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About Krademy LMS

What is Krademy LMS?

Krademy LMS is an enterprise training management software, using which organizations can create live and self-defined courses in real-time. Trainers can set a particular learning objective for each course, having a specific time frame and can also add extra features based on the employee’s role and designation within the organization. Krademy LMS system has a customizable interface, enabling the organisations to add their individual logo, emails and domain name.

Detailed reports offered by the LMS software helps admins in monitoring their courses and they can also make relevant changes to enrich the entire process. Moreover, In Krademy LMS, course managers can infuse strong passwords and two factor authentication keys to secure their courses. The best part about the learning management software is it can be integrated with hundreds of external third-party services and applications in an efficient manner.

How does Krademy LMS help with better learning & training management?

With Kardemy LMS learning management system, trainers and educators can perform multiple functions:

  1. Automize their entire Training Procedure: Organizations can pre-schedule the streaming of a particular course to avoid any sort of last moment delays or disturbances.
  2. Enhance Employee Productivity: With Kardemy LMS, users can create new training courses for their employees, helping them develop new skills which will increase their productivity in return.
  3. Monitor Learner’s Performance: The LMS software offers detailed reports and intuitive analysis based on the progress shown by a particular learner. It helps trainers make efficient changes within their courses in real-time.
  4. Facilitates Large Scale Trainings: Krademy LMS is a scalable platform, using which organizations can generate unlimited training courses for a large employee base in an efficient manner.

Pricing of Krademy LMS Learning Management Software

The pricing of Krademy LMS is available on request. You can send us a callback request to connect with product experts.

Compatible Platforms for Krademy LMS

Krademy LMS is compatible with Linux and Windows-based devices.

Benefits of Krademy LMS eLearning Software

  1. Reminders and Announcements: Admins can create course-based announcements and reminders. They can announce particulars about a new assignment, remind about the approaching deadline of an existing one and also discuss the current status of a particular training program and forum posts.
  2. File Repository: Users can store course-related files within a particular location. They can also reuse them for creating different courses or share them with selected users.
  3. Self-paced Learning: With Karedmy LMS self-paced learning courses, learners can set their own learning schedule rather than depending on the structures set by their trainers.
  4. Hierarchy: Trainers can divide their learning environment into different hierarchical segments, where each branch represents a different user group and skills.
  5. Track progress: With Kradley LMS, trainers can monitor the progress of an individual learner with respect to a particular course. This helps get a detailed understanding of the ways by which the learning procedure can be enhanced.

Sold By : Krademy

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Krademy LMS Features

With Krademy LMS, users can build extensive courses by adding relevant learning materials and videos from external web platforms.  
Course managers can create online virtual classrooms and self-paced courses with Krademy LMS. They can also control access rights to a particular course and define its completion protocols.
Krademy LMS offers a wide variety of quizzes and practice tests accompanied with extensive reporting services.
This LMS software offers a virtual classroom-type course equipped with an advanced video conferencing tool.
Admins can facilitate intuitive gamification activities for their learners, within which they get to collect badges or points to move up the levels and get featured on leaderboards.
Krademy LMS features an automatic course certification process for the learners, offering instant certificates to them on completion of a particular course.
Admins can manage department wise users accompanied by a hassle-free import system. They can also appoint a manager for each group, facilitating better collaboration.
Krademy LMS features a strict security policy like password validations and IP or domain-based restricted access functionality.
The LMS system is compatible with hundreds of external third party services and applications in a seamless manner.
Krademy LMS assigns a specific customer success manager to its individual users. They can contact the manager either through email or via live chat.
By using Krademy LMS, users get to monitor crucial parameters of their training programs, such as completion of a particular course, performance of an individual trainee and more.
Admins or course management teams of an organization can evaluate the effectiveness of a particular course, based on the performance of their employees in a particular quiz or test practice.
Users can scale their training schedules as per their organization’s structure.
Krademy LMS can be installed within Windows and Linux operated devices and is compatible with all modern browsers.
Organisations can customize Krademy LMS interface as per their brand’s needs. They can add their logos, own domain name and emails.

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Krademy LMS Specifications


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Krademy LMS FAQs

With the Skill Gap Testing feature, organizations get to ensure that the skills developed by individual employees are in alignment with their own business objectives. This way, they get to enhance the productivity level of each employee and can also attract more business.
Yes, Krademy LMS does allow your employees to self register themselves in particular courses. Thus freeing you from all the hassles related to manual uploading of employee database and course segmentation.
Yes, you can request an online demo of Krademy LMS. Experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per the convenient time schedule mentioned by you.
Yes, you can customize the theme of your Krademy LMS portal as per your brand. You can add brand-specific colors and logos within it.
No Krademy LMS does not have a mobile app as of now.

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