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About Mcube

What is MCube? 

MCube is an automated lead generation software; it works to boost your sales outreach and gives you an exceptional reading into your leads. It offers cloud telephony solutions to make your job easier. MCube delivers a wide range of robust automatic call supervision components like business helpline, virtual PBX, call trackers, support management, and many others. 

Features of MCube

MCube offers a great deal of features for your organization to increase your sales exponentially; here are a few features:

  1. Administration: Handle call distribution among your team members and integrate telephony app to boost your sales outreach. MCube offers an instinctive administrative UI, that gives you total power of the incoming call supervision and eases the workflow of your organization. 
  2. Reporting: Your organization can do performance analysis of all the works performed on the MCube platform. The cloud telephony system analytics generates an advanced and in-depth reading of how your employees are managing their sales.
  3. Scalability: MCube provides an exceptionally flexible deployment whether it is a simple business helpline necessity or a calculated response for your campaigns. It takes care of all. It even generates reports with scalable comparisons. 
  4. Low Maintenance: Mcube is a robust built software, that does not require
  5. Intricate Coding or Technical Knowledge: It is simple and easy to use, and even novices can become very good at your professions. The software does not require much as compared to the features it offers are impeccable.

Price of MCube

This best IVR software comes at a varying price that depends on the user's demands. For further price-related inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team would like to help you out with your buying process.

Sold By : VMC Technologies

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Mcube Features

Work with a comprehensive software that provides you with CRM features that works better than a lot of CRM software available in the market today. 
Get leads for your campaigns, ads, and route them perfectly to make the transaction happened. 
Generate a greeting message for your customers when they are onboarded with your organization as customer
Integrate your daily workflows API into the system and start working in real-time. It makes your work simpler and more channelized. 
Offer a business helpline number and manage it with multiple customer service executives, as they can get the call diverted to them on the basis of availability and priority. 
MCube works seamlessly with for any size of organization. Even Call Centers. 
Generate reports for travelling employees and track their work efficiency with regards to your organization
Create customizable reports over your lead generation and customer interaction with MCube. It gives you a very detailed report over different attributes.
MCube offers a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.
Call executives can easily re-route the calls to their seniors whenever necessity arises through the MCube software
Take daily reports for the number of calls taken, how much time taken per call, and many other in real-time. 
Integrate data such as music and sound recordings for your customers to hold on while you re-route their call. 

Get Mcube support20 Chatting right now

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Mcube Specifications


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Mcube FAQs

A. MCube is a call center management software. It is a thorough business calling system offering business-class phone features.
A. No, MCube lets you register your current phone number in their PBX system. Please request a call for more info.
A. Only basic daily reports are sent over the email at the end of the day (10 PM – 11 PM).
A. MCube accepts subscription-based payment that can be made on either monthly or yearly basis.
A. MCube is a completely cloud-based software.

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