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Motadata Network Management Software

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About Motadata Network Management Software

About Motadata Network Management Software

Motadata Network Management Software enables its users to track and deliver accurate business services regularly. The software helps to make reporting easy and boosts the overall network performance. Organizations mainly rely on their networks to carry out their IT operations. It features a friendly user interface and automatically discovers the devices within a user’s network. Motadata Network Management Software helps IT infrastructure teams to execute a set of functions that is required for planning, controlling, allocating, deploying, coordinating and monitoring network resources.

How is Motadata Network Management Software Important for Businesses?

The user-friendly software offers seamless interoperability, with an open architecture that can be easily integrated with third-party vendors, namely BSS, CRM, OSS, Open APIs and more. It offers a comprehensive reporting feature with pre-built report templates. The best network software has been designed to handle an increasing number of users and network elements that cater to individual working environments. It provides a centralized network view where one can manage the whole network easily. Its enhanced security feature comes with a defined password policy and does not allow unauthorized break-ins.

Pricing of Motadata Network Management Software

The pricing of the software can be obtained on request. If you want to get an online demo of Motadata Network Management Software, you can send us a call back request. 

Compatible Platforms for Motadata Network Management Software

The software is compatible with Windows operating systems.

What are the benefits of using Motadata Network Management Software?

  1. Optimizes performance and network availability: The software automatically gathers all network-related data. It also enables the administrators to detect and resolve interruptions within a network, solve other potential issues and optimize the internet performance in real-time.
  2. Easy change management: The employees of an organization can set benchmarks for performance and work on the network as desired. The software makes it easy for employers to maintain records of the past network configurations and can even revert to it as per their requirement.
  3. Plug and Play Platform: The software features an open API architecture and supports all types of custom requirements. It offers an efficient platform that is capable of monitoring multiple layers of IT infrastructure.
  4. Multi-Vendor Network Monitoring: Motadata Network Management Software provides extensive OOB support for Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper, Fortinet and other leading vendors. Users can efficiently analyze the overall interface traffic, utilization pattern, buffer statistics and more.
  5. View Your Network: Users get a complete view of their network’s performance. They can efficiently solve the performance-related problems within a particular device and make sure that it does not hamper the performance of other devices.

Sold By : Motadata

Get Motadata Network Management Software support 15 Chatting right now

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Motadata Network Management Software Features

The dynamic network performance monitoring tool of the software automatically discovers interfaces, network devices and applications along with a complete view of IT health.
Users get customized alerts and standardized notifications when there is any security issue or potential threat detected on their network.
The software offers robust tools for troubleshooting network issues. It continuously looks for patterns in data, identifies abnormalities and sends alerts.
Motadata Network Management Software provides an intuitive dashboard that allows users to view, manage and monitor all the network-related flow, log data and metrics. 
The software allows network traffic monitoring where it reviews, analyses and manages network traffic for potential issues that can lead to network interruption.
The software supports multiple third-party and collaborative app integrations like HipChat, Slack, Jira, log parser, log collection and more.
By using Motadata Network Management Software, users get access to 40+ data visualization methods and can create reports by dragging and dropping various data widgets.
The software’s SLA management feature helps users define the level of service between customers and suppliers. It also provides extensive metrics based on which services are measured.
Motadata Network Monitoring Software provides data analysis that boosts growth opportunities. It also offers a correlation among events based on different performance metrics.
By using Motadata Network Monitoring Software, users get access to advanced application monitoring tools that offer a detailed view of the application’s health and their performance.  

Get Motadata Network Management Software support15 Chatting right now

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Motadata Network Management Software Specifications


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Motadata Network Management Software FAQs

Motadata Network Management Software correlates multiple events in accordance with performance metrics.
Motadata Network Management software can detect all kinds of network abnormalities and potential issues on your network, and it immediately sends alerts to the users either via SMS or Email.
Yes, you can get a free demo of Motadata Network Management software at Techjockey.
The software enables users to track, capture and retain unique traffic conversations within the user’s networks.
Currently, Motadata Network Management Software does not have a mobile app.

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