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About Livevox

What is Livevox?

Livevox is a cloud-based contact centre solution software. It serves as a digital contact centre for the enterprises who have more than 25 agents. With Livevox software, enterprises can seamlessly manage interactions. The software’s outstanding risk mitigation and security capabilities help clients adapt to the changing business world quickly. The software has an Omnichannel/AI system that brings down the cross-channel gap. It also acts as a customer relationship management software with which enterprises can seamlessly manage digital engagement with several customers. 

How is the Livevox software’s Omnichannel/AI Platform Beneficial for Enterprises?

The software brings down the cross-channel gap with its fully integrated Omnichannel/AI platform. Livevox incorporates voice, email, SMS chatbots and web chat into a single platform. By this process, it can create a single conversation across many channels. Enterprises can seamlessly engage consumers on the channel they prefer without any disturbance. Your representatives can also access consumer profiles with their related data easily across the whole pre-sales and post-sales journey. Enterprises can also use the omnichannel platform for data analysis by covering multichannel campaigns and digital performance.  

How can Enterprises Efficiently Manage their Clients with Livevox?

Livevox makes it easy for enterprises to efficiently manage the entire consumer journey with detailed insights. It provides a Unified Customer Profile that automatically centralises interactions across all channels in a single location. Unified consumer profiles are accessible to the agents and managers who are responsible for facilitating conversions. 

Enterprises can create a strong bond between the consumers and agents with the help of this software. The agents are equipped with desktops that provide critical insight into the consumer’s profile. The software also ensures multi-channel risk mitigation with essential controls so that the enterprises can manage contacts across multiple channels based on the time of day, consent and DNC.

Pricing of Livevox

The pricing of Livevox software is available on demand by the customers. Please request a callback on our website. 

How can enterprises optimise their workforce with Livevox?

Livevox enables the enterprises to efficiently manage their workforce with its integrated multichannel agent scorecards. The scorecards include 100 percent screen and call recording features along with other performance analyzers like CSat scores, speech analytics. The enterprises can easily access the data across all channels in a single platform. The software caters to both the audio and visual needs of the enterprises on the basis of which they can scale the agent performance. 

Sold By : LiveVox

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Livevox Features

The software records calls between the agents and the consumers. On the basis of which the agent’s performance is scored.
The software simplifies omnichannel campaign configurations. Enterprises can set up campaigns with just a few clicks based on the entire consumer journey.
The software has all the tools that a call centre must-have. These tools help users to measure call centre size, monitor its purpose and goals, track locations and channels, and manage call recording and speech analytics.  
Livevox has a click-to-call manual that separates cell phone numbers from predictive campaigns and allows the enterprise agents to make manual decisions on whether to skip or call those numbers. 
The software has automated the hold process and has enabled hold queue monitoring breaks through gridlock. It further uses cloud network technology and a different agent staffing model to improve the value and productivity of the follow-up work.   
The software has an agent dashboard which shows the real-time metrics so that they can improve their performance. The managers also get access to the same data and make decisions based on it. Livevox has a speech analytics feature with which enterprises can record calls between agents and customers for future training and performance scoring.
The software helps enterprises eliminate cross- channel gaps. It has AI-based chatbots which ensure a highly personalised experience for the customers.
The software with its robust outbound platform has become the leading provider of the most efficient outbound contact centre software.
With this feature the software provides personalised services to the customers through the AI-based chatbots. 

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Livevox FAQs

A. The software has an integrated analytics system that sums up the data of the customer journey analytics across various channels and applications including CSat, multichannel and more.
A. Livevox has a workforce optimisation feature which provides audio along with visuals so that the enterprises can identify and scale the performance of the workforce in a digital environment.
A. The software has an inbuilt speech analytics feature which allows the enterprises to record customer calls for performance scaling and can be used later for training purposes as well.
A. With the multichannel risk mitigation feature of the software, you get to manage all customer conversations across multiple channels based on factors like DNC, consent and time of day.
A. With Livevox you can easily accelerate the deployment of multi-channel engagement strategies and configure them from a single location. The software also ensures that the enterprises can provide support to their customers based on their channel of preference.

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