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About Halemind

What is HaleMind?  

HaleMind is a medical billing software used by hospitals for easing the daily workflows and streamlining better patient management processes. The cloud based EHR/HMS software is being used by healthcare providers to automate, evolve and transform their practice as well as simplify all day to day operations using powerful actionable data.  The platform also helps digitize the hospital records aside from verifying these regularly for any existing errors. 

Healthcare providers rely on HaleMind for making informed decisions, seamlessly managing daily operations while at the same time providing superior healthcare services to their patients. With support from the software’s powerful solutions, doctors get real time access to patient files from anywhere at any time. HaleMind is a safe and proven solution that integrates health data in real time, making it easier further to handle data from appointments, diagnosis, prescriptions, bills, patient charts and smart devices effortlessly. 

HaleMind’s Advanced Support Features:

Schedule appointments, complete patient registration, check-in patients, note your diagnosis, analyze financials, and much more with a single click. The software optimizes your patient’s satisfaction, increases efficiency, ensures transparency and maximizes your daily revenue. Further its intuitive interface and advanced security can modernize your hospital in minutes so that as complex a task as managing multiple locations and doctors from a single interface is super easy. 

This medical billing software also has built-in systems for smart analytics, digital prescriptions, health records, medicines alert and patient's portal. These are critical for managing the following:

  1. Remote monitoring of patients
  2. Seamless information sharing process
  3. Improved quality of care provided for the patients
  4. Prefilling of records  
  5. Connected EHR
  6. One database
  7. Electronic patient records
  8. Online appointment booking
  9. Appointment reminders
  10. Free website
  11. e-billing
  12. e-Prescriptions

HaleMind also offers analysis and reporting for monitoring performance of medical facilities. It provides access to both data analytics and file exporting options for transferring hospital reports into easily printable formats. Inbuilt within these applications, you would find other functionalities that help with management of appointment reminders, patient's charts and in-house pharmacies. 

What are some notable HaleMind Medical Billing Software Features?  

Here is a list of key features offered by HaleMind medical billing software:  

  1. Evidence oriented patient care and patient’s behavior tracking  
  2. Simplified schedules
  3. Graphical/visual reports
  4. Facility based customizations  
  5. Specialty specific visual case sheets
  6. Smart analytics, built in forms and templates
  7. Patient portal
  8. In-patient and out-patient management
  9. Ward and staff management
  10. Patient engagement through real-time patient interactions
  11. Integrated lab management
  12. Remote monitoring and financial tracking
  13. SMS/Email campaigns/Promotions
  14. HIPAA compliant 

What is the cost of HaleMind Medical Billing Software?  

For more information on our products, plans and pricing visit www.halemind.com. You can also request a call back from us for more information regarding the price of HaleMind. Our salesperson will contact you to help you with the best price quotation. 

What are the benefits of using HaleMind Medical Billing Software?  

Here are some of the notable benefits of using HaleMind medical billing software for medical facilities:

  1. Keeping track of EHR documents.  
  2. Ensuring easy availability of patient and work-related information to all end users through the dashboard support feature. 
  3. Helping doctors optimise time for juggling between different tasks such as appointments, OPD visits, patient record tracking, diagnostic reports and charts.
  4. Nursing homes and all other kinds of medical facilities can use HaleMind to manage their staff well. For instance, assigning the staff different types of tasks or analyzing their performance, all is streamlined with support from HaleMind.

Sold By : Halemind

Get Halemind support 35 Chatting right now

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Halemind Features

HaleMind keeps track of the history of each patient’s visits through electronic medical record or EMR.
Doctors can make best use of their time with Halemind as the medical billing software helps them optimize the time spent on managing different tasks such as patient records, appointments and visits.
The medical billing software allows medical facilities to practice well using the software's patient management capabilities. This also helps them save costs otherwise spent on workforce management.
The software allows hospitals allocate work to its staff digitally. You can  also use these applications to track their progress in actual time.
Decision-making is made easy with all the data, charts and smart analytics available here. These tools provide specialty wise visual case sheets, analytical information on revenues, expenses, pharmacy stock information and other related hospital data.
Halemind offers range of features to hospitals for efficiently managing engagement with all existing and new customers. The software generates regular reports that can be sent either through emails or specialized portal access provided by the hospital.
Clinics and hospitals can use Halemind for marketing campaigns. Thus sending promotional offers, discounts and information regarding medical camps to all their patients at an interpersonal level is easy with support from these software solutions.

Get Halemind support35 Chatting right now

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Halemind Specifications


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Halemind FAQs

A. Please request a call back in case of any query regarding Halemind medical billing software. Users can also request a demo for the product.
A. Key medical billing software features covered by Halemind are: 1. Time management 2. Remote connectivity for patients 3. Queue management 4. Resource handling and optimization
A. Yes, Halemind is a software development company based out of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.
A. Halemind is available for both Android and iPhone based devices/smartphones.
A. Halemind medical billing software uses cloud-based data storage services.

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