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About e-Gurukul

Waht is E-Gurukul?

E-Gurukul is a learning management application for students who aspire to take up medicine as their professional career. It offers a wide variety of services, preparation materials, medical entrance examination related information and specially curated topic wise charts, for the students to plan their daily schedule and prepare on the go. Most importantly, with e-Gurukul, students can prepare themselves for exams like AIIMS-PG, FMGE, NEET-SS and NEET-PG. Further, they can access more than 800 hours of topic-based video lectures from India’s most renowned faculties along with 35,000+ specially curated topic wise questions. 

What makes e-Gurukul the most preferable platform to prepare for medical entrance examinations?

e-Gurukul offers the most accurate questions for PG examination accompanied by 150+ test modules. The mobile compatible device allows its users to start learning on the go as per their convenient time schedule. The learning management system allows its users to bookmark multiple questions, videos and content related to their topic from time to time. Most importantly, users can download videos and watch them in an offline mode. However, e-Gurukul offers a strict exam policy. In-app screenshots are restricted, and users can appear in a Grand Test for only once. It offers comparative performance-based analysis along with detailed explanations of the areas that need to be improved.        

Pricing of e-Gurukul

e-Gurukul is available as per the following pricing plans:

  1. Basic: It is available at a price of ₹ 6860 on a yearly basis.
  2. Advance: It is available at a price of ₹ 27440 on a yearly basis.
  3. Special: It is available at a price of ₹ 16660 on a yearly basis.
  4. MDS/Dental: It is available at a price of ₹ 9799 on a yearly basis.
  5. PROF: It is available at a price of ₹ 8820 on a yearly basis.

You can send in a callback request. Our product experts will try and solve all your queries. 

Compatible Platforms for e-Gurukul

Currently, e-Gurukul is available as an LMS app for Android and iOS operated mobile devices.  

Benefits of e-Gurukul

  1. Performance-based Reports: The educational app offers detailed performance-based statistical reports to the students, enabling them to compare their own results with others and take necessary measures in the upcoming examinations.
  2. Direct Communication with Faculty: Students can follow their favorite faculty member within the app and get connected to them directly as per their needs and requirements.
  3. Intuitive Notes: By using e-Gurukul, the best LMS app, students get access to subject-specific detailed notes prepared by renowned medical faculties. This enables them to strengthen their grip and score their best in competitive exams.  
  4. Advanced Test Management System: The LMS app offers more than 150 test modules, enabling students to perform their best in PG examinations.   

Sold By : Smartometry

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e-Gurukul Features

By using e-Gurukul, students get access to 800+ hours of comprehensive video lectures from India’s renowned teaching faculties.
e-Gurukul offers a DBMCI authorized question bank consisting of 35,000+ questions, 150+ test modules along with detailed statistical analysis based results.
This learning management software is compatible with Android and iOS operated mobile devices, enabling users to keep on with their preparation from their convenient location.
Students get access to a wide variety of question formats for exams like AIIMS-PG, FMGE, NEET-SS and NEET-PG.
e-Gurukul offers a 24x7 doubt solving platform by India’s best medical faculties associated with top-class hospitals and medical boards.
Users get access to intuitive audio content and can prepare for their medical entrance exams in real-time.
e-Gurukul offers 800+ hours of detailed video lectures from India’s topmost medical professionals and lecturers.
Students get access to a wide variety of study materials along with 11 grand tests that cannot be appeared for more than once.
e-Gurukul ensures that all information stored within the server is secured with passwords, which prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the data.
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e-Gurukul Specifications


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e-Gurukul FAQs

e-Gurukul offers only two logins per user.
No, you cannot access your e-Gurukul account from multiple devices at a single time.
Yes, Techjockey does offer online demos for e-Gurukul. You just need to mention a fixed time and date for the demo.
Yes, you can bookmark multiple content of your choice, within the app and access them within the bookmarked section.
e-Gurukul has a mobile app for iOS and Android operated mobile devices.

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