stop solution to meet all the needs of fresh recruitments in an organization. It posts a job on the web and different social media platforms on behalf of the hiring company. It also processes the hiring plan alongside managing the career page and sourcing potential candidates. Darwinbox features a custom report builder that enables users to choose and set customized report building functions.

How does Darwinbox help in Employee Management?

The application looks after the needs of employees working for an organization, as it integrates with background verification provider and a digital offer letter to keep them engaged in the work field. With a simple interface, Darwinbox eliminates the time taken to adapt oneself to the basics of this platform. Its modular design feature also offers flexibility to the users. With a comprehensive set of features to manage the life cycle of an employee, this software keeps all information secure.

How Efficient is Darwinbox in Payroll and Task Management?

By keeping a note of the attendance of the employees and their total work time, Darwinbox looks after the payroll management and ensures efficiency in payouts, thus building healthy relationships between the employer and the employee. Darwinbox maintains easy workflow management to create a smooth working environment that is configurable as per the work demands in an organization.

Pricing of Darwinbox

The pricing of this human resource management is available on request. You can reach us to get a quote today. 

How Flexible is Darwinbox?

Darwinbox is highly flexible and can be configured as per the needs of customers. It provides the user with reports that represent the database and also generates analytics on the performance of employees working in an organization. 

Providing roles and permissions, Darwinbox allows different levels of access to different files and folders which can be set by the managing supervisor of a company, based on the need for secrecy over files and documents. Darwinbox is designed to cover every aspect of human relations in a given organization and looks after the attendance and total working time of employees that serve a given company.

Sold By : Darwinbox

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Darwinbox Hr Features

Darwinbox helps in the management of valuable assets of the organisation through its multiple assessment frameworks and also features ratings and review systems to enable efficiency of work.  
 It easily integrates with other Suit applications and tools, thereby eliminating any possible forms of hindrance while adapting to Darwinbox.
Darwinbox manages the human resource and payroll of a given organization via keeping a note on the attendance and activities of employees working in an organization.
By keeping a record and updates on the ongoing project in an organization, Darwinbox keeps the management in the loop of activities, thereby managing the projects.
As Darwinbox manages the attendance of employees and keeps a detailed record of the working hours of each of them.
By providing comprehensive features that are set across the security and storage of a given document, Darwinbox enables ease of access to data at any given point.
Darwinbox keeps a tab on the efficiency of employees and thereby manages their work performance.
This platform also looks after the reimbursement of employees working overtime, hence ensuring that all their efforts are paid for.

Get Darwinbox Hr support14 Chatting right now

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Darwinbox Hr Specifications


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Darwinbox Hr FAQs

A. Yes, with the automation capabilities of Darwinbox, organisations can sit back and relax while monitoring the hiring process. This platform posts a job on the web and different social media platforms on your behalf and also processes your hiring plans.
A. Yes, every document shared under this platform is secured, as Darwinbox complies with the latest measures in security and ensures no tampering of data. Its comprehensive feature is set across the lifecycle of employees which ensures high data security.
A. Yes, the responsible heads under a given organisation would get detailed reports of an ongoing project over this platform. Darwinbox keeps a tab of the assignments that are in progress.
A. Yes, users can now easily integrate their respective mails over Darwinbox, as this application provides easy integration with other Suit applications and tools. It also makes sure that you are not facing any difficulties while adapting yourself to the app.
A. Yes, Darwinbox can be used by organizations for the sharing of digital offer letters. Moreover, organizations can also post job hiring campaigns over this platform, thus eliminating hectic paperwork.

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