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About Enter

What is Enter? 

Enter is a feature rich medical billing software that is used by hospitals. The software is optimized for doctors to get paid more. It offers innovative solutions to tackle the issue of medical billing in real-time. The medical billing software provides much required ease in tasks like 

  1. Claim Submission 
  2. Discrepancy Reconciliation 
  3. Patient Collection

With a thorough and comprehensive dashboard, Enter medical billing software enables users to manage their disputes from the system. It allows medical organizations to provide customer service regarding their issues related to payment or insurance. Enter focuses on providing an optimized solution that gets doctor paid more while staying patient-friendly at the same time.  

What features does Enter offer? 

Here is a list of features that Enter offers for interested buyer to get quick insight of the software: 

  1. Drag n’ Drop 
  2. Quicker Claim Submission 
  3. Bank Account Integration
  4. Quick Payment 
  5. Fraud Protection
  6. Fast Payments 
  7. Patient Surveys
  8. Patient Profiles
  9. Automated Reconciliation 
  10. Patient Invoicing
  11. Patient Communication Portal

What is the price of Enter?

Enter is available in three different plans; they are: 

  1. Enter Claims – 6-9% per successful claim reimbursement
  2. Enter Collect – 6-9% per successful patient collection
  3. Bundle – Custom Pricing

For more information regarding the pricing, features, or other aspects of the software, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly.

Sold By : Enter

Get Enter support 27 Chatting right now

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Enter Features

Enter provides a dashboard that allows users to check for pending disputes and denied claims.
The software’s real-time cloud-based operations streamline and digitizes tracking of finances, payments, and payer responses.
Users can collect payment from credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc.
Hospitals can use Enter for managing the health insurance claims of their patients in real-time. They can set up recurring payment dates for timely payment as well.
This software enables legal teams to manage disputes and track legal compliances for the cases.
Enter can manage and generate quotations required as per the users.
Enter allows users to create tax brackets according to their necessity and work accordingly.
The software provides mobile application for both Android and iPhone platforms for seamless operation.

Get Enter support27 Chatting right now

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Enter Specifications


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Enter FAQs

A. Enter medical billing software does not require a new bank account to get started. You can start with your current bank account and integrate it for daily operations.
A. Enter complies with all the major health guidelines like HIPAA which makes it suitable for medical billing.
A. Enter takes 24 hours to deposit all the money into your bank account. It quickens the insurance claiming cycle.
A. Yes, Enter medical billing software has a demo service for interested buyers to get better idea of the software.

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