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Mettl Online Assessment

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About Mettl Online Assessment

What is Mettl Online Assessment? 

Mettl Online Assessment is test taking software designed specifically for industries for hiring requirements. The online assesment software is used by some of the huge names in the industry and comes widely recommended by hiring professionals. This online assessment software offers six different testing modules to examine the performance of candidate for hiring.

The testing modules are: 

  1. Psychometric Tests: This test allows organizations to check the conscientiousness and mental fortitude of the candidate. It is a measurement of psychological ability based positive personality traits, motivation, value, preferences, cognitive abilities, and dark personality traits.
  2. Aptitude Tests: In this evaluation method candidates are given specific tasks and given a certain amount of time to do it. The tasks are question solving ability on abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, visual reasoning, fluid reasoning, crystallized reasoning, and language & comprehension. It assesses a person’s ability to work through different intellectual problems. 
  3. Coding Tests: a module designed for technical hiring, especially for computer programming work. The software enables hiring teams to develop digital modules for screening, interviewing, learning & development of the candidates. In addition to that teams can conduct phase-wise online public or private Hackathon events for talent search. 
  4. Sales Profiler: This modules allows users to create a thorough sales competency profile based on which the candidate is examined. It includes personal attributes, interpersonal skills, sales aptitude, and work management. 
  5. Domain Tests: This is one of the more user curated modules, where organizations can design the entire testing process and user interface of the test
  6. Spoken English Evaluator: An AI-driven spoken English assessing machine that uses CEFR guidelines and checks for critical non-trainable errors. 

Why Mettl Online Assessment? 

Mettl Online Assessment offers interactive working modules for users to work according to their requirements. They are enabled to create tests and set parameters for competency and work accordingly. 

Features of Mettl Online Assessment

Here is a quick rundown of features offered by Mettl Online Assessment: 

  1. Test taking 
  2. Timer 
  3. API Integration 
  4. Recruitment Management 
  5. Automated test correction
  6. Comprehensive Reporting 
  7. Customizable tests 

What is the price of Mettl Online Assessment? 

Please request a call and state your requirements, our sales executive will contact you with best possible price quotation. 

Sold By : Mettl

Get Mettl Online Assessment support 17 Chatting right now

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Mettl Online Assessment Features

The software allows organizations to take assessment of individuals. 
This assessment software generates insightful analytical reports on tests, and the candidate’s performance. 
Users are provided an effortless self-customizable software for innovative branding opportunities. E.g., Organizations can add their logos in public hackathons.
Mettl Online Assessment allows organizations to integrate the software with their current API for seamless data sharing workflow management.
The software offers continuous customer support to solve any problems that users encounter while working. 
Recruitment teams can measure the psychological abilities of the candidates through a series of psychometric tests. 
This online assessment software allows organizations to create specialized technical tests to assess the data security capabilities of the candidate. 

Get Mettl Online Assessment support17 Chatting right now

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Mettl Online Assessment Specifications


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Mettl Online Assessment FAQs

Yes, Techjockey provides demo for Mettl Online Assessment. To avail the demo, please request a call.
Yes, but only Spoken English Evaluator is available for both Android and iPhones.
It has a hybrid data storage system where it uses both cloud and on-premise based data storage system.
Mettle online Assessment is a web-based software that can be accessed through web browsers.
Yes, you can create mock tests to check the operational setup.

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