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Neosoft HMS

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About Neosoft HMS

What is Neosoft HMS?

Neosoft HMS is a hospital management system that enables its users to provide the best health care irrespective of the size of their healthcare setup. The open source hospital management software is based on JAVA and runs on LINUX operating systems. It is entirely browser-based and is available in various languages such as Hindi, English, Bengali and more, as per user’s convenience. 

Neosoft HMS helps its users increase the revenue of their healthcare business by reducing the operating cost by a significant proportion. Neosoft hospital management software system further helps manage different functions, such as, in patient management, outpatient management, OT, follow-up with patients, etc.

How does Neosoft HMS ease out all the management related operations for hospitals?

Neosoft HMS enables users to enhance the effectiveness of their hospital business with its next-generation technology. It covers up the entire health care chain, from keeping track of the stock within the inventory, medical equipment to maintaining the finances and detailed medical records, the software manages them all. With Neosoft hospital management system, audit teams get to manage the entire income and expenditure related transactions in a computerized manner. Which increases their business revenue in return. They also get access to marketing features such as SMS to referral doctors. Most importantly, the advanced reporting feature of the software helps its users to analyze their healthcare setup’s performance.  

Pricing of Neosoft HMS

The pricing of Neosoft HMS is available at the request of the interested buyers. You can request a callback from our product experts, who will provide you with all kinds of support regarding activation and license renewals.

Compatible Platforms for Neosoft Hospital Management System

Neosoft HMS software runs on any operating system and does not require any Windows License. The software also has a dedicated app for iOS and Android platforms.

Benefits of using Neosoft Hospital Management Software   

  1. Neosoft HMS features a friendly user-interface enabling its user to operate the software without any vigorous training. Thus ensuring minimum errors to its users.  
  2. Neosoft HMS is a pilferage proof solution that hosts a wide variety of hospital management tools. Users can keep track of all hospital-related assets in an accurate manner.
  3. By using Neosoft HMS’s intuitive auditing tools, hospitals get to reduce their operation costs by 20% to 30%.
  4. The software allows its users to track and evaluate the quality of service provided by their hospital by offering intuitive performance-based reports at regular intervals.
  5. Users can audit and assess the performance of the hospital on the basis of employees, departments, or the entire organization using the wide variety of tools and features offered by the software.

Sold By : Shivam Medisoft Services

Get Neosoft HMS support 19 Chatting right now

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Neosoft HMS Features

The software enables its users to enhance the revenue of the hospital by providing better service and cutting on extra service-related costs.
Neosoft HMS allows hospitals to reduce the cost of operation significantly through paperless documentation and real-time data analysis.
Hospitals can enhance the quality of their services as the software provides a centralized database that updates all information.
The software enables its users to access information in real-time through the centralized database.
One can generate and share relevant reports concerning the income and expenses of the hospital with the help of intuitive tools offered by Neosoft HMS.
Noesoft HMS enables its users to audit and evaluate the organization's performance, allowing them to make effective financial decisions.
The software is integrated with various payment gateways that enable users to receive and make payments via multiple payment modes.
Neosoft HMS offers a wide variety of tools to the admins enabling them to manage their hospital business in an efficient manner.
Neosoft HMS offers various financial tools that enable its users to evaluate and maintain all financial data efficiently.
The software maintains digital medical records of patients that can be evaluated or examined by the doctors or other medical staff.
Users can manage all sales-related purchase bills, inventory status and order medicines for their hospital’s pharmacy using the intuitive platform provided by Neosoft HMS.
Users can manage their staff schedules, maintain blood samples along with the donors and receivers information in a detailed manner.
Neosoft HMS automates all HR related processes, helping its users to manage their staff recruitment and payroll-related process.
Users can administer and keep track of  hospital-related logistics and their location in real-time.
Admins can keep track of all hospital-related equipment including emergency kits, beds, wheelchairs, life-supporting machines and more.

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Neosoft HMS Specifications


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Neosoft HMS FAQs

A. Yes, the software is available in multiple languages, including Telugu, Bangla, and more.
A. Yes, Techjockey does provide online demos for Neosoft HMS. You have to send us a request stating a preferable time and date.
A. The software facilitates computerized transactions and helps maintain records for the income and expenditure.
A. Neosoft HMS has a dedicated mobile app that can be accessed from Android and iOS operated mobile devices.

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