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About Mend Telemedicine

What is Mend Telemedicine?

Mend Telemedicine is one of the leading telemedicine solutions for doctors to improve their patient engagement while working from remote locations. It is a one-stop solution that incorporates all the features for handling a clinic through live conferencing. The software provides top of the line communication tools for doctors to make accurate predictions of the patient’s condition and boost their cloud clinic through workflow automation. 

Mend Telemedicine is powered by PredictiveIQ, an AI engine that consistently analyses the workflow and improves on several fronts. The software offers a fully integrated system with modules complementing each other and facilitating smooth operability. Mend Telemedicine strengthens the healthcare operation by streamlining processes from appointment to billing. 

What features does Mend Telemedicine offer?

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Mend Telemedicine: 

  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. Appointment Scheduling 
  3. Customized live conferencing for medical use 
  4. One on one messaging 
  5. Remote treatment bills 
  6. Multi-provider practice 
  7. Patient engagement
  8. Patient education
  9. Personal health record
  10. Patient portal 
  11. HER Agnostics 
  12. Care summaries

Mend PredictiveIQ and its usage

Mend PredictiveIQ allows medical practitioners to accurately analyze customer behavior and assess the probability of cancellations. However, there is a system-generated reminder notification. The PredictiveIQ has been run over 10 million AI training simulations to make the no-show predictions. As of now Mend Predictive IQ engine has an accuracy rate of 99%. This feature is very important for users to assess their lost revenue in a financial year and improve their outreach approach. This telelmedicine software solution also helps in managing this issue by allowing patients to flexibly self-schedule or re-schedule and integrate with HER systems for boosting engagements. 

What is the price of Mend Telemedicine?

The price of Mend Telemedicine varies based on individual requirements. Please request a call for more inquiries regarding features and prices.

Sold By : Mend

Get Mend Telemedicine support 28 Chatting right now

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Mend Telemedicine Features

This telemedicine software allows doctors to conduct live conference call with their patients. 
Doctors can share their screen live to depict and highlight the issues that they want to convey to their patient instantly. 
Mend Telemedicine offers a mobile friendly website for cloud clinics to conduct appointments seamlessly. 
This software supports multiple international languages such as French, Spanish, etc. for users to customize the user interface according to their preference. 
The telemedicine software offers doctors a robust workflow reporting system that provides detailed and actionable insights for enhancements. 
 Mend Telemedicine enables users to customize the software for branding purposes. Such as, adding their own logo onto the software. 

Get Mend Telemedicine support28 Chatting right now

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Mend Telemedicine Specifications


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Mend Telemedicine FAQs

Doctors can integrate their ongoing PMS system with Mend Telemedicine for instant data sharing and managing their patients.
The telemedicine software has an in-built online payment system to conduct payment of bills. Further, users can integrate the solution with a variety a payment gateway of their choice.
Mend Telemedicine is available for demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
Patients do not need to have Mend Telemedicine installed on their system to access live conferences. Doctors can share the direct link which can be accessed through web browsers.
Yes, Mend Telemedicine is HIPAA compliant which means that the software is in compliance with the most stringent data security regulations to ensure patients’ information safety.

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