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About iCloudEMS ERP

What is iCloudEMS? 

iCloudEMS is an educational management software deployed for supervising school activities. It is widely popular software in colleges and educational institutes throughout India, Dubai, and Africa. It incorporates all academic and non-academic functions for smooth operations.
iCloudEMS helps you automate every essential school function and generate insightful reports quickly. Boost standard of your education and co-curricular excellence as iCloudEMS manages your menial register and bookkeeping work for you. 

Features of iCloudEMS

  1. Timetable and Attendance: iCloudEMS offers an exceptional system that manages the timetable of your educational institute, and records attendance with regards to the timetable. It offers you attendance per class for higher student engagement. It allows you to change the timetable with few clicks. 
  2. Staff Profile: This erp software manages all your employees and see for their performance through the iCloudEMS “Staff Profile Management” feature. Check how your employees are performing in both academic and non-academic fields and provide them appraisals accordingly. It takes care of your educational organization’s office in front of things.
  3. Feedback Analysis: Get access to varying web-survey tools embedded in the iCloudEMS system. Take reviews and opinions of students and teachers on their performance and interaction. It gives teachers to have a more in-depth analysis of their classroom activities and student impression. 
  4. HR and Payroll: Deliver regular salaries to your employees. Record their expense claims in the iCloudEMS system and settle them through their wages. HR features provide them access to all their necessary personal information such as tax statements, PF information, ESIC, and leaves, among many others.

Price of iCloudEMS

iCloudEMS price varies on various factors such as the size of operations, modules required, type of educational institute, et cetera. For more price related inquiries, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you soon as possible. 

Sold By : iCloudEMS

Get iCloudEMS ERP support 23 Chatting right now

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iCloudEMS ERP Features

Meet all your fees and financial arrangements with iCloudEMS. See where to allocate school/college funds and check students missing on fee submissions with few clicks. 
Manage your educational organization’s official work with iCloudEMS, as it helps your academic and non-academic employees to deposit their salaries timely. HR features also offer employees access to their necessary personal documents such as tax statements, PF information, ESIC, and leaves among many others.
iCloudEMS enables you to save all the documents related to the student. This includes birth certificates, reports from past school, contact details, etc
Manage your students’ fee collection with ease! iCloudEMS offers you to see for students who are failing to submit fees timely and contact their parents.   
Digitalize your organizations’ student admission process as iCloudEMS helps you sort admission forms efficiently and quickly. 
Manage all your employee details with iCloudEMS and classify them as academic and non-academic, and further according to their departments. Boost your workflows by compartmentalizing your teams better. 
Create and change timetable easily with zero inconveniences. And take your attendance on par with the class to class basis. Increase student engagement and boost their involvement in class. 
Take your attendance and record it in the iCloudEMS and manage your student’s timesheet. 
 Create student profiles and see how they are performing in academics and extra-curricular activities thoroughly. The Student registration module ensures that a student is part of your educational organization.

Get iCloudEMS ERP support23 Chatting right now

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A. iCloudEMS is an essential software for schools, colleges, and all kinds of educational organizations.
A. iCloudEMS is a software as service that comes with an yearly-based subscription. For more inquiries, please request call. Our team would like to solve all your issues.
A. iCloudEMS is a web-based application that can be accessed through web browsers from personal computer. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements.
A. Yes, iCloudEMS is easily accessible through smartphones and tablets. It is available for both Android and iPhones.
A. iCloudEMS is fully cloud-based software. It saves all your data on-cloud that gives you easy and quick access to your data anywhere at any time.

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