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 Analytics Reporting Solution
 Analytics Reporting Solution
 Analytics Reporting Solution
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Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution

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About Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution

What is Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution?

Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution is a data analytics solution for higher educational institutes, educators and students. The software helps in the alignment of students, advisors, and institutions to a single goal, i.e., on-time graduation. It helps institutes break the normal cycle of ownership, brainstorming, and siloed data, to unleash the real competence with a unified and connected campus. The unified campus created by Ellucian Analytics data analysis software empowers the faculty and admins to deliver programs that drive students’ success.

Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution uses a unique data model which is designed for higher education. It helps transform data into actionable insights and drive the growth of the institute, student, and operational efficiency.

Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution deploys a less-paper working system in place which simplifies the handling of bureaucratic tasks and enhances student management system. This data analysis software also helps in cutting down IT costs across all departments.

How do Ellucian Applications help in improving operations and performance?

Here is how Ellucian statistical analysis software helps in the enhancement of performance and operations for higher educational institutes:

  1. Ellucian Ethos Data Modeling: This technique unifies data across Ellucian, institute partners, and applications with the higher education data model.
  2. Integrations & API: Ellucian data analysis tool merges applications with standardized APIs and integrations created to increase the pace of the implementation process.
  3. Access to Ellucian Ethos Data: It combines the ABCs of “Ellucian Ethos Data Model” with “Ethos Integration” to make the data accessible for analysis.

What are the features offered by Ellucian Solutions?

Here is a list of features offered by Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution:

  1. Single campus-wide data sourcing
  2. Role-based intuitive content
  3. In-depth insights
  4. Specifically created for higher education

What is the price of Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution?

Please request a call for inquiries regarding the price of Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution. Our salesperson will contact you as soon as possible.

Sold By : Ellucian

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Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution Features

Ellucian statistical analysis software displays the data users need. It slices data by attributes based on customized content. Institutes can even personalize or favorite content as per their preference.  
The software helps boost accuracy, consistency, and efficiency by creating a centralized data portal to access financial, HR, student data instantly.
This data analytics software offers enhanced transparency and accountability by tracking key performance indicators. It creates and publishes trend analyses for users to get insights about the workings of the institute and student’s performance.
This module allows institutes to articulate their strategic goals and make smart decision. It deciphers data instantly with interactive tools and dashboards. It also eradicates time-intensive data collection and administration processes.  
Ellucian Analytics software helps in managing the critical information dynamic data storage environment which supports all types of banner workflow. Plus, it enables longitudinal comparisons and trend analysis across different dimensions.  
This data analysis software offers a wide-spanning system and departmental data model to offer a comprehensive visibility of your institute’s performance.
Ellucian Solutions provides a high-paced, secure, and consistent information system that boosts efficiency and delivers information in an organized manner.
Strengthen the business intelligence process to ease the workload of the IT department. The software schedules, executes, and monitors the data loads.
This data analytics software offers a simple drag n’ drop feature to create, customize, and modify reports as per institute’s requirements.

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Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution Specifications

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Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution FAQs

A. No, Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution does not share institute data with any of their third-party collaborators.
A. Ellucian Analytics Reporting is a web-app which is accessible through any online browser.
A. Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution uses cloud-based storage system to ensure data security.
A. You will get the demo for Ellucian Analytics Reporting Solution with Techjockey, where you can ask anything you want about the software.

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