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My ERP Mandi Book

Sold by : MY ERP Software


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About My ERP Mandi Book

What is My ERP Mandi Book?

My ERP Mandi Book is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps users keep track of their farm produce. With the software, a farmer and other mandi commission agents can easily monitor their financial transactions with other suppliers, manage the sales and purchase of products and keep counts of the rates. The software is flexible to use and needs minimalistic coding which makes it very user-friendly. This ERP software also helps users monitor their stock on-site and manage the inventory efficiently.

How is My ERP Mandi Book Software’s Domain Registration helpful?

My ERP Mandi Book offers a custom website development option for the users. The software designs websites for its clients based on the standard development frameworks to ensure sustainable tailored solutions as per their requirements. It has a set of highly talented web designers who can create websites of all budgets, types and complexities. This helps the users to maintain their authenticity and ensure the customers with better user experience.

How does My ERP mandi Book software’s Bulk SMS feature help the users?

The software has a knowledgeable and creative team of mobile app developers who help users achieve their business demands and requirements. It uses the latest tools and technologies and creates highly customizable mobile apps in accordance with the user’s requirements. The interaction with customers is essentially hiked up. Users can create their own SMS templates and reminders and use them accordingly. 

Pricing of My ERP Mandi Book

The software is available in two plans:

  1. Basic- The plan charges Rs 7500/-
  2. Standard - The plan charges Rs 10,500/-
  3. Premium - The plan value is Rs. 15,000/-

How does My ERP Mandi Book help in Website Development?

My ERP Mandi Book has an efficient team of website developers who help elevate one’s business to a great level. The developers are experienced in developing unique, high-quality and robust websites of all types and complexities. They focus on the requirements of the clients and get down to the basic level of service providing. This helps users reach a commendable business space in the industry.

Sold By : MY ERP Software

Get My ERP Mandi Book support 27 Chatting right now

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My ERP Mandi Book Features

The software helps users efficiently manage and integrate the essential parts of their farming system. They can manage their sales, marketing and purchasing inventory.
The software helps the users manage their stock. They can control their inventory in a hassle-free way. Further, users can keep track of their core assets and all other business items. They can order and store the items easily and efficiently. 
With the system users can easily maintain an appropriate level of stock in their warehouse. The users have to be efficient in identifying the essential inventory requirements, monitoring their usage and reconciling the balances of the inventory.
My ERP Mandi Book enables the users to directly print cheques from the software. Users can also save their transactions according to financial year, month and day-wise and send directly to their mails.

Get My ERP Mandi Book support27 Chatting right now

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My ERP Mandi Book Specifications


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My ERP Mandi Book FAQs

A. With the software, it is very easy for users to manage and monitor their stock and onsite inventories. The users can manage as well as create orders for all of their warehouses from a single platform.
A. My ERP Mandi Book uses the latest tools and advanced technology to generate highly customizable mobile apps and websites for the customers. The websites and apps are created using the standard development programs so that as a user you get the services which you actually want.
A. The software entrusts consistent values and has an efficient customer loyalty program designed which makes it the most preferred and reliable business solution provider.
A. The software helps users to get more leads, close more deals, accelerate their productivity and make insightful decisions regarding their business.
A. The software features the latest frameworks and has a responsive and superfast team of designers. The user interface of the software is simple and needs minimalistic coding from the user’s side.

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