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About Falcon7

What is Falcon7?

Falcon7, a product by Reliable Software, is a trading and stock market management software that assists users in making real-time market analysis. The software is specifically designed to monitor and analyse intraday movements to enhance one’s online trading experience. Users can monitor charts and make accurate strategies for testing to improve the returns. One can manage various stocks and execute a trading plan with efficiency.

With Falcon7, you can create an efficient trading profile regardless of your experience levels. Reliable Company has launched the latest version of Falcon7, that’s, which is loaded with more powerful features and greater flexibility, thus enabling a more profitable trading experience. With this software, you can improve your strategy development methods and implement backtesting processes for making more money.

How to Earn More Profits with Falcon7?

This stock market software helps its users achieve greater success in the stock market and trading analysis software and earn greater profits as compared to other traders.

  1. Get real-time quotes: Falcon7 is built with a dedicated infrastructure that helps provide users with real-time market data. One can receive accurate and latest quotes, avoiding even the slightest delay that might hamper one’s profitable strategies.
  2. Multi Time Frame Charting: With this tool, you can compute various studies on a higher time frame and use them on a lower time frame to maximise the profits in a shorter time period.
  3. Market Data Replay: The Market Replay tool enables users to learn trading without having to risk one’s money. This tool is beneficial for discretionary traders who study and use price patterns along with other methods. Market data replay can also playback and display historical data at your desired speed.
  4. Trading Strategy Optimisation: Falcon7 provides 3D optimisation graphs, which give easy-to-understand visual representations of how each of the strategy parameters affects one’s overall trading performance. The graph also reveals some of the most powerful and robust parameter zones and enables users to avoid over-optimisation, a method also known as curve-fitting.

Pricing of Falcon7

The F7NET application of Falcon7 is available at a price of ₹ 28,600 for 12 months. You can feel free to reach out to us or drop a callback request to connect with our sales experts.

Benefits of Falcon7

  1. Easy to Use & Customisable: The software provides high-class trading solutions that are quite easy-to-use and reliable. You can even customise these solutions to fit your specific and unique trading style. Moreover, the application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Besides, it also comes with a hotkey customisation facility.
  2. Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders: Falcon7 enables all traders to succeed and make larger profits, no matter what their experience level is. The software comes with powerful analysis tools that enable you to make informed trading decisions. You can be confident about what you are buying and selling and also know exactly when you must execute your plans to make the most profits.
  3. Multiple trading tools: Falcon7 features all the required tools that are necessary to draw in the maximum money. You will get high-quality market analysis tools, including trade stocks, commodities, futures, currencies or other options, thus ensuring greater financial success.
  4. Updated and New: This trading platform keeps all its features and tools up-to-date and adds new ones regularly, to ensure that you get the most advanced and modern trading techniques.

Compatible Platforms of Falcon7

The F7NET application is compatible only with Windows desktop devices.

Sold By : Reliable Software

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Falcon7 Features

Falcon7 comes with an up-to-date trading calendar, along with historical data, displaying the special market hour days as well as holidays.
This stock market software displays the latest corporate announcements, showcasing the date of various corporate events along with the purpose of the meetings.
Falcon7 displays accurate and updated stock history for parameters like bonus, rights, and splits and dividends. These historical data enables traders to make better market analysis and trading decisions.
Falcon7 has an efficient real-time Market Scanner tool designed for the symbols you are interested in. It also enables you to identify the latest trading opportunities and scan your symbols at your preferred frequency. Further, the software’s daily live scanner has no scrip limitations.
Falcon7 provides the latest and accurate price alerts, ensuring that the users don’t suffer any loss.
Strategy Backtesting is a vital tool found in Falcon7 that enables one to see whether a particular strategy is working or not. This realistic tool can simulate your trading strategies based on historical data, and provide an accurate backtesting report to conduct appropriate trading analysis.
You can view a detailed summary of live market data and information that would assist you in making better trading and strategy planning decisions.
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Falcon7 Specifications


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Falcon7 FAQs

Yes, with the Buy/Sell Stop Tracker of Falcon7, you can mark your own buying and selling points on the chart using stops. With this tool, you can analyse at a glance whether your position is well-validated by the market.
Yes, Falcon7 has support for the Point and Figure chart type that plots the price movements only, without including the variable of Time. This renders a new direction and approach to your market analysis.
Yes, you can get both trading performance and strategy performance reports, which enable you to evaluate your trading results, performance ratios and the effectiveness of your strategies. This tool from Falcon7 is used by regular traders and professionals as it offers descriptive methods of viewing the results.
Yes, you can get an online demo with Techjockey. You can send in a demo request today and receive a call at your scheduled time.
Currently, there is no mobile app for Falcon7 as of now.

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