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Meshink Retail Management System

Sold by : Indian Mesh

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About Meshink Retail Management System

What is Meshink Retail Management System? 

Meshink Retail Management System is top of the line retail monitoring software. The software is powered by an artificial intelligence engine that fits into the business glove and starts assessing every workflow in real-time. This retail management solution facilitates subsequent growth with the usage of business intelligence which allows business owners to take decisions based on operational data. 

Another key aspect of Meshink Retail Management System is how it helps in handling of different types of operations such as, cloud retail operations, e-commerce, trade-based retail, etc. Business owners can use Meshink Retail Management System to operate a self-sufficient cloud retail operation or integrate it with their e-commerce platform

What features does Meshink Retail Management System offer? 

Here is a list of features offered by Meshink Retail Management System:

  1. Data analytics
  2. Loyalty programs for customers
  3. Workflow monitoring 
  4. Product classification and enlisting
  5. Task scheduling
  6. Cloud retail handling
  7. Multiple means of operation

What are the benefits of using Meshink Retail Management System? 

Here are a few benefits of Meshink Retail Management System: 

  1. An easy-to-use interface for employees to learn and adapt quickly.
  2. The software provides instant deployment that allows users to get a head start.
  3. Users can create a master sheet for all the items they are dealing with in their inventory. It also enables business owners to handle their inventory effectively.
  4. The retail management software offers a pre-built online payment management feature to take payment for online services.
  5. Business owners can deliver KPIs to the employees for the workflow analysis and decision-making.

What is the price of Meshink Retail Management System?

Meshink Retail Management System price starts from Rs. 9100/- per month.

Sold By : Indian Mesh

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Meshink Retail Management System Features

Meshink Retail Management System analyses the workflow data to generate actionable insights. The AI system checks for the feasibility of all the insights generated by the software.
The software allows retail operators to initiate a loyalty program to increase the customer base of their storefront by providing them attractive offers every time they visit.  
This retail management software generates thoroughly detailed bills and invoices for all the transactions.
Meshink Retail Management System enables the admin staff to create designation-based user portals for employees to do their daily work. 
Retail owners can keep the contact details of all their suppliers in the software to get price quotation for the goods in real-time.
The software offers features to create purchase order documents to handle the expenses efficiently. Plus, PO documents assist in efficient updating of the financial files.   
Meshink Retail Management System offers a highly cost-effective stock management system that allows retail owners to optimize the selling of their goods and plan out stock arrangements for the extended usage. 
The retail management software offers an in-built function to collect online payments from their customers. 
This retail management software enables business owners to check the workflow of their entire staff at any given time. 
The product variance function allows business owners to customize the software as per their operational requirements and understand the specificity of cost control, sales data, recipe management, etc.
An in-built CRM is available with Meshink Retail Management System for business owners to gather customers through online marketing. It also helps in providing customer service for higher satisfaction.   
The dashboard allows users to track the status of the workflow and business health. It also performs assessment analysis based on KPIs.
Business owners can do various things such as, creating groups, optimize tasks, and track the tasks assigned. 
Once the transaction is complete and the service is provided, the software automatically sends a feedback form to the customer to share the review. 
The software keeps track of all the orders made by customers in real-time to manage service-related, queries, processing, delivery status etc.
This retail management software facilitates efficient planning for expenditures, budgeting, and resource allocation.
The software offers seamless integration with communication modules, such as email and text messages for the seamless customer interaction.
Retail owners can integrate the software with their e-commerce platform and automatically manage processes like inventory, purchase, shipment, etc.
This software allows retail owners to keep a thorough track of goods and their movement. It helps in understanding the demand and flow of different items.
Meshink Retail Management System offers the point of sale service for quick billing and checkout.
The software allows retail owners to create a database of all the information with regards to products.
Please remove for redundancy; already written in Purchase management.
This retail management software enables the business owners to handle the supply chain operation.
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Meshink Retail Management System Specifications


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Meshink Retail Management System FAQs

A. Near the overview section you will find the option “Request a call,” click on it and provide your contact details and our sales personnel will connect with you with the demo.
A. This retail management system saves all the data on cloud.
A. No, you do not need to have the pre-requisite knowledge of coding to integrate Meshink Retail Management System with other applications.
A. Meshink Retail Management System is a web-application that does not require any specialized hardware. It can be easily accessed through an internet browser.
A. Users can utilize API integration process to integrate as many third-party applications as they want for their retail operations.

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