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Fuel Station Pro

Sold by : Wainfo Technologies


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About Fuel Station Pro

What is Fuel Station Pro?

Fuel Station Pro is an all in one petrol pump management software. It solves all your necessities and smoothens the most routine tasks. Maintain a directory of all the employees and their designations. The petrol pump management software lets you assess employee performance boosts your output simultaneously. 

Fuel Station Pro enables you to work robustly on a 24/7, by allocating shifts to your employees and continually monitoring the number of vehicles your station refueled. Get daily purchase and sale reports and check for your cash flows. Get detailed insights about your business processes with Fuel Station Pro and make data-driven decisions for future endeavors. Fuel Station Pro is one of the best software to work rigorously and boost your output.

Benefits of Fuel Station Pro

  1.   Access to POS services embedded with billing and invoicing service that fully complies with GST regulations. 
  2.   Check the movement of your assets and expenditure with the accounting module. 
  3.    Fuel Station Pro syncs SMS and email to generate alerts and send notifications regarding discount offers.
  4.   The petrol pump software allows shift management for improved productivity 
  5.  Fuel Station Pro ensures a paperless experience and saves huge costs on stationary in the process. 
  6.   It makes the auditing process easy. All the data and documents can be stored in it and can be accessed with few clicks.

What is the price of Fuel Station Pro?

Fuel Station Pro is available as a monthly and yearly-based subscription. The price varies depending on the modules required and the size of your operations, among other factors. Please request a call for any inquiries; our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Sold By : Wainfo Technologies

Get Fuel Station Pro support 23 Chatting right now

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Fuel Station Pro Features

Fuel Station Pro offers a wide variety of bookkeeping services. It assists in taxation and TDS filing. 
Keep track of your fuel movement in real-time. You can set alerts when your fuel storage hits low and get it refilled. It also helps keep track of lubricants and other items that you deal with
Access detailed credit and daily sales report, and check for how much dues you have. 
Manage employees schedule and give them time-based work shifts. It helps utilize the workforce effectively. 
Fuel Station Pro has a POS service that helps in tracking all the sales and credit purchases you make throughout the day. 
It records attendance of all your employees and settle their expenses with Fuel Station Pro. 

Get Fuel Station Pro support23 Chatting right now

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Fuel Station Pro Specifications


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Fuel Station Pro FAQs

A. Yes, you can file your taxes and even calculate them with Fuel station Pro.
A. Fuel Station Pro is an excellent fuel management system, that also accounts for evaporation losses.
A. Check the nozzle count for every individual filling station with Fuel Station Pro. It even gives you detailed analysis of petrol deposition with every nozzle count.
A. Fuel Station Pro has a demo feature available for interested customers. Please, request a call and our sales team will contact you with the demo of Fuel Station Pro.
A. You will be alerted when your renewal date arrives, just write to us at support@techjockey.com and you will receive the payment gateway for license renewal in no time.

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