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About Freshcaller

What is Freshcaller?

Freshcaller is a comprehensive call center solution, offering assistance to the businesses that aim to reach out to their customers via inbound or outbound calls. The software can also be used by the internal support and marketing team of a company that functions over dedicated phone systems to solve unique challenges. Freshcaller has a wide global reach and can be availed by citizens of 40 countries. Freshcaller is a fully customizable platform. From business hours to greetings and queues, users can customize everything as per their needs and requirements. Further, the multi-level IVR system of Freshcaller quickly connects the callers with an agent available at that time, ensuring faster solutions to their problems. 

How is the Call Barging feature of Freshcaller beneficial for businesses?

The Call Barging feature of the software allows supervisors to monitor the live conversation between their agents and customers in a discreet manner. They also get the option to barge into the conversation and communicate with the customer and agent in a simultaneous manner. 

  1. Increased number of call resolutions: Businesses get to understand the needs of a customer and offer a solution to their problems in real-time.
  2. Enhanced business decisions: Businesses can make better decisions based on the after call ratings given by the customer. Thay can further train an agent by monitoring the services provided by them.
  3. On spot support: Supervisors can provide instant support to a customer in case the agent finds it hard to provide an adequate solution. Thus, saving a lot of time needed for call transfers.

Pricing of Freshcaller

  1. Blossom: It charges ₹999 per user, annually. ₹1,399 per user, on a monthly basis.
  2. Garden: It charges ₹1,999 per user, annually. ₹2,799 per user, on a monthly basis.
  3. Estate: It charges ₹3,299 per user, annually. ₹4,299 per user, on a monthly basis.
  4. Forest: It charges ₹4,999 per user, annually. ₹7,199 per user, on a monthly basis.

If you want to use the services offered by Freshcaller, send us a callback request. 

Compatible Platforms of Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a web-based software that can be accessed from any web browser on a desktop.

Useful Features of Freshcaller

  1. Intuitive Dashboard: Freshcaller features an intuitive dashboard, enabling the managers and admins to view the list of customers who are waiting in the queue, on-going calls and the status of onboard agents in real-time.
  2. A complete history of interaction with customers: The software enables its users to view a detailed history of the conversations between their agents and customers. This feature also helps the agents to get a glance at the previous conversations and offer a quick solution to similar problems.
  3. Call Masking: Freshcaller allows its users to mask their existing phone numbers with an alternative number while providing support across different regions.. 
  4. Supervisor Controls: Freshcaller features a wide variety of tools and resources for the supervisors and managers. This enables them to monitor all the conversations, barge into live calls and channelize the call queues as per their needs and requirements.
  5. Developer friendly UI library: The software helps its users deliver a consistent customer experience by offering them a developer-friendly UI library. They also get to integrate with external apps in a seamless manner.

Sold By : Freshworks

Get Freshcaller support 35 Chatting right now

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Freshcaller Features

The agents can offer a more contextual kind of support to their callers as they get to view the caller names, their phone numbers and the company they belong to.
Freshcaller allows its users to continue their services with their old numbers. They can port numbers from regular service providers or from Google Voice, Twilio, Skype and more.
Users can customize the flow of calls for a specific team and assign a particular number to them using the basic call queues feature of the software.
The wait queues feature of the software enables the customers to reserve a slot for them at times when the agent is busy with a different call.
Freshcaller enables its users to offer customized voicemail service (greetings, specific terms), enabling them to continue their services even when they are not online.
By using Freshcaller, agents can provide detailed customer-related information to the new agent, by using the warm transfer facility.
Users can record the calls attended by their agents and use the data for further training, survey and quality checks.
The advanced IVR facility offered by the software enables its users to route the calls from their customers to their agents and teams by following a customizable call flow mechanism.
Users can monitor live calls attended by their agents to assess the services that they offer to the callers.  
Freshcaller offers detailed reports to its users and their team. Users can filter out call details, status and other relevant metrics as per their needs.
Agents can add a member from their team during a live call with a customer in order to avoid the hassles of call transferring and escalations.
Freshcallers allows the agents to receive the calls from customers directly on their SIP devices.
Users can continue with their services even during the holidays by planning out their schedules with the advanced holiday routing plans offered by the software. They can direct the callers to a particular agent available at that time.
Freshcaller enables its users to view and manage their call logs, call lifetime metrics and maintain all the billing-related information for every call from a single platform.
With the call barging feature of the software, managers get the right to barge into a live call from the admin dashboard and communicate with the agents and callers in a simultaneous manner.
The software automatically updates the agent’s status to After Call Work (AWC) post a call completion, enabling the agent to complete all the follow-up tasks related to the previous caller.
With Freshcaller, you can allow your customers to send in a callback request during rush hours when all the agents are busy with a call.
The omnichannel routing feature of the software uses an intelligent routing algorithm to assign customer queries from different channels to the agents who can offer instant support.
Admins can monitor the services offered by their agents and make necessary changes from anywhere across the globe by using the service-level monitoring feature.
Users can record IVR prompts and sync them with Freshcaller by using its inbuilt voice recording or text to speech feature.
The omnichannel customer support system offered by Freshcaller allows the agents to get connected to the customers over email, social, chat and phone channels.
Freshcaller allows the agents to communicate with customers based on the scripts offered to them.
Users get to contextually engage their customers with the help of email bots and chatbots offered by the software.
By enabling the IP Whitelisting feature of the software, users can restrict the logins within their support portal by mentioning it to a certain IP address.
Freshcaller offers an IVR keypress that registers the customer’s choice, enabling them to opt-out from recording their phone calls.
The intuitive dashboard offered by Freshcaller allows the users to check the availability of their agents, current status and their performance in real-time.
Users can track the exact reasons behind call drops with the abandoned call metrics offered by the software.
Freshcaller offers a smart answer bot known as Freddy. That is capable of giving instant answers round the clock.
Agents can select the language of their choice from the profile settings page and provide adequate support to their customers.
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Freshcaller Specifications


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Freshcaller FAQs

A. The call note feature of the software allows the agents to take detailed notes of all the calls attended by them. This note enables them and the fellow agents to offer a quick solution when faced with a similar problem.
A. The agents can put a live call on hold, mute it while transferring the call to another agent or searching for a relevant solution to the problem faced by the caller.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides an online software demo for Freshcaller. You have to send us a request mentioning a preferred time and date to avail our demo service.
A. Users can supervise their teams and benchmark their performance on a regular basis, based on the kind of service they provide to the customers. Managers can efficiently track the problem areas and offer quick solutions to them.
A. Freshcaller does not have a mobile app as of now.

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