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About InfowanHR

What is InfowanHR?

InfowanHR is one of the most cost-effective human resource management software available in the Indian market. This is an ISO 9001 2008 certified solution for office usage. The software has been in automating and simplifying HR tasks since, which makes it one of the oldest HR management solutions in the country. This HRMS software is designed for Indian companies and complies with all the labor regulations in the place. InfowanHR helps in bolstering employee performance to new heights through effective and flexible planning and performance analysis features. 

InfowanHR provides intuitive features that simplify the payroll process in few minutes. It accumulates all the employee attendance details and calculates it for leave, absents, etc. Thereafter, it considers all the settlement cases and then finally generates the salary for every employee accordingly. Employees can file their claims by submitting all the bills for hotel, travelling, mobile, etc. by scanning and uploading them in the software.

How does InfowanHR software help meet business objectives? 

InfowanHR covers all the areas of interests of an HR team. Right from recruitment to exit of an employee and everything in between. For starters, the software automates the hiring process for the company. It helps in figuring out ROI on recruitment of every candidate to hire from all the options available. The software helps HR teams to create employee training module for new joiners and get them accustomed to the office environment. Furthermore, it tracks their performance in coming months to check whether they have delivered on the expectations and enlist them for appraisal accordingly. This HRMS software also helps HR teams in to save employee documents for further verification purposes. 

What are the modules offered by InfowanHR HR management software? 

Here are 8 major modules offered by InfowanHR: 

  1. Standard payroll software 
  2. Enterprise features 
  3. Time and attendance 
  4. Employee and manager self service portals 
  5. Mobile app with GPS attendance 
  6. Expense claims management 
  7. Performance management
  8. Recruitment & self on-boarding 

What is the price of InfowanHR HRMS software? 

InfowanHR human resource management software is available at the measly price of ₹ 500 per 50 employees per month.

Sold By : Infowan Technologies

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InfowanHR Features

This HRMS software allows HR teams to verify the attendance of the on-field employees through GPS location tracking.
The software allows all the employees in the workplace to apply for loan from the software and check its approval status.
HR teams can use this software to select best resumes and finalize hem for the final interview. It even provides detailed analysis of an employee’s probable output, if hired.
The software helps HR teams to create a training module for newly hired employees, to get them acquainted with their daily work.
This HRMS software creates an individual employee profile for everyone in the workforce to track their performance and analyze their contribution.
Employees who make expenditures for travelling, lodging, etc. from their own end, can file for expense reimbursement through this HRMS software.
HR teams can deliver payslips to their employee during the delivery of the salary.
The software allows employees to file for advance salary and loan payment through the software when required.
HR teams can setup working calendar for the office and manage all the holidays accordingly.
This HRMS software offers a support desk for organizations to help them with various tasks such as a glitch, bug, payroll processing, etc.
The software provide complete compliance with labor regulations as per the Indian law.
All the personal documents of the employees can be stored in the software digitally to verify their details.
HR teams can design letter templates or use the dynamic drag and drop fields to create a template instantly for joining letters, offer letters, etc.
The software offers an in-built workflow approval system for managers authorize the employee’s leaves and expenses on the fly.
Organizations can make announcements related to special events, holidays, and other things through the software.
The automatically updates the algorithm to comply with any changes made statutory guidelines.
The software has a multi-user interface and allows restrictive data access for employees based on their designation.
This human resource management software offers a dashboard for employees to check their approval.
HR teams and managers can track the performance of their employees directly through the software and check whether they qualify for appraisal.
Employees are provided a self-service portal to file their leaves and check its approval along with remaining leaves left. 
Organizations can use this software to track their asset’s usage and availability.
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InfowanHR FAQs

A. InfowanHR uses online cloud services to store all the data of the organization.
A. Yes, InfowanHR generates insightful and detailed MIS reports of the entire workforce.
A. InfowanHR supports Android smartphones only.
A. Here are the system requirements for InfowanHR HRMS software: 1. Processor: Intel Xeon or higher 2. RAM: 16 GB Minimum 3: Hard disk space: 1 TB (recommended) 4. USB Drive: Necessary for installation 5. Explorer: IE 8 or higher, Chrome, etc.
A. Techjockey provides a demo for InfowanHR. You will get all the details regarding this HRMS software along with that you can ask any questions to get your doubts cleared before the purchase.

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