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About MeetFox

What is MeetFox?

MeetFox is a web-based audio and video conference software for all business types. The software allows its users to customize their booking pages as per their business needs. MeetFox also helps host a video conference without having to download any extra files or entering any security PIN. Users can share their individual screens, send in text messages and share files in a convenient manner. Most importantly, by using MeetFox, users get to record their entire video and audio conference and share them with the ones who missed the live sessions. Users can host group calls for up to 16 participants with MeetFox. 

How is the sub-accounts feature of MeetFox useful for its users?

Sub-accounts are additional accounts within the video conference software that can be distributed by the admins as per their convenience. Most importantly, all the sub-accounts are fully functional and include all the features like meeting scheduling, payment collection and video calling. The sub-accounts help the admins to distribute their workload over their managers and ensure that the business proceedings are still on even when the admin is on a leave or in case of any emergency. 

Pricing of MeetFox Video and Audio Conferencing Software

The pricing of MeetFox may vary as per your collaboration needs. You can send in a callback request to get a MeetFox activation key.

Compatible Platforms of MeetFox Video Conferencing Software

MeetFox is a web-based system and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.  

What are the benefits of using MeetFox?

  1. Email and SMS reminders: With MeetFox, users can pre-schedule meetings and send in reminders to their clients via SMS and Email. 
  2. Customizable Platform: The software allows its users to customize their booking page as per their brand’s needs, enabling its users to retain the credibility of their brand. 
  3. Integrations: Users can integrate their individual websites or share their website’s URLs on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or via normal email.
  4. Recordings: MeetFox allows its users to record audio and video meetings and share them with anyone. 
  5. Advanced Calendar Synchronisation: Users can synchronize their business calendars with MeetFox video conferencing software. It takes care of all the scheduled meeting dates and sends in reminders accordingly.

Sold By : Meetfox

Get MeetFox support 18 Chatting right now

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MeetFox Features

Users can make video calls to any part of the world and connect with their clients or team members in a secure manner.
By using MeetFox, users can plan out web conferences in a hassle-free manner. Participants can join in from any device as per their convenience without any PINs or plugins.
MeetFox hosts a variety of tools and services making it super easy for its users to host online meetings with clients as per their business needs.
Users can pre-schedule client meetings and send in SMS and email reminders mentioning the pre-set time and date.
MeetFox enhances the communication between users and their clients by allowing them to connect over HD audio and video calls.
People can connect with each other and share files using the intuitive chat feature of MeetFox.
Users get to share their individual screens with other team members and clients to present their business ideas in a better way.
MeetFox features a wide variety of tools, enabling its users to communicate with their clients over audio and video conferences in real-time.
MeetFox is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any compatible device.

Get MeetFox support18 Chatting right now

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MeetFox Specifications


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MeetFox FAQs

Yes, you can set up your own custom domain for your meeting rooms and booking page. For that, you have to visit your DNS settings and create a CNAME record for your subdomain along with the proper value.
The software allows you to synchronize up to two Google calendars. While the calendar that was first synchronized is considered as the primary one.
Yes, Techjockey does provide an online demo for MeetFox. You just need to send us a demo request along with a time and date as per your preference.
The software supports different meeting lengths starting from only 5 minutes to one full day, as per the plan you choose.
MeetFox does not have a mobile application as of now.

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