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Meri Dairy

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About Meri Dairy

What is Meri Dairy? 

Meri Dairy is a milk collection centre software designed for dairies and milk farmers. It assists in efficient cooperative management of dairy operations along with customers and suppliers. Dairy owners are enabled to establish communication with their customers for effective working. This dairy management solutions allows users to monitor their milk sales in real-time. It acts as a sales directory for them to keep a record of which customers got their milk delivered at what time and in what quantity. It offers a comprehensive solution that assists in increasing the profit with effective workflow monitoring. 

Meri Dairy allows dairy owners to digitize their daily operations for higher efficiency. The software offers a digital register to manage all transactions and details of delivery. Users can monitor what quantity of milk is delivered in which shift. Plus, it has a scheduling feature that allows delivery persons to pre-plan their work.

Why does dairy owners user Meri Dairy? 

Meri Dairy milk collection center software is used by dairy owners to manage their milk rate update, quantity update, sale and purchase of milk from a central platform. It generates automated push-up notifications for users to remind them of their tasks at hand. Plus, it performs basic accounting so that dairy owners can manage their business profitability. 

Meri Dairy empowers milk farmers to enforce a strict working schedule with efficient reporting. The software enables dairy operators to collect feedback from their customers regarding their services and search areas for improvement. 

What features does Meri Dairy offer? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Meri Dairy: 

  1. Payment Register
  2. Customer Management
  3. Sale Purchase Milk
  4. Milk Management Through Mobile Apps
  5. Milk Buy Rate Update
  6. Realtime Messaging Service
  7. Live Chat with Customers

What is the price of Meri Dairy? 

Meri Dairy price starts at Rs. 499/- per annum and at Rs 199/- for 3 months. 


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Meri Dairy Features

This mobile application does point of sale billing in real-time for all the customers. The bills are sent via text messages. 
Meri Dairy enables farmers/milkmen to classify milk in different categories, e.g., Low fat milk, Double Toned, Full Cream, etc.
 This mobile app allows dairy farmers/milkmen to digitize the process of monitoring milk production on shift basis. 
Users can create a thorough list of purchasers and check their status of payment. 
The mobile app produces online web reports for dairy business. 
Milkmen/Dairy Farmers can create separate projects and check for their performance. 
Meri Dairy is an easy to use software that facilitates even beginners to get started early with software. 
This mobile application uses cloud servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS). It protects data from all attempts from hacking, data theft, etc.   
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Meri Dairy Specifications


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Meri Dairy FAQs

A. Meri Dairy is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
A. Yes, you can access Meri Dairy on PC through web browser. You will be provided the hyperlink on purchase.
A. You can update your contact number in the phone application at any time. You can go to the setting in your mobile app and change the phone number and wait for OTP. Once you enter the OTP, your phone number will be changed.
A. Meri Dairy is available for a demo before purchase and a free to use version. To avail any of the two, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly.
A. Meri Dairy uses cloud-based storage services for easy accessibility.

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