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EZY Mandi

Sold by : Ezy ERP Pvt. Ltd.

Starting Price ₹12999

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About EZY Mandi

What is Ezy Mandi? 

Ezy Mandi is a sabzi mandi accounting software designed for traders who deal in unprocessed raw food materials such as fruits, vegetables, pulses, and other edible agricultural produce. The software allows users to perform detailed accounting. This sabzi mandi software also allows users to track their challans, orders, inventory search, etc. in record time.

Ezy Mandi enables multiple users to work on a single system to manage orders from multiple customers. You can perform diverse functions simultaneously, such as, get the print-out of an old bill while generating a current bill. Ezy Mandi makes simplifies the financial management task for those mandi sellers who have limited knowledge of computers.

Why Ezy Mandi Software is so popular among mandi shop owners? 

The sole reason behind Ezy Mandi’s popularity among its users is that it’s simple to use and helps manage accounting functions easily. You can customize the software, create new entries, manage inventory, and much more from a single platform. Plus, the software directly allows sharing data from Tally. Ezy Mandi improves the daily working of employees and helps them entertain more customers by simply automating the repetitive tasks.

What features does Ezy Mandi offer?

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Ezy Mandi: 

  1. Indian style account
  2. Compliance with GST 
  3. Automated bank reconciliation
  4. Cash book entries in a single page
  5. Billing in multiple units
  6. Counter sale entry
  7. Barcode creation & scanning
  8. Customized invoices

What is the price of Ezy Mandi? 

Here are the pricing plans of Ezy Mandi available: 

  1. Kacchi Mandi – Rs. 12,999/- per year (single user)
  2. Kacchi Mandi – Rs. 24,999/- per year (multi-user) 
  3. Gold – Rs. 16,999/- per year (single user) 
  4. Gold – Rs. 28,999/- per year (multi-user) 

Sold By : Ezy ERP Pvt. Ltd.

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EZY Mandi Features

Ezy Mandi software offers a fully GST-compliant billing and invoicing system.
The software offers a business-focused design that enables business owners to handle the purchase and sales efficiently. 
This sabzi mandi software enables business owners to create a sales slip for every transaction to track the business efficiently.
Sabzi mandi operators can generate thorough reports on the daily operations to boost efficiency and identify pain points.
Business owners can create E-way GST-compliant bills for the movement of goods within the inter or intra-state boundaries.
This sabzi mandi software produces detailed tax reports for businesses to manage their expenses.
The software ensures automated bank statement reconciliation.
Business owners gets the ledger statement management sheet to maintain the ledger balance information accurately.
Ezy Mandi software allows business owners to streamline the calculation of expenditures from different fronts.
The software offers a pre-integrated system for communication through email and text messages.
Business owners can handle the task of retailer wholesaling and distribution from this software.
The software has provision of a master sheet where business owners can input all the items for quick checkout.
The software helps in creating balance sheet for financial analysis of the business.
Ezy Mandi software allows business owners to manage their sales effiwenctly through sales invoices.
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EZY Mandi Specifications


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EZY Mandi FAQs

Ezy Mandi allows users to change the tax rates within the system whenever the new tax rates are announced.
No, this sabzi mandi software can work without internet seamlessly.
Ezy Mandi allows business owners to add unlimited items to their inventory management module.
Yes, you can operate multiple sabzi mandi units with Ezy Mandi, given that the companies are related to procurement and selling of agricultural produce.
Ezy Mandi is available for demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.

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