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About EduConnect360

What is EduConnect360?

EduConnect360 is an intuitive School Management System designed for the modern-day schools, colleges and universities. The software aims to automate different administrative functions of an educational institute, thus freeing up its user’s time. Moreover, it keeps a check on data inaccuracy and redundancy, while helping its users to go paperless at the same time. EduConnect360 is a scalable school management software and allows schools to add in more modules as their student’s strength increases. Further, school admins get access to a RFID enabled live tracking system, with which they can monitor school buses while they are in transit and authenticate visitors’ entry as well. 

How does EduConnect360 help manage activities at an educational institute?

EduConnect360 is a web-based school management system that helps educational institutes manage their students and staff in an efficient manner. From setting up a timetable, tracking attendance, monitoring students to fee collection and payroll management, the software does it all. Most importantly, parents and admins get to view the accurate location of each student using the RFID technology. Parents can further pay the tuition fee online, submit applications and generate transfer certificates digitally. This school management system software also helps manage staff payrolls and send school-related updates to the parents.

Pricing of EduConnect360 SChool Management Software

The pricing of EduConnect360 is available on request. You can request a callback and our experts will get back to you with EduConnect360 activation key details.  

Compatible Platforms for EduConnect360

EduConnect360 is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any compatible web browsers across multiple devices. It also has a dedicated mobile app. 

Benefits of EduConnect360 School Management Software

  1. Student Management: Users can store all student-related data within the software and analyze performance. Parents also get to monitor their child’s performance. 
  2. Finance Management: This software supports secured payment gateways and advanced check reconciliation facilities. It aims to automate financial transactions for an educational institute and ensures zero areas of error. 
  3. Student Security: EduConnect360 ensures that the students attending its user’s schools are completely safe. It offers RFID device tracking facilities, enabling the admins and parents to track the exact location of each child. 
  4. Logistics: This school management software stores detailed information about the school’s transport system, including the drivers and the buses. It also keeps track of the books within the library and other items within the school’s inventory.
  5. Updates: The software sends in updates to parents on a daily basis, informing them about their child’s performance and school-related events. 

Sold By : EduConnect360

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EduConnect360 Features

The software uses RFID technology to mark the student’s present and upload the data automatically.
Admins can plan out school-related timetables on a daily basis. The software suggests substitute teachers based on their subjects when the assigned teacher is absent.
EduConnect360 features a safe and secure payment gateway, enabling the parents to pay their child’s fee from the comfort of their home, and receive receipts in their email.
With the help of an advanced GPS tracking system, parents can track the exact location of their child. It also offers details about the assigned driver and the school bus.
EduConnect360 calculates the entire staff’s payroll in an automated manner, leaving zero areas for manual error. It also generates individualized payslips as well.
The software offers a multi-tier, customizable admission procedure. From inquiry to the generation of admission, number parents can manage them all.
Parents can customize their child’s transfer certificates and download them online. Admins can send important letters to their staff, generate certificates in an automated way.
All staff related information is stored in a digitized manner. Admins can generate ID cards for their staff directly from the software to maintain transparency.
Librarians can manage the library catalog online. You can integrate barcode scanners and monitor the issued books as well.
The software offers multiple examination management tools and predefined report card templates.

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EduConnect360 Specifications


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EduConnect360 FAQs

A. The software aims to simplify the leave procedure for its user’s school business. It automatically updates leave applications from the staff and students.
A. The software assigns a substitute teacher to a particular class if the attendance of the assigned teacher does not get marked by the assembly time.
A. Yes, you can send in a demo request for EduConnect360. Techjockey will help arrange a demo as per your mentioned time and date.
A. With EduConnect360, users get access to an intuitive dashboard, which they can personalize as per their business needs. They can add high ended features, quick links and key metrics as well.
A. EduConnect360 has a dedicated mobile app foriOS and Android devices.

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