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Starting Price ₹319 Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: Flixpress

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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Flixpress Software Overview

What is Flixpress?

Flixpress is a video creator software that is used by professionals and amateurs to create videos in minutes. This best video editing software lets you make high-quality videos for your business, YouTube, special occasions or simply for fun. It is easy-to-use and one doesn’t require any knowledge of software to get started. It is a blazing fast software with which you can make most of your videos in less than 2 minutes. One gets creative freedom to make rich content such as YouTube Intros, slideshows, promos, animated slideshows, video explainers and much more.

What are some of the basic templates and what are their roles in Flixpress?

The basic templates of Flixpress allow users to customize text and images, download HD videos, upload them and also see video previews. You can enter a text or image and render them beautifully in your finished video. All the templates in Flixpress have the ability to produce the final footage in HD that is perfect for web or television broadcasting. 

If someone wishes to use audio for a particular purpose, then he or she needs to upload it as a .mp3 extension and use it in the project. Users can render free watermarked previews on the project and send it to the team leader or the client for approval. However, you can correct the data before final rendering as all the customization data remains in the video preview.

What are some of the multi-layout templates and what is their function in Flixpress software?

Flixpress contains many multi-layout flexible templates that offer unlimited customization and maximum flexibility with minimum effort. If you wish to use a video within a template, you can upload it as h.264 and use it. The royalty-free music library gives you access to an unlimited number of tracks, thereby eliminating any need to create your own. The software currently has over 1000 clip library of royalty-free footage and backgrounds, producing a comprehensive video production solution. Each template of the software that supports 3D objects has its own library of objects. Users can pick them up from the library and customize them as per their requirements. 

Flixpress Price

There are 5 pricing plans available for Flixpress. They are:

Free: It doesn’t cost you anything and the storage duration is just for a day.

  1. Personal: The plan comes for Rs. 59/- per month.
  2. Expert: The pricing of this plan is Rs. 709/- per month.
  3. Professional: This plan comes for Rs. 3549/- per month.
  4. Enterprise: The Enterprise plan comes for Rs. 5679/- a month.

How Can Users Share Templates Using Flixpress?

Flixpress comes with a commercial license for its templates that users can use for educational or personal purposes. However, if you want to use any of the templates for commercial purposes like marketing, then you need to create a template in at least an Expert Account. The standard output is MP4 in Flixpress but you can download in other formats such as MOV or WMV as well. In addition to the standard templates available, the software also offers templates that are custom-made to suit different needs.

Comparison Flixpress with other Video Editing Software

  1. Flixpress vs EDIUS PRO 8
  2. Flixpress vs  Adobe Premiere Elements
  3. Flixpress vs Adobe Presenter Video Express
  4. Flexipress vs Movavi PPT to Video Converter
  5. Flexipress vs Adobe Premiere Pro CC for teams

Flixpress Features

  • Title Studio & 3D Objects The software comes with an inbuilt 3D Objects library from which you can add a 3D object with customization to the final video.
  • Multiple Format All the videos in Flixpress is transcoded to fit your needs. Although the standard output is MP4, you may download a MOV or WMV
  • Stock Video Library Flixpress provides a comprehensive video production solution through its clip library of over 1000 recent and trendy Royalty-free
  • Audio Library The software gives access to an unlimited number of tracks to choose from to enhance the video presentation that is already there
  • HD Download Templates of the software have the ability to produce the final footage in HD. This is perfect for web and television broadcast.
  • Customize Text Majority of the templates of Flixpress allows you to enter custom texts into a few fields and see them render out in the finished
  • Customize Images Users can upload their videos and see them inserted into the finished one seamlessly.
  • Upload Your Audio If someone wants to upload any audio to their project, they need to upload it as an MP3 extension.
  • Video Previews You can render a watermarked preview to see if that suits your project and send it to your client or boss for approval. You can
  • VideoFX Library It is a powerful way to extend multi-layout template. Users can use their desired objects from the library on any of the

Flixpress Plans & Pricing

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Flixpress Gallery

How to create a FREE youtube 3D intro
Title Studio & 3D Objects
Multiple Format
Stock Video Library
Audio Library
HD Download

Flixpress Specifications

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  • Windows MacOS
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
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  • English

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Posted - Feb 7, 2021

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Flixpress FAQ

Q. What are the title studio and 3D objects in Flixpress? arrow

A. The software is equipped with a 3D Objects Library from which one can add a customized 3D object to the final video. One can also create 3D animated segments in seconds through the unique customization features of the software.

Q. How can users use their own video using Flixpress 2020 software? arrow

A. You can upload your own video by using the multi-layered templates of Flixpress only. Simply go to the My Content Section of My Account Page and Upload your video.

Q. Which video files does Flixpress 2020 accept? arrow

A. Normally the output accepted is a standard MP4 file. However, you can also download in WMV or MOV formats.

Q. How much time does it take to upload a video to its template? arrow

A. It takes just around 30 seconds or less to upload a custom video to one’s account.

Q. How can I add video previews? arrow

A. You can add a watermarked video preview to see if your project suits best and send to your client or boss for approval. You can also correct data before the final rendition.

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