Monitis Network Monitoring

Monitis Network Monitoring

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About Monitis Network Monitoring

About Monitis Network Monitoring

Monitis Network Monitoring efficiently manages IP addresses, performs timely bandwidth analysis, makes reporting easy and wipes away security threats on the network. This excellent monitoring solution aids employers in keeping track of their employees’ performance within the organization at regular intervals. The software instantly alerts users via SMS or email, even in conditions when the user’s network is down. Monitis Network Monitoring features an open API, enabling its users to make their whole business more productive.  

How does Monitis Network monitoring help its users with full-page load monitoring?

The software keeps track of a website’s loading time. It helps the users to optimize and improve their ROI by tracking the overall loading time of individual elements within their website. It monitors various components of a page load time. The software maintains a detailed timeline of individual requests, and sends alerts when the website shows 404 error and looks after the loading time of all CSS, RSS, images, Flash, JavaScripts and frames.

Pricing of Monitis Network Monitoring

The pricing of Monitis Network Monitoring can be obtained as per the requests and demands of the customer. If you want to know more abouts its pricing plans, you can send us a call back request. 

Compatible Platforms for Monitis Network Monitoring

Monitis network monitoring software is compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 64b and Linux server.

What are the benefits of using Monitis Network Monitoring?

  1. Eliminates network problems: With the help of Monitis Network Monitoring system, you can easily fix all issues pertaining to slow running computing systems and network related glitches, from configuration discrepancy to an abnormal increase in network traffic.  
  2. Identifies security threats: The software ensures complete data protection and wipes away all security threats with ease. It monitors the network and gives you a complete idea of normal operating levels, and sends in alerts when any abnormality or potential security threats are being detected on the network.
  3. Manages network complexities: If you are migrating network operations to the Cloud, you would require reliable and flexible monitoring tools. This monitoring software helps track, upgrade and work on the network in a smooth and secure manner.
  4. Integration: Monitis Network Monitoring seamlessly integrates with the existing platforms and systems of its users. Thus enabling the users to bring in new levels of efficiency in streamlining their business.   
  5. Insightful reports and alerts: The software features a proactive data center that offers 24/7 control to its users from any location around the globe. Monitis Network Monitor sends alerts via email, SMS and Twitter. 

Sold By : Monitis

Get Monitis Network Monitoring support 23 Chatting right now

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Monitis Network Monitoring Features

With Monitis Network Monitoring software, users get access to website uptime monitoring, synthetic transaction monitoring and full-page loading options for their websites.
The software offers an agent-based device and server monitoring service for Windows and Linux along with CPU, TCP, Bandwidth, Memory Disk and Network monitoring.
Monitis Network Monitoring enables users to monitor a wide range of devices related to their networks like servers, switches and phone systems.
The software detects and resolves the websites’ performance-related issues if registration pages, shopping carts, etc. fail to run.
Monitis Network monitoring offers an easy-to-use API with full documentation that can be used for monitoring business metrics and the entire IT stacks within a single platform.
The software ensures that the devices and servers are monitored and safe in every way. It immediately revokes system access for employees who are not associated with the organization.
Users get access to multiple URL snapshots on different tabs under various tab names. They can sort the most critical URLs and view them.
The software tracks and keeps up with the smooth operations of the network. It also troubleshoots all network problems and improves network performance.

Get Monitis Network Monitoring support23 Chatting right now

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Monitis Network Monitoring Specifications


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Monitis Network Monitoring FAQs

Yes. Monitis Network Monitoring monitoring solution efficiently manages IP addresses across networks. It performs timely bandwidth analysis, makes reporting easy and maintains a constant safe network.
Yes, the software can easily detect all abnormal network activities and alert the user via SMS, email and twitter.
Yes, Techjockey does provide online software demos to the interested buyers. You need to send us a request specifying your preferable time and date.
The synthetic transaction monitoring feature of the software ensures that the user’s website is functioning properly. It monitors the transactions between web and applications and sends alerts in case of any abnormality.
Currently, Monitis Network Monitoring does not have a mobile app version.

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