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About iDaksh Petro Care

What is iDaksh Petro Care?

iDaksh Petro Care is a petrol pump management software built under the “Make in India” initiative. The petrol bunk software handles your day to day business processes and boosts your output. It oversees your accounting operation and gives you a detailed view of your cash flows. Maintain all your financial records for auditing and taxation effortlessly. 

iDaksh Petro Care is a comprehensive software that helps increase your petrol pump’s profit in real-time. It gives you a detailed insight into your daily operations. The petrol pump management software enables you to make data-driven decisions. It also takes care of your inventory. You can quickly check for your lubricant stock information at any time. 

What are the major features of iDaksh Petro Care? 

iDaksh Petro Care software has some excellent features to supervise petrol bunks; here are some listed for better acquaintance:

  1.  Memo generation
  2. Purchase invoicing and detail registry
  3. Bookkeeping and Tax computation
  4. Workforce Attendance
  5.  Tyre Management
  6.  Attendance 
  7. Employee Payroll
  8.  Dip Reader
  9. Calibration
  10.   Nozzle Count
  11. Inventory Management
  12.  Credit Sales Report
  13.   Evaporation Rate

Why Petrol Pump Owners Choose iDaksh Petro Care?

iDaksh Petro Care software provides very well fleshed out features and a fantastic user interface to master the software. Your entire workforce can get acquainted with the software in a short time and get started on the job. The petrol bunk management software generates customizable reports that can range from a filling point to multiple outlets. 

iDaksh Petro Care software also offers very well-balanced accounting modules to see where your cash is going and from where is it coming. iDaksh Petro Care helps to boost your sales and take your operations to new heights. With a comprehensive set of features that makes you and your staff’s work simple, fast, and useful. 

Price of iDaksh Petro Care

iDaksh Petro Care software is available for monthly and yearly subscriptions. The price varies on several factors, such as modules required, deployment, features, etc. For further price-related inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you and help you through the purchase process. 

Sold By : IDaksh Technologies

Get iDaksh Petro Care support 16 Chatting right now

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iDaksh Petro Care Features

iDaksh Petro Care is a petrol management software that allows you to manage suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and incoming shipments. 
It is a software for petrol pump that keeps a comprehensive record of all your financial transactions, GST invoicing, purchase and sales management, and so on, pertaining to your business. 
This petrol pump software maintains a record of staff’s in and out timings, over time, and also analyzes their performance.
With the help of iDaksh Petro Care, an accounting software for petrol pump one can know the expiry time of the individual items present in the Fuel Station.  
This petrol pump software enables entering the fuel samples collected from the oil tanker.  
It is a CNG pump software that conducts sales analytics with the help of meter reading and purchase report.
iDaksh Petro Care is a petrol management software that can efficiently manage the authorised users of the software to maintain data confidentiality.

Get iDaksh Petro Care support16 Chatting right now

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iDaksh Petro Care Specifications


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iDaksh Petro Care FAQs

Yes. iDaksh Petro Care is a GST compliant software and integrates GST in the billing process as well.
You can take iDaksh Petro Care for a single user or multiple users, depending upon your fuel station’s needs. However, you need to pay extra depending upon the number of users.
The cost of a CNG pump software depends on the number of users and customization needs. Also, you need to pay the annual maintenance charge (AMC), which is not quite high.
Yes, you can. But each petrol pump will be counted as a separate license.
A petrol pump software in India can help you with fuel stock management, petrol pump accounting in Excel, billing, dip calculations, machine reading, etc. Purchase, sales and receipts for multiple shifts can be recorded and shift register can be consolidated for the day.

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