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About Kareo

What is Kareo Telemedicine? 

Kareo Telemedicine is a software designed for doctors (especially physicians) to conduct meeting with their patients from anywhere and at any time. It streamlines the workflow for a wide range of medical professionals and mid-level healthcare providers. This telemedicine software keeps the patient updated regarding their online visitation through emails and text messages. This telemedicine software solution is designed to simplify the task of physician visitation for people who are unable to visit doctors regularly for their health checkups. 

Kareo Telemedicine also results in efficient cost-cutting of expenses on things like office space, utility bills, extra staff management, etc. Physicians can technically turn their home into a clinic and diagnose their patients accurately from anywhere. Furthermore, this telemedicine software also allows doctors to collect payments for their services online. It is a 360-degree solution for homebound physicians to conduct checkups of patients from remote locations seamlessly. 

What makes Kareo Telemedicine so unique?

Kareo Telemedicine software is developed with precision to eradicate any form of discrepancy that could lead to faulty medical diagnosis. It is in full compliance with all the medical guidelines to ensure that doctors work with ease and patients can convey their issues more freely. Kareo Telemedicine allows users to conduct video conferences with their patients in real-time. The software allows doctors to handle their medical insurance-based payments through a rule engine. This engine automatically comprehends the state-wise reimbursement mandates based on the domicile and enables the claim process based on the nuances of the individual patients. 

What features does Kareo Telemedicine offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Kareo Telemedicine: 

  1. Kareo rules engine 
  2. Streamlined reimbursements 
  3. Enhanced practice efficiency 
  4. Improvement in patient satisfaction 
  5. Reduced no-shows/cancellations
  6. Online payment integration 
  7. Application integration through API

What is the price of Kareo Telemedicine? 

Kareo Telemedicine software price varies based on the user customizations. Please request a call to get an accurate quote according to your requirements.

Sold By : Kareo

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Kareo Features

Kareo Telemedicine has a rule-based engine that enables insurance-based reimbursements based on the domicile of the user.
This telemedicine software enables efficiency in daily medical practice to drive revenue and increase patient satisfaction. 
 The software has an intuitive cloud operation for both patients and physicians to interact without stressing their devices. 
Doctors can schedule their appointments seamlessly in their workflow calendar provided by Kareo Telemedicine. 
Kareo Telemedicine enables doctors to conduct video calls with their patients. 

Get Kareo support14 Chatting right now

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Kareo Specifications


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Kareo FAQs

Techjockey provides online demo for Kareo Telemedicine. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
Yes, Kareo Telemedicine allows users to conduct email campaigns for marketing to attract more patients.
Kareo Telemedicine is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
The patient can re-launch their session from the link which was used to initiate the call. The session does not end until doctor clicks the “end” button on the video screen.
Kareo Telemedicine is a web-based software that can be accessed through internet browsers

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