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About Digidesk

What is Digidesk?

Digidesk is a cloud-based HR software which eliminates manual documentation procedure, replacing it with an electronic management protocol. The software is equipped with advanced Aadhar APIs, using which enterprises can collect eSigns and other important documents. Thus maintaining a transparent work relationship with individual clients, employees and vendors from time to time. Moreover, admins can also monitor user permissions and assign specific rights to individual employees based on their designation within the organisation. All the data stored within the software are properly encrypted and secured from illegal access. 

How does Digidesk streamline online onboarding procedures? 

  1. The hr management software can be accessed across multiple devices like tab, smartphones and PCs, enabling the new hires to complete their documentation procedure from any convenient device as per their preferred time schedule.
  2. Organisations can edit the onboarding forms and include necessary fields within them that are relevant for their business needs.
  3. Enterprises can use the Aadhar APIs offered by the software to complete the authentication process of submitted documents and also collect eSigns as well.  

Pricing of Digidesk

The price of Digidesk is available on request. You can request for a callback and our in-house product experts will get back to you on the date and time mentioned in the callback request. 

Benefits of Digidesk

  1. Accuracy: The software helps the enterprises in streamlining their entire employee hiring procedure by allowing them to monitor the submitted documents and their authenticity level. Moreover, company HRs can also generate onboarding workflows and custom checklists with automated reminders to ensure proper submission of vital documents. 
  2. Form Builder: By using Digidesk, companies can generate customizable forms as per their business needs. The created forms are compatible with multiple devices, enabling the candidates, vendors or employees to fill it with necessary details. 
  3. Centralized Platform: The software works as a central repository, storing in all the necessary documents and employee-related forms in an efficient manner. Thus helping the HRs to get access to relevant data as per their requirement.

Sold By : Heptagon Technologies

Get Digidesk support 14 Chatting right now

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Digidesk Features

Digidesk is compatible with multiple devices, enabling users to edit, view and upload e-forms, from smartphones, tablets and laptops with ease.  
The online form management platform can be used to generate, digitalize, fill and upload forms and other relevant documents at any time of the day from any device.   
Enterprises can maintain complete transparency with their clients, employees and vendors regarding their on-premises office work by having greater control on administrative forms.  
Organisations can onboard their customers through customizable forms. They can also use Aadhar APIs to offer a hassle-free experience to individual clients.  
The Aadhar APIs system offered by Digidesk enables users to onboard full time or contractual employees in a seamless manner and integrate the particulars within their pre-existing systems.   
The customizable forms offered by Digidesk facilitates seamless client onboarding. The Aadhar APIs help users in collecting eSign and completing authentication procedures.  
The software ensures 100% safety and security while storing all data that are related to its users business.  
Enterprises can offer a seamless onboarding experience to their clients/employees across any compatible platform of their choice.  
Digidesk automates the entire onboarding procedure and collects necessary information in intuitively designed forms.  
The software reduces manual processing errors and inefficiencies by 95% and fast forwards the entire onboarding system.  
The software digitalizes the entire onboarding procedure and reduces the overall required cost to a great extent.

Get Digidesk support14 Chatting right now

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Digidesk Specifications


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Digidesk FAQs

A. Yes, the software ensures 100% safety and security to its user’s documents, preventing them from being accessed by unauthorized intruders.
A. With Digidesk, you can digitalize and automate the entire onboarding procedure, reducing the overall time related to documentation and verification by 90%.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Digidesk. Our in-house product experts will get back to you as per the date and time mentioned within your demo schedule.
A. Yes, you can manage your users, grant them permissions and monitor the data uploaded by them using the intuitive platform offered by Digidesk.
A. No, Digidesk does not have a mobile app of its own.

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